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You can pay the full amount as well, $380 for one or $700 for couples.


These sessions take 3 to 5 hours for one person and from 6 to 8 hours for couples.

If you choose tto submit the minimum amount the remainder will be requested of you at the session.

These are fee based donations designed to support our operations and free outreach programs to those at risk.

Your donations are always appreciated and tax deductible according to your specific tax situation.

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photo5.JPG Welcome to the Ormes Temple:301834_10150765516433988_54533898794435942037187383n.jpg

NonProfit Spiritual Education and Wellness Center

Based on Holistic Dynamics of Sacred Life Sciences & Arts

Ancient and Contemporary Technologies of Integrated Yoga 

STRESS Management and Empowerment through SELF AWARENESS (Individual and Collective Relationships)

OPTIMIZING the QUALITIES of LIFE, LIVING & RELATIONSHIPS: Starting with "Self" and radiating outward to include the most intimate and sacred partnerships, then families, businesses and community, nation and world

Self Healing in Empowerment through Holistic/Dynamic Education and Wellness services for both ADULTS AND CHILDREN, singles and family life styles of all orientations 

(Private & Group Formats)

  Integrated life coaching & mentoring

holistic wellness services: Intuitive Integrated Massage & Energy Work :  Tantra Massage : Reflexology : Sacred Baths  :  Crystal and Herbal Healing : Personalized Dietary & Exercise Programs

facilitated teaching for Self Realization & Relationship Empowerment with  applied practices

Sacred Life Sciences and Arts for optimal healing and wellbeing:


The Ancient Integral Pillars of African/Kemetic (AKA "Smai Taui"), Vedic, Buddhist and "Tantra" (the Yoga of Relationships within and throughout life)  together with contemporary mindfulness techniques, heart/breath coherency, understanding an integral bio-life science and mastering relationship arts of communications and the sacredness of "living" in communion:




1. Looking for ways to tap into your higher power and enhance your human capabilities?

2. Ready to take responsibility for optimizing your health and true sense of wealth, joys and pleasures in life?

3. Ready to learn how to master making responsible life choices balancing wisdom with love to heal, empower and awaken to the fulness of your life potential?

then stop here and discover how Ormes Temple Spiritual Education Center for Sacred Life Sciences and Arts can help you realize your goals for Self Actualized Living in the Power of Health and Wealth, Joy and Love!


Children's workshops from 2 to 122:  integrate ARTS with SCIENCE, ( including History, Literature, Math, Reading, Writing, Communications, Sociology) FULL Left and Right BRAIN DEVELOPMENT and PHYSICAL/SPIRITUAL PERCEPTUAL AWARENESS:

OPTIMIZING DYNAMIC BODY/MIND & Spirited SOUL Awareness for the Dynamic Times our Children will AFFECT!





Want to assist your Child or Children in their SEX EDUCATION?  This can be awkward, we know. There's so much mis-education an seductive entrancing advertising everywhere! The pressures are enormous! ORMES TEMPLE offers Group Workshops and Private Coach/Consultation with Children and their Legal Primary Care Givers; parents, grandparents, foster parents or group facilitators. Call MaKRSTN today and discuss your conerns and objectives. Together we will tailor our exising Sacred Life Science Sex in SELF Awareness presentation to be sure it fits like hand in glove.


Lack of solid education on our sexuality, sex and SELF Awareness is the most common root to distortion and disease on all levels of our lives. Not only is the physical body at risk. That's the tip of the iceberg. Mental thoughts and emotional conditions set up strong patterns in our lives that can have long term devestating affects. Our Sacred Life Science presentation helps participants to develop an awareness the strengthens self authority, passionate drive for a sacred internal relationship that affects every relationship radiating outward. Give your children the power to assure their own health and wellbeing as well as the health and wellbeing in all their interactions with others. Solid knowledge and understanding affects our decisions at every cross road. Our decisions affect our experiences and our experiences are what make up our lives. Help build your child's responsibility as strong and clear response-ability (the ability to respond in any situation that faces them). Response Ability is a GIFT not a BURDEN.

Call MaKRSTN today at 571-733-6811:  



What is "Tantra" or "Smai Tawi" 

Tantra or Sami Tawi is a form of Integral Yoga Practices that Integrates the Physical Being and Conscious Energetic Spirited/Soul :  Amplifying the synchronicity & connectivity in all Natural Patterns of Life : Enhancing coherency and the vital transcendental experience of an optimized life experience first within the SELF, then within all relationships:  



Ormes Temple integrates various holistic healing modalities into the Sacred Life Science Experience to open up the flow of healing and empowering Life Energies.
Ma KRSTN comes with over 30 years experience and is still growing: She is the 1st Ministering Priestess of Tantra Massage and Initiation Specialist. Depending on your specific needs she will be the one to tailor a program to fit your needs.
 Ormes Temple continues its work to support a community team of Expert Holistic Healers providing readily available services on the various levels along this extroridinary path of Self Improvement, Healing & Empowerment through Self Realization and Self Actualization: 

We are looking to work with more educators, health care practioners, artists, media specialists, organizers and promoters to help fulfill our mission. If you are interested in working with Ormes Temple, please let us hear from you today! 
Please stay tuned, visiting us often to keep abreast of what's new. We ask that you join us on Meetup: So you can stay abreast of our workshops and events!
Also, keep in mind, we are here for YOU! So please be sure to give us your input and feedback!!!



Ma KRSTN Sings her Original Composition, "I Am"

Please click the link below to hear her sing just for YOU!

CLK to Hear MaKRSTN Sing for YOU!

Ma KRSTN sings a joint original composition: "Keys To Freedom" Vocals/ Lyric and Melody by MaKRSTN

                                                                 Full musical composition by Stan Jones

Click to hear "Keys to freedom"

Ma KRSTN performs her original composition, "Stairway to Heaven" (A joint performance)

Music performed by Ma KRSTN and her Son, Jovan of Mos Vishis Productions

Vocals performed by Ma KRSTN

Click to hear "Stairway to Heaven"

The Great Temple of LIGHT Within Us ALL!

Nothing compares to the power of love, its energy, it's consciousness and the magic that will take you beyond healing to limitless being.

Be Stilled, and know the Truth of All YOU Are;

The Great "I AM" In YOU IS YOU!


 Ormes Temple, a nonprofit 501c3 for education and Holistic Self Improvement in the areas of Sacred Life Science, Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit/Soul.

1st Ministering Priestess, MaKrystan AlecSandRa-Bray, (AKA Trybal Queen, her writer's name) is the Mother and founder of this center.





The Ormes Temple Programs Include:

Group Programs are geared for various audiences. Some are specifically adult in nature, others are family orientated. Still others are aimed at youth.   

Hosting and Promoting Spiritual Education in Group Workshops & Healing/Empowerment

Tantra Massage Group by Shri Param Eswaran

Hosting and Promoting Healing and Empowerment Circles  yabyum300189.jpg

Hosting and Promoting  Rights of Passage Cerimonies and Celebrative Events


Hosting and Promoting Private Sessions for Singles and Couples of all adult ages

Some of these include: (CoEd:)Tantra Basic, Tantra Massage, Tantra Para/Tan Group Mantra Vibrational Therapy, Seichem/Reikie, Heart/Brain

 Entrainment for Coherency, Oracle Development, Music/Dance Entrainment: (Women Only) Tantra Principles and Application for Women, Self Massage for Women, 

Curriculum includes:

Tantra Massage with BIF, (Meditative Breath Consciousness); Full Body therapeutic and energetic massage, aimed to augment conscious awareness of life energy circulation throughout the body, including its benefits in relaxation, healing and empowerment. Recommended for the body mind healing empowering affects on depression/anxiety, pain management, PE and ED, PMS, Problems involving the spine, digestive tract, reproductivity and related organs, healing through torn relationships,  much more.     

Tantra Initiation (introductory foundation in understanding Tantra, the two systems of our existence, how they work and how to access them, amplification of the chakra system, applied chakra energy channeling through the body physical for healing and empowerment. Designed for the serious seeker, with sincere desire to transcend old tendencies that have posed blocks and barriers in this life, as well through out the family's generations. This is a serious basic foundation for serious advancement. This first initiation session concludes with take home assignments. Continued coaching through a process tailored to specific needs of the seeker geared to promote healing, empowerment, awakening and enlightenment in every aspect of life, starting from within, and then expanding to connective relationships from the most intimate to the most expansive.

Ormes Temple stands primarily upon Kemetic, Indian and Buddhist lineages for its Tantra teachings and applied practices: These include the investigation of highly coded stories, present in both lineages. Having introduced these stories, (fables), we then undergo a process of awareness alignment, including the application of self entrainment through discussion, ritualization, meditation, and realization, ultimately carrying us through various rights of passage into new awakenings.

Included in these story/applied ritual processes are: The Sacred Water Initiation (Bath Ritual), Shiva/Shakti Mortification Ritual, Shakti Reverence, Shiva Shakti Reverence, The unveiling of the 50 Matrikas, The Returning Realization of Sekmet, Ausarian Resurrection Process, Metu Neter Oracle, (major Kemetic rites of passage fundamental to an actualized awareness of One-ness and Hue-Man Enlightenment) the Osho Oracle, the Angelic Oracle and many many more.



Some of the Benefits You can Expect from a Tantra Yoga Based Cirriculum.

Sublime Peace! Health, Wealth, Awakening, Enlightenment, Conscious Evolution in this lifetime

 GUIDANCE in: Deep Relaxation/ Heightened Conscious Energetic Focus/ Heightened magnetic attraction, enhancing consciously chosen manifestation in Life/ Improved Self Acceptance and Interpersonal Relationships:

 "Helping you to integrate and sustain your personal Being in life optimizing rhythmic coherency, (life's natural "FLOW")" 

Overcome Stress and the Dis-eases it contributes to: Empowering your clarity, creativity, memory, agility, stamina and life satisfaction!

Heal the violence: Empower Appreciation, Truth and Loving Intimacy in your relationships

Celebrating the Sacredness of Divine Consciousness & Spirit/Life Energy in day to day Loving and Living.

Monday - Friday
11:30am - 10pm
1pm - 10pm

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