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Listen and watch, and be blessed by the pure Spirit/Energetic and Love Consciousness emitting from this video to your Being. If you share the video with others your blessings will be magnified and multiplied. Try it and see! 

This Spiritual Message caused some religious Christians to fear. Yet, it holds some of the deepest and profound teachings of the Revolutionary Master, Yaheshua, (Jesus) had to share. 

Truth is, if your looking for the power to heal, empower, transcend, transform, awaken to your full potential, and you want to know what that is.........."Love IS"  the Answer

Tantra Orgasmic Secrets: Addresses a question from a member attempting to discover how to last longer in love making and to deal with intense sensativity upon ejeculation.

Learn the true practice of Soul Gazing in its Fullness, that you may uncover,  practice and understand some of the most profound secrets in all applied forms of Intercourse.
Beginning with Intercourse between a soft intricate gaze of the Eyes, the Windows to Our Souls!

This video set, (Pt 1 and Pt 2) addresses a question from several participants that report unusual physical sensations occuring in their bodies, emotional upheavals and even mental disorientation. Although we have been conditioned to go into a panic in concern of our well being when we experience changes in our body function, sensations, emotional and mental states, perhaps these symptoms are not always indicating illness. Today we are living amidst evolutionary times. The whole of the Universe is evolving, growing, expanding, morphing into entirely different qualities, in frequencies, gravity, and dimensions. WE TOO are evolving in the same way! Therefore, its possible that you may be experiementing "Growing Pains." Watch, listen and learn what to expect and what to elect. Remember, Balance is always the KEY!

Nooooo.... not recommending that you throw away your meds! Remember, Balance is Key!  Take all things into consideration and work with your trusted health practitioners. 

What is "Making Love?"  What are the benefits? How and How often should we be "Making Love?"

All the Time!

More to come in time! Thanks vor visting.
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Love and Joy to YOU from Ma KRSTN

Watch and Listen to "Love Is" the Movie: and Be Transformed by the Power of LOVE
Over 20 years ago MaKRSTN stood infront of her home recording studio and delivered a message from within her Spirited Conscious Light Body. It was a message of Love and the Power of Her Glorious ability to give birth to all Creation as a projected reflection of Her Consort, "Divine Conscious Intelligence."  Birthing, Nurturing and Re-cycling Life Infinitely and Infinite Levels of Expression, this IS the true Divine Feminine. Reverent recognition of Her presence in the Equation of Divinity is True Goddess Worship. She lends Her Power together with His, (Conscious Intelligence) to all Hue-manity, that we may Co- Create a Love Filled World.
See how this message caused such controversy in the Christian Communities that they proclaimed her to be under the influence of demons and sin.
Determine TRUTH for yourself.
And be made FREE! 
Ormes Temple gives special thanks Shelia R. Coleman and Stand for Art.  For her contribution of artistic expression in the video production for this sound track.
We also so give thanks for the many artists who's artform, (expression of the Spirit/Consciousness and Creative Force) made this promotion production possible. 
"All in ONE and ONE in All"

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