TANTRA Intensive Healing and Empowerment Workshop for Women:  


FOR THE SACRED RESTORATION OF "Goddess Spirit/Energy of Consciousness expressed in the Living Form of Divine "Woman!"  


Including a working Introduction to the Empowering Energies of  "Tantra Massage" (A truely affective touch!)

Whether you are suffering in your health, in your intimate relationship(s), in your family, in your work, in your BEing in any way, take this first fundamental step towards your Liberation beyond that suffering. 

 Or if you want to enhance an existing heightened state of health and wealth for yourself and others you love 

ADDRESSING:  Over the past few thousand years women have been conditioned to a position of disempowerment. over their souls, minds, spirits, hearts, and body! As a result, without even knowing, we have given the power to define our health, or beauty, our self worth and our wealth to something or someone beyond our own BEing! 

Even in our efforts to liberate ourselves from this bondage, we are relentlessly influenced by a constant flow of in-formation through surrounded forces, that cause us, even beyond our own awareness, to be prone to self hatred and constantly dissatisfied with the whom and what we truly are. We have been rendered compromised in our ability to see our Divinity in our expression as "Woman" on so many subtle levels that we continue to fall short in self care, self acceptance, self realization and most importantly, self "LOVE." AND, How can we love another, if we have not loved ourself? For in the essence and truth of connectivity, which holds all the Universe together, everything and everyone else is but an extension of our own being. If we have not loved the core of our being, how can we possibly really love an extention of our being? Often we do not. We become addicted to relationships in the effort to establish our self worth. We become defined by external influences, and then proceed to manifest them into our reality through the power of acceptance. We suffer for relief. We suffer for attention. We suffer for merrit, and we suffer for love. Yet, when we shall lay down this suffering and take up the power of our most intimate TRUTH, we will be made FREE, beyond all Suffering.

The TANTRA SELF HEALING and Empowerment Workshop is an Intensive Weekend Course that addresses the specific issues of the Divine Feminine WOMAN, that she may begin healing, and become consciously aware of her True Power, the Living Power of LOVE! 

Understand, Transcend and Transform: Mood Swings, Depression, Anxiety, Life Long Fears, Anger, Self Hate, PMS, Chronic Pain, Frigidity, Loneliness, Fatigue, Lack of Focus, Over Eating, Bad Relationships and much more! Understand, Transcend and Transform Your LIFE as you know it today!

Discover what a "Goddess" truly is, and how to tap into your own powerful Divine Aspect;
Healing and Empowering yourself and your relationships, including your abilities to manifest into your life experiences according to your conscious will.

Offered By MaKrystan AlecSandRa-Bray Ministering Priestess of Ormes Temple: Certified Massage Therapist : Seichem/Reiki Master : Kriya and Tantra Practioner : Intitiate in Authentic Kemetic & Indian Tantra Yoga:
Musician, Poet, Writer & Divine Mother: Upon the Path for over 30 years.

Invest in your self :  A 2 day Intensive (1 weekend): from 10am to 6pm: Saturday and Sunday; (With 1 hour for included lunch):

During that time you will discover:

1. What Tantra is and how it works
2. What the true Tantra Goddess is, and how it She exists in YOU!
3. How to release destructive inner programs that have you trapped in habitual default behaviors and stand in your way of achieving, maintaining or even freely redirecting your goals and objectives in life,
4. How to use Specific Tantra knowledge and technique to break through the strongholds presently robbing you of your sheer joy, love, health and wealth. (Your Divine Birthright!)
5. How to strengthen all your relationships
6. How to empower the flame in your most intimate relationship(s)
7. How to drastically improve your health and wealth as well as stay and reverse the aging process

Specific Tantra Techniques you will learn and apply:

1. BIF; (Breath Intention and Focus:) Pranayam and Shaktiyam
2. Life Energy Movement: Building it up, Storing it, Directing it, Utilizing it in healing disorders, intensifying intimacy, empowering love making, enhancing manifestation, heightening conscious awareness and mastering the balances of preservation and elimination
3. Chakra Awareness: Awakening And Balancing: Fully engaging an understanding of each chakra, how they work and what conscious awareness is evoked through each.
Focusing Life Energy through "Chakras" : enhancing your intelligence, clarity, creativity, ingenuity, confidence, authentic empathy, psychic awareness and omni-intuitiveness
4. Body Awareness Techniques such as Tantra Massage, Movement, the utilization of Sound Vibration or Mantras in affecting the body intelligence on a cellular level.

You will begin the practice of living to the fullness of your Total Being, in Triune Affect, Consciously, Energetically and Physically.

Through the practice of these specific techniques you will tune into the fullness of your body programs, as well as your various attributes of specific life energies and heightened consciousness.
You will learn to create and manage the progressive changes happening in your self and in your life that point to an awakening and enlightenment processes affecting humanity today during these times of Planetary Evolution:
Raising the Authentic Goddess in YOU,  life will never be the same!

This is a most intense Tantra Workshop that is sure to be of value to the beginner and those already initiated upon the path!

Because of the intensity of this workshop we must limit registration to 12 participants and must register in advance:
Suggested donation $250 ($100 must be paid at registration) * (Only $200 if paid in full upon registration before February 12th.)
Call to Register today: 703-915-9178

We lovingly encourage you to join us, extending to you a warm welcome : Held at Ormes Temple Alexandria, Old Town Virginia, 2 blocks from the King Street Metro Station.

For more information and to register, contact MaKrystan AlecSandRa-Bray Registration by phone only: 703-915-9178

Commonwealth Avenue at Rosemont Street, 22301   

• Location: Northern Virginia, Alexandria, Old Town, VA

Discovering the Source of our Suffering
Getting Intimately in Touch with our Power to Heal, found in the Inner Most levels of our Being:
Together We will take an incredible journey deep inside, discovering incredible Divine Goddess Power:
Expect to explore and partake in:
a.  movement,
b.  the power of trancendental inner communication,
c   introspective awareness techniques including meditation, discernment of oracles, and self massage :
Through these applications we will open, observe, love and heal ourselves.
We will touch on specific information concerning the healing of the womb, the heart, the mind, the body, through the power of our most intimate and connective spirit and soul.
You can expect to learn how to release your most intimate power of inner self communication, and what to do with the information as it surfaces.

When is the last time you really spent time exploring, discovering, communicating, sharing and loving YOUR SELF?
If you have not shown yourself love you, then who can show you love?
Have you mistaken material bribes for love?
Have you mistaken flattery for love?
Have you mistaken fear for love?
Have you mistaken getting your way for love?
Have you mistaken dependance for love?
Have you mistaken authority for love?
Love is none of these things. Love is not an external response to your behavior or lack of it. LOVE IS a force that brings forth life, and that more abundantly in all instances. Discover this LOVE!
Even as you read this, you may be hearing all sorts of inner thoughts telling you why this is not a good idea for you, or what this is not a good time, or what needs to happen first. You may not know how, or even exactly why...... but encourage your to make the commitment to yourself one of the most important weekends of your life!
I urge you. Find the courage to take this step. You will certainly be glad you did!

We have been taught that our bodies are evil, nasty, prone to dis-ease, should not be touched, should not be loved, but rather objectified for the pleasure of another, beyond our own interests.

Learn to access the power of LOVE for: Health: Wealth : Creativity & Manifestation
Preventing Dis-ease : Empowering Orgasmic Love in your relationships(s) :  Staying & Reversing Aging :

Protecting, Nurturing, Educating and Strengthening YOU and YOURS
An Internalized Approach to healing, empowerment, awakening and enlightenment that allows us to live, strive, give and recieve in the perfection of our very own Divine Love Spirit/Energy. It is this very Spirit/Energy that the ancient spiritual sciences referred to as 'Goddess.'  This process is carefully constructed to help bring you to full realization of the True Goddess by which your Being is Expressed and Reflected.
Learn to gaze upon yourself, and touch yourself with loving acceptance that nurtures, heals, strengthens and evolves life. Your body is your very first born "Child of Divinity." Protect it from the psychic assaults that have been waged against it. Talk to it, like you would any other of your birthed children, and let it know how incredibly wonderful it is! Fill your body with love from the inside out. You will discover that you become that with which you fill yourself. Beyond that, all that surrounds you in your external environment will begin to reflect the power of your love! To you, my Beloved Goddess SiStars everywhere I say, "Rise up Auset, (Isis), and reclaim your power of wise consciously energized love. Use the power of your magic in the energized words, the spoken vibration of Divine Love and Resurrect into the barren society the Love that births, supports, strengthens and evolves the bio-organic life that expresses Divinity, once again!
DATE: February 18 - 19th SUGGESTED DONATION: $250 ($100 must be paid at registration) * (Only $200 if paid in full upon registration before February 12th.)

Your donations help us to present our free workshops in the community, such as the Heart/Brain Coherency Distress Workshop! Contact MaKrystan for more information on how you can schedule a free workshop for your organization, association, business or group.
*Special note: The Ormes Temple opens its doors to bring in true masters and teachers gifted with the skills of Tantric and related subjects to assist in the teaching and coaching endeavors presented here. MaKyrstan has, and continues to search our DC community, the nation and even the globe to bring in the master teachers on all levels of this teaching. If you happen to have such a gift, please do not hesitate to be in touch with the Ormes Temple. We call out to your spirit of commitment to our youth, as these are the greatest of our gifts!
WE Are calling out to YOU!