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Blk Panther: Ma Baast Patron Mother Spirit of MaKRSTN 


 Sourjerner Truth : Emmancipator 






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Sri Param Eswaran: Master Facilitator of Tantric Practices

Such as Para Tan Vibrational Healing and other Principles with

Applied practices.  

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Mary McCloud Bethune  Evolutionary Educator Ancestor


 Open your heart and Give. 

You are Abundance and your gifts

Allow others to learn that they

ARE Abundance too!  

Education of this sort CAN

and IS erasing the dark

Ignorance of LACK!










Mel Strada: Interior Designer: Community Developer working with deligence at home and abroad 



Sunday Afternoon Community Drum Circle at Malcome X

Park on 16th an Columbia Rd NW DC.  


Sacred Geometry : Mathematical Science and Art in ONE

Integrating Left and Right Neo-Cortex hemispheres for



Martin Luther King and Malcome X : Heart & Soul Mind Melt 

Integrating MINDS for Peace by Any Means Necessary

As we mature along our pathways the best of means 

presents itself: Wisdom opens in the presence of  BALANCE



LOVE endures all things, heals all things IS the substance 



Love is an open hearted exchange of spirit flowing through the Heart Chakra, just like the heart pumps blood. Next time you hug, open your heart and breath... giving and receiving LOVE.

Pay attention: Notice anywhere you feel restrictions. When you notice these restrictions, its okay.... just acknowledge its there and with your next exhale try to let yourself relax a little more.

Practice letting love flow. Accept your body's messages and remember to honor its needs to feel you will protect it and keep it safe. When it knows this, it will gradually trust. This is key, because that trust starts with self, (your body must it can trust your decisions as to what you will and won't project upon it. If it don't fit don't force it!): When your love is strong and secure within then like all things.... it will radiates out magnetically attracting its perfect match.

This may take some time. Be patient and loving of your self. Practice. It will come.   

About Ormes Temple Education Center for Holistic Spiritual Sciences
Ormes Temple is a Non Profit Educational Charity
Founded in 2010 by: Krystan AlecSandRa-Bray 
"Suffer Not ONE be Lost!" (THE WORDS OF THE CHRIST!) 
ORMES TEMPLE PROVIDES Integrative Education & Services that facilitate both Left & Right brain development through programs that address Spiritualities, Sciences and ARTS in ONE.
An Integrative Approach "Developing Holistic Dynamic Minds for These Dynamic Times."  
OTSEC is devoted to bringing "self improving" education and applied holistic wellness services to all people no matter what their age, sexual orientation, religion and/or economic resources may be. Our education programs and wellness services are built on the ancient technologies of Integral Yoga AND Contemporary modalities. integrating Science, Math, Literature, History, Sociology with the Arts. Spirituality/Sciences/Arts awakening Self Awareness and Love from within that radiates empowering response-ability for a life experience that respects life itself. With in integrated study we strive to help our participants achieve the advancement of wiser life choices that result in empowered healthier, wealthier life experiences in all the relationships life has to offers... and to pass it on
Are most resent discoveries show us that well over 30,000 years ago very advanced civilizations existed with a global presence upon this planet. At that time the perspective of humanity of life and living was "Inegrated."
Science, Art and Spirituality were integrated into education as ONE. these were the modalities that collectively integrated the whole of the spirit, soul, mind, emotions and body of human beings, individually and as a societal whole.
In fact, once, all of humanity was considered ONE RACE; the "Hue-Man Being" Race! Which described various qualities of light made manifest in order to "be" or "experience It's "SELF."
 All bio-organic life was reverenced for its intricate sychronicity, its inter-"weaving." A delicate system of equal and opposite complimenting relationships was recognized and honored. 
The beauty of life's interdepent dance, so eloquently supporting the general condition of Life throughout the whole and complete, or "Holy" living organism we call planet Earth was reverently respected and honored in everything planned and implimented. 
Gradually we began to constrict, moving from the full expansiveness of Enlighteneded Hue-manity into the dark contrictive realsm of Man-Kind. Life became hard and threatening. We became consumed with the brute forces of violence to secure and protect. Our reality became based upon a concept of win/loose.
After thousands of years we are making the turn back into expansiveness again. We are evolving. Our children carry the potential of great enlightenment, greater than anything our history books can aptly re-member. Yet there is a deeper story told, and gradually our systems are opening up and giving birth to something amazing. There is resistence to change, as always, but for those of us with the love and courage to welcome in the beauty of something far beyond revolution, we stand ready. Our task in emmense and we need your help.
Educators, Holistic Healers, Medical Professionals, Sociologists, Technicians, Engineers, Artists, Musicians, Poets, Writers, Illustrators, Agriculturists, the list is endless.
We want to be a part of this dynamic evolution, sharing our gifts and skills and paying them forward, enriched by the new inspiration our youth adds to the equation.
Contact us today and let us know how we fit together. There is a beautiful reciprocity and synchronicity to be realized. we invite your participation TODAY!
The Ormes Temple Mission
Ormes Temple strives to develop and present "Holistic & Dynamic Education and Services for Dynamic Bodies, Souls & Minds capable of manifesting and supporting Dynamic Life in these Dynamic Times."
with services and events that promote healing and empowerment, awakening and enlightenment for all people.
To meet this objective we offer our services on the basis of two catagories: 
Daki Napata: Ministering Holistic Healer : Community Activist : Radio Personality 
 Natasha ElSheba MaKRSTN  
When we engage in sex from an unconscious purely instinctual response we are just doing the minimum of what our bodies are wired to do to continue the chain of physical existence.
When we make love we are consciously aware of every aspect of god potential and goddess power that produces an intentional outcome. This is much larger than sex. We are "Intentionally" Creating Life into everything for which we engage this formula, from breathing and intentional self awareness of our being (both Creator and Creature) into what we contribute with familiy and community and of course how we nurture our most intimate partnership. We are intentionally focused on that which allows the Power of God in Us to be magnified through our every expression.
"Making Love is Creating the Expression of Divinity through our Being."
There is a huge difference. When we learn it it will heal and empower us from within and throughout everything we touch, physically and non-physically, spiritually.
Smai Taui or Tantra Yoga is the Mastery of Relationships. It is centered in Self but is not Selfish:  It needs not manipulate, hide or attack. It teaches us the spiritual science and art  of self projecting and reflecting our greatest potential of Divine Love upon and through all.     (Ma KRSTN)  

Inviting YOU to JOIN Us in this VISION of Radiating Love, Healing and Strengthening our Community

Holistic Dynamic Education Programs for Individuals, Intimate Parters, All Ages, Educators, Families, Communities. Healing and Empowerment starts within and radiates throughout. 

Meditation, Yoga, Arts: Dance, Music, Visual, Mathematic, HIstory, Literature, Sociology, Econonomics  :

Art integrated with Science and Spirituality :  Sacred Life Science Healing our Sexuality starting within & radiating without.

We are not a religion: We are an educational facility that supports the underlying unity of Love in all religions : We meet you where you are at every orientation and station in life & death. 

We are a Community Vision in Action: We NEED YOU because YOU ARE the Community:  We need your participation and your financial Support:  Please keep reading!  

MaSundari LCMT & Holistic Life Coach and MaKRSTN LCMT & Holistic Dynamic Facilitator Coaching, Teaching, Facilitating SMAI TAUI  
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Every "Gift" is appreciated and is sure 
To attract a Cosmic Blessing Equal to the Gravity of your Heart's Intention! 


Sri Yukteswar & Paramahansa Yogananda (teachers of my earliest exposure: Kriya Yoga: Ma K) 


Mos Vishis : Jovan F. Perez : Audio Visual Engineer and Physical Trainer : A strength and inspiration to all (so says the many)


Divine Botonic Biology: The Trees feed us and we feed them: Synchronistic Perfection! (We all know this... don't we?) 


Man-kind perceives in contrast only: There is ONE RACE among Hue-manity. It is the Human Race. It's seed of potential existed in the Earth. It was nurtured to development through an intercourse between Earth and Sky. The conception was immaculate. If we have fallen then let us intentionally pick our selves up.  (Ma KRSTN) 


Creation involves an intercourse between potential and energy 


Healing & Empowerment involves an intercourse of Loving Care: Early class work at Baltimore Holistic School of massage taught us, "If you cannot see the person you touch reflecting their healthiest potential... if instead you are seeing a catastrophic end, then take your hands off, for you are radiating what you are projecting."   Try being a mirror that reflects another's most beautiful shine. When they see it they will be encouraged an inspired (recieving life in as opposed to ex-spiring)  throughout every partical and every cell. Such is the power of healing. (Ma K)


I. FEE BASED PROGRAMS AND SERVICES  Are a significant aspect of Ormes Temple Fund Raising 


Group Workshops &  Retreats:  Offering training in Integral Yoga, Including "Tantra" (AKA Smai Tawi) the "Mother of All Yoga Modalities" :

Special promotional retreats entail the visiting to high energy environments. Tantra Workshops are integrated into the package. Some retreats focus upon experiencing the energy surrounding the historic relevance to the area in terms of healing, empowerment, awakening and enlightenment. 

Tantra Wisdom & Applied Ritual:  Workshops promoting Healing and Empowering the individual state of being as well as healing and empowering intimacy in relationships by creating a pathway to the honoring of truth and non-violence; as well as honoring the presence of Divinity in one's self and in all others, in all living creation, and in all situations and circumstances.     

Tantra Massage Workshops: Teaching the Art and Science of Adult Physio-Energetic Massage while in a shared meditative state: Releasing destructive neuro-network default programs of stored information and energy charges: Enhancing self integrity and shared intimacy

Tantra Therapeutic Sound Vibration Workshop: Using tones, phonetic sounds, rhythms for healing and empowerment, Releasing destructive neuro-network programs and experiencing entrainment with universal life energies and consciousness, promoting healing and empowered intimacy in relationships, awakening and enlightenment from the cellular level.

For These and Other specific Group Programs currently being featured:  Click this link for Group Workshops  

Private Training/Coaching and Mentoring:  Applied Services for Groups and for Private Participants: Ormes Temple offers private sessions teaching, coaching, mentoring the Tantra Traditions as well as other relative modalities that support our mission. Ormes Temple also offers Holistic Services including but not limited to: Tantra Massage: Tantra Initiations: Tantra Rituals and Applications:  General Intuitive Therapeutic Massage and Energy Modalities, such as Seichem/Reiki, Zero Point Balancing, Polarity and sound vibrational frequency therapies, Relationship Coaching and Mentoring (inclusive of the Ausarian Ascension diciplines, Non-Violence Communications skills, Developing Heart/Brain Coherency for Stress Management and the prevention of destructive habit relaps.

Some of the FEE Based Private Trainings and Coaching Programs may carry certification, upon request.    Click This Link to Go To Our Private Sessions Page   for more information on what's available now.

Some certification have Some special requirements for teaching. 

All Fee Based Services are actually Suggested Donations, and are requested as a means to raise funding in support the Ormes Temple Costs and its Free Community Outreach Programs, (that assure premiere workshop experiences to assist in the healing and empowering of special disadvantage groups and populations.) Because this is financial support in the form of donations, any such financial support given are in response to special fundraising offers and are tax deductible on income tax reports.   














The whole purpose of the FEE Base (Suggested Donations) Programs and Services is to assure that ALL people can receive the programs and services Ormes Temple researches, develops, hosts and produces. 
All to often the people who may need to develop these pertinate skills the most, who stand to benefit from these teachings, programs and services the most, would never get them, due to economic disadvantages.
If we are to realize a world in which prosperity can flourish in peace, and in which all people can experience health and wealth, (well being,) then the promoting of the human transcendental evolution must reach ALL people, not just the financially well off!
 Omres Temple Currently Offers as FREE COMMUNITY OUTREACH PROGRAMS:
 1.  The Heart/Brain Coherency Workshop: A self healing and self empowering stress management and relapse prevention program workshop developed by the Heart Math Institute of Science. This workshop uses breath intension and focus along with portable cutting edge bio-feedback technology to teach people how to bring their body, emotions and mental state into optimal coherency, inducing calmness and creating the space in time to access the higher brain functions of memory, clarity, focus, and most of all....Choice, (in behavioral response.) The training generally takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete, depending on the group size.  Once completed, Ormes Temple offers scheduled follow up group sessions, to assure mastery of this newly learned skill...that it may be aptly applied in ever day living and make a difference in the lives of every day people. 
Because of the donations support our members have already given in the past, Ormes Temple was able to acquire this cutting edge highly specialized training from the Heart Math Institute of Science, along with their licensing agreement, which allow us to pay this training forward to the community. 
2.   Sacred Life Science Workshop for young men and women:  MaKrystan AlecSandRa-Bray draws from her own trainings and experiences to put together an in-depth ongoing service workshops that educates young men and women about the sacredness of sexual life energies and how they can best be integrated with their collective Being, balanced between the spiritual and physical aspects of their being, for the most rewarding life experiences, throughout the whole course of their lifetime. This course work involves developing a working understanding of how to balance the integrated relationships of living, starting from within and only then expanding outward to include all manner or relationships. We draw from a wide array of renowned authors and experts in this field, drawing them all together with the spiritual/psycho/physio history of humanity from the ancient cradle of humanity up into contemporary times, today. We consider the affects of mass programming and the medias affect on values. We look at patterns and advancements that have occurred over time. We look at the various rolls the body/brain and spirit/consciousness play in the determination of the overall stimulation of animal and human intelligence.,and how develop the skills to make better choices more often. This is a critical program for the success of those of us who, for perhaps generations, have had the disadvantage of being born into challenges that have penetrated the neurology and spirit of a people at a very deep level. If the Universe is truly evolving, then we must ALL evolve! We have a responsibility to our Collective Body to assure that this happens. We all play our perspective rolls. 
3.  The Power of the Drum: This workshop meets weekly for as long as you'd like to contract. It takes the participants through an education about the power of sound; tones, phonetics and rhythms. How they affect the development of physical form, even the state of health in the physical cells of the body. By learning to work with drums, vocal tones and movement, the participants learn how to affect their own wellness and to influence wellness and empowerment, awakening and enlightenment in others. This is a strong empowering program that causes the participants to look within to affect successful growth, and where needed, change in their lives.  A great experience; deeply moving but fun and entertaining at the same time!  We are looking for talented and skilled drumers who can be available to share their mastery with our participants. Please contact us immediately if you are interested in teaching and faciliitating the art and communicative technology of the DRUM. 
4.  Yoga for Kids: Ongoing program: A great way to help kids learn their body's communications, feel their power, and learn to effectively challenge their energy in fun and interesting ways. This program also integrates the teachings of history, pointing out this ancient technology as it existed globably long ago. Everyone has significant and relative ties to this history, even our remnants of Africans who came to the US as slaves. Although perhaps taught there was no significance African's have made to the world we assuring this misconception is uprooted and replaced. ALL hue-man nations have real and significant contributions in our history. Africa is the MOTHERLAND to ALL Hue-manity. First to map the Earth and the Stars, to create writing and math. NO CHILD NEED EVER FEEL INSIGNIFICANT OR IRRELEVANT OR INCAPABLE BECAUSE OF HISTORIC MIS-EDUCATION:  EVERY CHILD HAS STRONG ANCESTRAL SHOULDERS ON WHICH TO STAND THAT THEY MAY REACH THE MIND OF GOD FOR INSPIRED NEW WAYS TO CREATE AND MANIFEST INTO OUR NEW WORLD!   
5.  Infant Massage Program:  Encouraging bonding between baby and care-givers, as well as between care-givers themselves, and care-givers and baby...Every body wins on this because everyone is included. Baby learns the feeling of positive nurturing touch, and that she or he has the power to reject touch.  Science has proven that massage on infants carries a wealth of physical, mental and emotional advantages. Some of these are:
Enhances growth of the body and its physical organs: Healthier cardiovascular system, nervous system, muscular system, skeletal system, heightened sensory perception, more brain synapse development, stronger heart, less allergic problems, calms colic, help manage stress on all levels for everyone involved! These are just a few of the examples. Those babies are the people we are entrusting our planet and world to in just a few short years. Don't we want to give every child the best...right from the start? Krystan AlecSandRa-Bray, the 1st ministering priestess at Ormes Temple, has been certified in Infant Massage since 1991. She gave workshops continuously from 1991 until 2003, when she had to close down her "for profit" private practice for awhile to recover from tumors on her spine. Krystan resumed her therapeutic practices in 2006.  Having completely healed, under her own program of Kriya, Tantra, Hawtha and Bikrim Yoga, notwithstanding dietary measures, She now continues her expansive expertise, with heart felt spiritual drive and passion, through the Ormes Temple nonprofit.  
These are just a few of the programs Ormes Temple was generated to provide, as a nonprofit, to all people! The possibilities are endless, with your support.  
We are looking to develop facilitators in all these areas and more. If you have an interest, talent and or skillfull expertise in these areas or areas related to these please contact us TODAY!
We offer certification for our program mastery AND we certify for participation in community work, Education workstudy & internship.   
Registering for any of our services is one way to donate your support. But you don't have to be limited to that. You can make your tax free donation and help assure that no one is forgotten, just because.....  In the Tantra Traditions we learn that giving IS receiving! We also learn that there IS only ONE of US here! The healthier the collective body is, the healthier the individual is.  We've been living under the illusion that someone has to loose in order for someone to win. Now....we see where that's gotten the lot of us. We're all in this together, so let's make sure we suffer not even one of us be lost! Its the only way.
Please call us today to:
1.  make a monetary donation by phone with your credit or debit card: We will send you reciept that stipulates that your payment is a donation given to a 501c3 nonprofit organization, (Ormes Temple) for your tax records. 
2.  express your interest in volunteering your services and help our organization to grow. You will learn much as you volunteer your times and services. In exchange, you will be exposed to the teachings and practices here, promoting your personal healing and empowerment, awakening and enlightenment life path. 
We look forward to hearing from you. TODAY!  571-733-6811
To inquire about or to arrange any of our FREE Community Outreach Programs as a service to your organization, association, or group,  please call Ma KRSTN at 571-733-681
To support the Ormes Temple and our Programs, with your gifts, voluteer services or financial assistance, please call Ma KRSTN at 571-733-6811 or click on our Donation's page on your left.
 One in ALL and ALL in ONE


 1. Bring to recognition the perspective that Creation exists of Divinity expressed through Bio-Organic Life, which IS Creation. Put simply this means, "YOU ARE DIVINE, as is all Bio-Organic Creation; and Your Body, like all Divine Creation, is an EXPRESSION OF DIVINE PERFECTION, Just As YOU ARE!" Learn it, Experience, Know it, Love it, Live it!

Realize: Techno/Mechanic, Commerse and all expressions of worldly powers are Manifestations, more aptly positioned to serve Creation and not the other way around. Currently, we have been struggling through an age in which all of Creation, (Bio-Organic Life) has been enslaved and sacrificed ruthlessly to the manifested "World Of Illusions."  We have entered the dawn of great change, in which this erroneous perception will bring an end to bio-organic life expressed on this planet, as we know it.  We will unifically transcend this error of illusion as we substantiate our reverence to the creator in every way, as its rightful created expression and Divine Child. THIS INCLUDES YOU! In this Truth, may you heal, awaken, empower, enlighten and be made FREE of all that may possibly beset you!

Ormes Temple stands to celebrate this awakening evolution through the presentation of workshops and private session work, as well loads of fun upon celebrative events and retreats including communitive art filled expression. Let the voice of Divine Spirit may be heard, felt and elivated to its rightful place in our hearts, minds, bodies, souls, spirits and even in all  we so carefully and reverently so choose to manifest.

2.  Bring to recognition and witnessing of bio-organic life, including the human experience. There exists ONE within which there is a dual opposite and complimenting attribute out of which comes all diversity in countless number. This is the study of Tantra. Throughout the amazing Tantra Journey there exists presentation, consideration, application in ritual leading to rights of passage that ultimately bring forth the congnitive unification of these dual opposite and complimenting attributes, that they may be "known"  and there exisitence in a complete state of ONE-ness is the ultimate fulfillment of Existence.applies to the dual aspects within each of us individually, and then expansively, in how we connect together in intimate relationships, family relationships, community, nation, world, planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, multi-verse and ultimately in the whole of the Omniverse. Such is the path to healing, empowerment, awakening and ENLIGHTENMENT. This is the practice of Yoga. Together, through the many transformational vehicals offered here, at Ormes Temple, we delight to transverse the "Path of Tantra Yoga."

Note: As Mother to the Ormes Temple, MaKrystan and the Ormes Temple Board of Directors take great care in developing all of our ministering devotees and priestesses to express the congruent objectives of the Ormes Temple, as well as excell in their own personal gifts of inspiration. YOU CAN EXPECT EXCELLENCY THROUGHOUT! FOR THIS REASON, YOUR FEEDBACK IS MOST IMPORTANT AND WELCOME!