Utilizing the Transformation Board as an Oracle Reflective Medium
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The Transformation Board Game Oracle Reflective Medium is by far, most comprehensive and uncanny in its accuaracy!  
This medium can be used in a private Oracle Consultation or in groups of up to 4 participants, on each board, of which Ormes Temple holds two. So groups can go up to 8 participants.
We begin the Oracle Consultation by going into a still and peaceful focus. We generally do this by using a Tantra Trance enducing meditation technique, involving BIF, (Breath, Intention and Focus) with Rhythm. We may also use dance movement or mantra toning to help detach us from our default neurolgical network of associative patterned information. We want to detach from this physio-intel system, as it is full of filtering information that gets triggered by association, and prevents clarity in seeing what is before us, due to the filtering affects it has on our conscious awareness. Therefore, we move into a trance like state, in which we can allow our physio-intel system to relax. This is experienced as a state of focused  heightened awareness in a very peaceful and relaxed state.
You will be asked to bring a notebook and pen, so that you can keep notes on the revelations as they occur, and how they are tied into each other. Remember, Tantra is all about the conscious awareness of how things are weaved together and the balancing of the polar opposing opposites into equal compliments that come together to produce something into the physical plane, or world of forms. The revelations introduced to you during this process are numerous and complex in their organization, so your will want to record them as they come up, so that you can refer to them over the next 21 days to 3 months, as your life experiences, situations and circumstances will reflect the revelations occuring in the Oracle Consultation over this span of time.
You will begin the process by holding your intention in focus, concerning your requested question or concern. You will write the question or concern down along with the date and time of your Oracle Consultation, at the head of your notes.
Now we will begin the process. You will fill an envelope randomly, by the shake of the dice, with insights, awarenesses, divine help and guidance and karmic setbacks. You will find that your envelop represents what your were born into this situation, in this life, with. You will also notice that these substances are uncanny accurate without a doubt! Sometimes, the karmic setbacks may be difficult to embrace, and this may stall your progress in your process. The Oracle will continue to work with you, to get you to realize just how these karmic setbacks fit into your actual life experience. With rigorous honesty, patience and love, you will awaken to the insights and Divine Help that will help you to work through these. The harder you resist this part of the process is a direct reflection of point of resistence in your life.  MaKRSTN will be there to help you through this process on all accounts. If you elect to do this in a group setting, you will notice a unity consciousness of a collective higher awareness will come over the group, and there will be much insight and help floating through each participant, with a collective synchronicity that even shows up on the Oracle board in the weaving together of revlelation through events occuring in the overall process. This will help to break down the hypnotic resistence the world conditioning has placed upon us. You will notice yourself awakening on various levels of your Being.
The Transformation Board Oracle will carry you through evolutionary processes of healing, empowerment, awakening and enlightenment, generating an elevation in health and wealth, (well being on all levels relative to your focus and beyond.)  The Oracle is very integrative and promotes balance through the empowerment of self awareness, self realization and graduating levels of enhanced response-ability. We consider response-ability to be a gift in that it is your capacity to respond to what ever is before you with the power of love, (which is expansive, nurturing, and life enhancing.) We move away from the perception of responsibilty as a burden or weight. This in itself is a great aid in helping you to grasp your Divine Power and balance it with a progressive perspective respectful of all life, individually, and in seeing how it integratively ties together in the collective organized life form, or "Organism,"  from the level of your own body, to the collective level of the entire living planet. This is an improtant concept to embrace as humanity evolves to survive the transitions occuring throughout the planetary evolution, as well as the solar system, galactic and universal evolutionary process that is happening now. The ability to embrace our collective integration as ONE Whole, or (Holy) Integrated Life Organism will make the difference between whether we evolve into increasingly heavenly blissful states of being or devolve into constrictive fear based states of suffering. We are all set in parameters of destiny, that are designed to help us evolve, personally and collectively. We all make choices along the path that determines exactly how life unfolds for us. This Oracle Process helps us to make those choices according to our deepest aspirations, over and beyond our internal programs of limitations and fears that tend to attract us into our lower concepts of being, and trap us into repetitive cycles of greater and greater suffering.  Suffering is only  useful if it is teaching you something that is valuable enough to bring you through the suffering and into a transcendental process. If it does not, it will enslave your soul. At any point, you do have the option and the power to release yourself from your self made prison walls. Ultimately, you will find they are only illusions in the first place. However, by now, they may have become quite convincing. That is why the Oracle Process can be helpful at this stage of your progress. It gives you a means to surpass the limitations of your physio-human experience and perceptions and tap into the limitless expansion of your Divine "SELF,"  both on a personal level and then on a collective and integrated level that is "whole" and complete, or "Holy."
The process will carry you through guidance that assists your transcendental healing and empowerment, first on the physical level, then on the emotional level, followed by the mental level and finally on the spiritual level. When you complete the process on all four of these levels you will find you have amassed many notes with interconnective significance. Having completed the Oracle Consultation Process, you will be asked to keep your notes close by and refer to them daily. This will help you to recognize the synchronicities of your life experiences as they unfold before you, incorporating the significance of the Oracle guidance you have just recieved. We ask that you pay close attention to this over the next 21 days to 3 months, as it is during this time that he Oracle Consultation will be effectively guiding your conscious choices that in turn promote your evolutionary transcendental growth, in health ane wealth, (well being in all accounts relative to your inquiry.) You will need to maintain a daily awareness of this, or you may easily slip into an unconscious state of default behavior, and miss the opportunity for great advancement at this junction of your life's progress. Most of us get some of this, and miss some of this, in the actual application in the days and months to follow. Don't worry or fall into self condemnation. What you get will strenghten you to your benefit, what you miss you will find you will have occassion to get next time around. 
We are in a period of our era where gravitational pull on the Earth is lessening. This allows us to let go of things and transform with greater ease than it has been in the past...up until very recently, in fact. At the same time, we are all increasing in frequency. This is known in the Bible as the "Quickening." It is a speeding up of our life vibration, which affects our actual physical cellular vibration. This allows us to heal faster and more completely than every before. This too is a recent development, and it is continuing to grow with every moment of every day. We are changing in transcendental ways. This can be scarey and alarming if you are not aware of what it is. We can so easily fall into default behavior based off of passed erroneous programmings and mis-information and thereby determine what are actually ascension symptoms as dis-ease. Our constrictive perspective in fear based energetic movement, causes constriction and suffering and fulfills our own fearfilled prophecies. This is why the Oracle Process can be so valuable, in helping you to rise above these programmed default traps in our human condition.
Now is a valuable time for the utilization of Oracle Consultations. All throughout history, the most powerful rulers have always consulted Oracles. They are even referred to in the Bible in various historic accounts even among most spiritually inspired rulers. This was not an evil thing. It was later depicted as evil to keep the masses from utilizing this method of tapping into their Higher Divine Guidance without confusion of the human default condition. This was done ultimately to control the masses and keep them in a disempowered position. However, in these days, that whole paradigm is shifting. We are no longer going to be able to continue to survive, let alone thrive, if we continue to operate under a win/loose perception. We are now collectively opening up to the win/win paradigm, in which growth, health and wealth can not come at the exploitation and suffering of life, (or creation).
We encourage you to contact us if you would like to experience the Transformation Board Oracle Consultation, either privately or in a group. The group opportunity to participate in this oracle opportunity is now running on meetup.com
Click : http://www.meetup.com/Ormes-Temple-Tantra-Workshops-and-Events/    for more information, registration and tracking these workshops. 
You can expect this process to take anywhere from 3 to 6 hours of your time to complete, fully with the mentoring and guidance of the priestess included. Because it can take up so much time, we do generally have refreshements for you as well.
This is by far the most comprehensive Oracle Process we engage at Ormes Temple. We are delighted to share it with those who have a genuine and sincere interest in their evolving life process.
It is extremely enlightening, and promotes transcendental progress quickly and with much greater ease! The process comes highly recommended!  
Registering for group participation carries a suggested donation of $30.00 per person.
The private Transformation Board Oracle carries a suggested donation $120 for one participant, or a total of $200 if your are participating as a couple.   
Remember, your donations help to cover the operating costs of the Ormes Temple, in all that we provide. It also helps to support our on going program development, our research, our library and our FREE Community Outreach Programs.
If you are in position to give, give from your heart with joy and thanksgiving. Giving is the expansive motion of energy, thereby termed as love. It causes great boons of reciprosity that carries us effortlessly to the next level. As you practice the art of love through giving you are sure to soon realize that giving IS receiving!
We appreciate your generosity.
To learn more about this Oracle Process, or to register for your private or group Transformation Board Oracle Consultation please feel free to email us or call us at 571-733-6811
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Absolute Love and Sublime Peace.