Using the Osho Zen or Angel Cards as Reflective Mediums
Generally requires about 90 minutes to 2 hrs of your time. 
During which, we will enter into a meditation transe like state. In this state, you will focus upon your point of question or concern, as together we tap into the Divine Higher Conscious Intelligence, available to us as we maintain a state of stillness in the Ausar State of Sublime Peace.  We will have you to bring a notebook and pen, so you can keep notes of all that is revealed. You will begin your notes by jotting down your focus. The notes are important, so that after the consultation you can refer to them as you consciously maintain an awareness of how your life's situations and circumstances are unfolding over the next 21 days to 3 months. Keeping a conscious watch on this will help you to utilize the consultation to make your choices and promote your growth as you evolve through your healing processes and into your enhanced conditions of wealth, (or well being in all that concerns you.)
The card oracle mediums are not used to predict and unchangable future. Your future is constantly evolving according the choices you are making. These choices will either help or detain your progress. Very often we make choices unconsciously, based of the filtering of past events that are stored in our cellular memory. We have an automatic flow of thoughts, opinions, judgments, memories, beliefs and feelings that are triggered by external stimulation, coming into us from our surroundings. Before we actually think things through, we have already made automatic choices. These are habits that can keep us trapped in problematic areas due to karma, (cause and effect). The oracle consultations help us to become and maintain a conscious awareness in our choices, and move beyond the auto-default responses. We are thereby able to experience growth internally, that affects our externalized life experiences.
The card oracle mediums will reveal your focus, and the root of if. It will also reveal what is blossoming forth in your life, based on the root conditions and the cross roads that promotes or challenges your growth process. You will see for yourself, the recent past that is affecting your conditions, and what is soon to materialize depending on how you handle your choices. You will also note your own inner state relative to your focus, and the relating conditions imposed into your circumstances by those close around you, based on their filters. You will take note of your hopes and aspirations as well as your conflicting fears and limitations. With all things considered in the lay out, your will see your possible outcomes, and how to best affect the outcome according to what you are destined to learn or rather choose to ignore. Ultimately, your outcome is very much in your hands. You will note the destiny parameters that set up conditions to prompt your evolution or growth. You will walk away knowing what you can do to accomplish that growth and affect the optimal outcome. ITs up to you to then maintain your focused intention and apply your choices to either affect your growth, healing and prosperity or well being in the matters in question.
We will take the time to move through this process together. You will be coached on the process, and guided with the revelations as they appear. However, you will also be able to apply your own intuitive guidance as it comes through for you. Our process is geared towards your learning Oracle skills for yourself, and developing your own independant strengths, so you never have to feel dependant on another for your inspired intuitive guidance from your Divine Center. If you continue with your growth, and applied Tantra processes, you will soon be able to process your own personal Oracle abilities.
We are available for continued support as you work through your reading in your upcoming life experiences. Any questions, concerns, or revelations you would like to discuss, we encourage, and are here for you. This can be done by phone, or by arranging a follow up in person coaching/mentoring session.
We ask a donation of $60 for your Oracle Consultation. Follow up can be done with phone consultations, which can be free, or appoximately arranged at $1.00 per minute, if you are exceeding 15 minutes. So with a phone donation of $60, for example, you can cover an hour and 15 minutes of consultation follow up by phone.
If you come in for a face to face follow up, we ask that you donate at least $50 for the first hour and $25 for each 30 minute segment there following.
We appreciate your donations, as we depend on your generosity in a financial reciprosity to cover our basic operation costs, our continuing research and development,  the development of our library resources, for all to use, and our Free Community OutReach Programs, through which together, we are actively supporting the evolutionary process for people of all walks of life, in all levels of distress, even when ordinarily they would not be able to resource such help due to economic challenges so common today.
Because we believe we are all inter-connected living beings comprising a collective life Organism, (Organized Life Form...our Earth...) we pay all we learn and acquire in our own personal evolution, forward to the rest of the world. We can not suffer even one of us to be lost. We thank you for your support in our joint/collective efforts. We invite you to volunteer your services as well, in what ever way you can. The Ormes Temple is about the expansive Love Energy of its People. That is why it is commonly referred to as a temple of Light, (Ormes means Light) without walls. Because the place or building is not nearly as important in defining the temple as the collective body of its members.
For more information or to arrange your Oracle Consultation, call 571-733-6811 today.
We are available to do Oracle Consultations for your groups. Should you be interested in hosting such an event, please give us a call or send us an email and let us know. We'll work it out.
Visit us on to keep track of our meetup groups, meditation circles and various Tantra Workshops, including Oracle Workshops.  
Oracle Workshops require a $15 donation for card readings and $30 per person for the Transformation Board Reading. 
Must have a minimum of 8 people for card readings: a minimum of 4 people and maximum of 8 people for the Transformation Board Reading
Peace and Love