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Sacred baths maybe done in conventional bath tubs or out in nature, streams, rivers, ponds, oceans. They may take the form of showering or soaking. Even the primordial field is associated with the water element.
SACRED BATH:  (Waters treated with salts, oils, herbs, crystals and intentionalized POWER): The Sacred Bath Rituals primarily affect the 2nd and 5th chakras powers. The 2nd chakra being water based. Our bodies are over 70% water and this water is a conduit medium that holds data that then forms us on every level of our being, physically, mentally, emotionally.  It has to do with our particular "tastes" in life as well as what is driving our passions, fear or courage, joy or saddness, love or hate. This chakra power is creative and destructive all in one. It drives the Oroborus prinicple, (the self birthing and consuming snake). The frequencies at this level have a lot to do with what we are manifesting into our life experiences.They are used to cleanse away distorted energies that have gathered into one's field for various reasons. Having cleansed our field we are prepared to requalify its conditions. The baths serve in both of these aspects, cleansing and then fortifying. They are healing and empowering for these reasons. Spiritual Baths are used to open our physical awareness to the powers of our spiritual body. We are  assisted in the process of letting go first (fore-giving) allowing conditions for our intentions to create something different. 

The Priestess will bath you with tender voice and touch; she guides you through a meditation involving an awareness of your chakra energy vortexes, and the energy there in. As you turn your attention inward, you will be amazed at the power of these rituals. At first it may just physically feel soothing, relaxing muscles and various stressful symptoms. You will notice a change in emotions and eventually, if you stay focused and aware you will note changes in your life. 
The Sacred Bath is most often done in Spiritual and psycho/physical preparation for massage and other deeper more intense Tantra experiences. It is also available on its own. or with other, advanced Tantra sessions, not necessarily including massage, allowing for an in-depth focusing on some very important inner work. This is a ritual of purification, in which you discover the delicate balance between body, spirit and soul. It is powerful when you can intentionally tune in to your personal power intercoursing with the collective field of power. Of course, when we are talking about power we are talking about energy. When we're talking about energy we're talking about Spirit. When we're talking about Spirit we're talking about the Goddess attributes of the Divine ONE. Goddess is the POWER that directs, births, nurtures and recycles potention into form and back to Source. So... when we are engaged in ceremonies placing our intense focus on POWER/SPIRIT/GODDESS with reverence we are engaged in "Goddess" Worship.
Sacred Bath Rituals are given at Ormes Temple: The fee based donations to support this service begin at $75.00 and can go up depending on the supporting elements.  Sacred Baths are excellent prepartory process for any important life considerations. They are recommended before Oracle Consultation and any other ritual of worhip as well as Manifestation. They will magnify the power and results of that power in all Sacred Unions. 
OTHER EXERCISES AND RITUALS While there are far too many exercises and rituals to mention and explain here, as you progress along your Tantric Path, you are sure to explore them. 

Some of these are; Soul Gazing, The Intertwining Dance of Rhythms, Joint Meditation, Sensual Exploration, The Dance of Joining Breath, The Power of Trataka, (intense focus,) mantras and Mudras, Exploration of Fetishes and Fantasies, (an excellent, natural way of releasing old holding patterns, and discovering hidden gifts and talents.)  It is common to reinact mythical stories. Doing so is powerful, creating powerful shifts in the participants. Such rituals as the Asaurian Resurrection Myth, the Return of Sekmet, 80 Years Battle between Set & Heru, the Death Transition in the Halls of MAAT, the Intercourse between Geb & Nut (Earth and Sky) the Journeys of Ra, the Construct of the Golden Phalus and the Creation of Ausares are all "ritual" examples available to raise consciousness and frequency to new levels through intention.  
The Feast of the White Tigress upon the Spiritually potent Dragon Breath, allows the heights of "Goddess Worship" to be realized. A word to the wise: A true "White Tigress" may take all your vitality!" So if you’re into giving, while you may not realize it, you are on the giving end of this equation! If your energies are not strong and pure, you won't want to engage the White Tigress, and she will not want your energy until it has been purified and strengthened. Serious preparation is in order here.)
As you progress along your path, MaKrystan will intuitively give you various exercises and meditation processes to help you pass the initiations your gate-keepers challenge your readiness and abilities. Gate Keepers are circumstances, situations and other people that challange your position. We are condition to label gate keepers as our enemies however they are valuable in driving our authority and passionate drive (1st and 2nd chakra Spirit) that we may establish an intentional gravity (Solar Plexus) and strength of Heart/BALANCE. These are pertinate to unlocking the gateways in the higher realms; the gatway to the Akashic Records and Infinite Potential just to name two. When toning is used with the proper Hekau or Mantras we are empowered at the level of SELF expression which is directly correated to what we manifest, intentionally or unintentionally. The POWER we call LOVE which is also GODDESS is boundless and truly unconditional. It will create or manifest what ever is dominate in our potential. Awareness is very important that we may develop intentional creative and manifesting abilities. We have tried and proven age old rituals through traditional lineages. Rituals of historic record are powerful in that they have generations of ancestral drive attached to them. There are also Rituals that come to us through Inspiration. These are also powerful for those of us who are truly tapped into the Divine (the Neteru in Elements as well as Ancestors).  When delivered with the purest intent, breath and focus, when the provider has relinquished ego interferences and is pure, the recipient will receive according to the fullness of the Neteru and according to the recipient's positioning. Great care is given to bring the recipient into position to receive accordingly. Ceremonial Rituals assure the accomplishment of your awakening rites of passage. They benefit everyone involved as all are basking in the frequencies (Energy/Spirit/Goddess Presence) that fill the space, both internally and externally.  The more you put into the practice, the more you are sure to gain from it. You are sure to find every state of your being growing continually enhanced with wellness, strength and vitality. You will also find your magnetic quality is becoming more in tune with your true needs and desires, as your ability to "manifest" according to your will increases in strength. 
Below is the final picture capturing the Spirit Frequencies responding to our invitation through a Smai Taui (Tantric) ceremonial ritual dedicated to the preparation for this young SiStar who is growing in her own Power, Self REalization/Actualization in living through her body vessle as the  Divine Eternal Expression of her own Truth. This was a group ceremonie in which a large portion of the most adept in love from a full community participated. You see her in the photo, and the color of the frequencies present. Green to the front of her, showing the expansion of MAATic Heart Balancing Energy and to her back and above you see the purple hues indicating the unlocking of the 1st Eye Gate of Djeheuty presenting Its flow of Wisdom. She was bathed, her most intimate partner present and administering projected Goddess Spirit flowing with his own intentional potential. He then tended to her privately while the group prepared with our own ceremony. She was then ushered to the pyramid of copper, with effects to boost and optimize the process. She was blessed with group Love projected upon her with deep breath intent and focus. Every sense was activated and took part in bringing everyone's awareness to fullness, collectively. Below the picture you can read what one of the attending participants,  a Ministering Priestess, had to say about the ceremony. WE invite you to your own ceremonies, rites of passage, be it self realization or optimizing relationships. We are registered as Ministers and can legally perform all legally binding ceremonies,(including weddings, home goings and initative christenings).  Spiritual binding and loosing ceremonies  hold the great significance. Contact us for your special requirements. We will always tailor our ceremonies to meet your specifics with love and respect, always in all ways. (Ma KRSTN)
   Commentary below presented from the Ministering Priestess "Chi"

The beginning of planning was a tedious back and forth of anxiety, extreme love, devotion, creativity, frustrations, shadow and light communications, reflecting the all spectrum of emotional frequencies LOL... At first it was vague and then as plans finally came to a head it was VERY clear how powerful, divine, and beautiful the ENTIRE process really was. Once we began our circle led by our elder mother MaK drenching us in the positive vibrations of Immaculi it was on and popping. I saw it then how much love and energy went into MaK's planning, what ended up feeling like a complete wedding ceremony for a Wild Seed daughter that has found fertile ground to grow amongst us all in a divine and safe collective of support. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself at the various judgments I had earlier concerning MaK's seemingly aggressive fight to get this thang DONE to a Tee heehee. I observed a little, "don't let me down", a little "I want so much for this to happen for my family", "I hope they accept my love", "I don't want to be rejected or abandoned", "I want my daughter to feel the love of her family", "I'm trusting you all to honor your commitments to the true essence of Tantra".... All of that. All the while recognizing the same feelings I have felt many a times before when wanting to share something I'm so passionate about.
This ceremony was life changing for me in many ways. First off, MaK gave me the opportunity to work along side her witnessing the kind of love and attention that builds an immense amount of power centered in the heart between a man and a woman and then how community surrounding that love and intention helps to empower and strengthen it on all dimensions. I am EXTREMELY grateful for Emmanuel Taylor and Mel for opening themselves to share that moment with me. I am EXTREMELY grateful for MaK's passion and steadfast devotion to spirit that led us to that moment. I saw all of that and SCREAMED in my mind I WANT THAT!!!!! Yes LORD! I want that. The group meditation and projection work from MaK was off the chain and the walking vortex at the pyramid was another icing on the cake. I had to leave following that section, but I just couldn't let more time slip by without sharing how WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL it was to see MaK be supported by US to help support our sister Mel and how that also supported us on our various journeys in life too.

Thanks y'all muahhhhhhh


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