SELF MASSAGE: Healing with Love and Acceptance, for Women: From 3 to 10 hrs of comprehensive learning. For women everywhere, who have been conditioned to feel guilt and shame over their bodies, please know that your beautiful physical embodiment is the host of LIFE Itself! Think! How many times in the past 30 days have you gazed upon your body with loving acceptance? How many times have you touched and caressed your breast respecting its
 Divine Nature and Essence. How many times have you affectionately allowed yourself to feel the loving gratitude for having incarnated your Divine Spirit of Life in its physical expression; the Divine Feminine Principle responsible for the birth and nurturing of bio-organic Life on Earth? Or have you succumbed only to touch your breasts, your body, reluctantly, with disdain, always searching out its imperfections, waiting for the inevitable outbreak of the pre-ordained cancerous conditions the media has programmed you for over the last several generations to expect? When someone else touches you, do you feel honored, or is it a sacrifice to please a distorted thirst for you? Or is it an examination by some expert prophet sorcerer looking for the evidence of his curse, by spotting some outbreak of disorder or dis-ease in your cells, he'd so continuously prophesized would be the case?
 PRIVATE SESSIONS:   $60 per hour.  (full course 8 hours) Can be broken down in segments or taken all at once. Note from MaKrystan:


Please understand; photos are not included as an attempt of seduction of any kind. It is certainly not an attempt to advertise the sale of a physical body. It is a true testament of a Divine Consciousness, one inclusive of Love and Innocent Self Acceptance, energetically expressed through the healthy cellular composition of this Tantrika's physical embodiment. It is the hope at Ormes Temple that "MaKrystan Actual  Nudes"  will encourage you to know thyself, love thyself and engage thyself with a healthy state of acceptance that you may also heal and be empowered with the moist, vibrant strengths and joys of health, body, mind, heart, spirit and soul! This photo is a testament to the fact that aging does not have to necessitate debilitation, for men or women, but in fact, can be the grace of time for spiritual empowerment validated by its own expression in continued states of an evolving condition of beauty.

1 Session commitment at $480.00 (one session lasting 8 hours.)  
2 Session commitment at $240.00 each session (lasting 4 hours each.)
4 Session commitment at $120.00 each session (lasting 2 hours each) 
*OR...Economize by obtaining this training in a group workshop setting: 
IMPORTANT to KNOW:  Substantial savings by opting to attend the workshop for just  $175.00 
                                            Returning participants only pay $50.00 to deepen their study and practice!
                                                     Each workshop is tailored to meet the needs of the participants. 
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CERTIFICATION is available for this work upon request.