ORMES TEMPLE ORACLE Consultation with Priestess MaKrystan and (or) Priestess Shelia
Put an end to hidden forces working against you. Empower your choice and chart your destiny with a spiritual oracle reading.

Reflective devices, such as Holy Book Oracles like the Bible, Koran and I Ching,  Osho Zen Card Oracle, The Angel Deck Card Oracle, Crystals, Mirror Reflection, and the intense oracle guidance offered through the "Transformation Game" you can get clear on your gifts of insight, divine guidance and karmic set backs. You can discover the why's that plague you, and what to do about them.  Oracle readings are a useful process in the start of your healing and empowerment Tantra Practice, as well as periodically throughout your progress.  Move beyond the default set backs that continue to keep you trapped in the same box. Love, Health and Wealth are awaiting you, as you move into a conscious balance with all of life, first within and then collectively. 
Oracle work at Ormes Temple is nothing like going to a gypsie card reader. We do not bait you with negative visions that scare you into a dependancy relationship with any person outside your own Divine "Self."  Our Oracle readings will not result in a lot of expensive hocus pocus to eliminate your problems for you. Rather, the oracle guidance will help you to heal and empower your self by giving you clearity in concern of how your life is integrated with lessons to be learned and potential ready to be embraced. We help you to look at the karmic conditions and forces operating in your life and in your surroundings.
Oracle Consultations at the Ormes Temple support the Tantra Life Practices, so it is important to consider the two basic premises that define what the practice of Tantra is about
1.  consciously creating a weaving together of all elements in your life and
2.  balancing of the two opposing compliments the are always present in the physical expression of life.
Tantra requires the acknowledgment of the two polar forces or conditions that, when consciously balanced become complimenting to one another, and create a conditional state of productivity or life, in optimal conditions of health and wealth.  Both the positive and the negative flow of energy and magnetics is required to create the perfect balance for optimal health and well being.
Your power is in your awareness of your conditions over all, and how to balance and weave them together for progressive growth throughout your life experience.
Our Oracle Consultations will empower you to empower yourself!  
Throughout all history. those who set the world stage, making all the important plans and decisions that affect not only their own prosperity, but the lives of others and the world at large, have consulted oracles, and still do to this day. This is not a superstition but rather a science that allows us to tap into our higher conscious intelligence, by moving into a trance state of peaceful stillness. From this perspective we are able to get beyond the physio-neuro programs that filter our present views on our capabilities or lack of them, and get a clearer, unfiltered vision of what is going on, as well as what options we have and how our choices can best benefit us, individually and collectively.
The old programs in which the prosperity and success of a few depend on the exploitation and suffering of the many are passing away.
Behold, in these times, we are evolving into an enlightened awareness that promotes a peaceful living balance, where the collective bio-organic life of our entire planet, (Creation,) is respectfully reverenced, and our (Manifestations,) technologies and systems are placed in the position of servicing life, rather than life/"CREATION" being sacrificed to the service our "MANIFESTATIONS"/ technologies and systems.  
We are moving into balance 
and our energies are becoming increasingly expansive or "Love Based," rather than constrictive or "Fear Based." The whole of our Universe is evolving, right down to every living organism that supports the whole collective living organism we call Earth. Because of these evolution in progress, times can be quite intense. However, we can help you eliviate fear based responses, and move in the courage and confidence of Divine Love.
Consider your Oracle reading today, and achieve the clarity you need to evolve in confidence and love.  
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Oracle Consultations Using the Osho Zen or Angel Card Decks

Oracle Consultation with the Transformation Reflective Medium

*Note: Other mediums for Oracle Readings Mentioned above are being developed for your consideration and will be appearing soon. Your patience is appreciated.