TANTRA BLISS IS MEDITATIVE ECSTASY :  Get here if you can, but if you can't, call me.
I am here for you: Let my soothing hypnotic voice guide you through a Tantric Experience, where the the body's sensuality awakens to the presence of pure spiritual ecstasies: Through guided Breath Intension and Focus, I will take you on a journey, and you will find your Living TRUTH. Call now For an Erotic Meditative Experience, and feel the tingle of your Life Energetic/Spirit move up your spine and saturate your every cell. Hang up the phone feeling peace and vitality, tranquil and clear. Utilizing Meditation to affect the flow of your Energetic Living Spirit, clears distortion, heals the body, emotions, mind; frees the soul and honors the fullness of your Being. Awaken to the Living Light within. This process takes about 1 hour.
Suggested donation is $80: (Limited time only.)       
 Call me to begin or further you Tantric Progress: So much can be done, even through a phone call. If  you need help working through an issue, whether its a love issues, or if you are broken in spirit, somehow; Can't seem to figure out how to get things to turn around; wondering why you: Let me help you. With a dedicated heart and a moment to focus, I can tap into my inner guidance, "intuition and experience"  that colors my ability with a compationate expertise. I have a potent spirit of love will reach deep into your essence and touch you. I can help the light click on it you. 
Intuitive oracle reading : life coaching, in matters of your own sexuality, Intimacy and relationship guidance on every level Let me help you to discover your own inner power, understand the symbols of your Higher Self and the Collective Spiritual Guidance that lives in you. 
For a donation of just $60 for the first hour, and $25 for each 30 minute segment after that, you can help us reach others who have nothing, and your help will rebound back to you in multiple measure. Try me, and see if my words for you are not true! Then...join us in this mission to turn on the power of  love and see the power shine forth in health and in well being, (wealth on every level.):  Suffer not one of us be lossed. We can take your contribution right over the phone.  
We appreciate your support by donating to the Ormes Temple: Reciprosity is a Divine Law and the Order that determines your wealth. As you give, so it is given back to you, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing. When you give, lovingly, without fear, you are causing your life energy to move centrifugally, that's expansively. You open up, and then wealth flows to your. But when you fear, your energy moves centripedal, in a constrictive motion, and you close up to all that is flowing towards you. It can't get to you. It is our passion to help you to open to all of your gifts. Call me. I am here for you.     
Let MaKrystan help you to uncover your own healing and empowerment capabilities: Tuning into the REAL YOU and Living TRUTH Alive Within YOU. 
MaKrystan has over 30 years of dedicated devotion and experience in her passion of healing and empowering enlightenment processes, from a Holistic perspective, including many modalities and a collective connection with Universal Information Systems. It is her delight to be here for you, without judgment or criticism, but rather an open heart and mind and a connected soul and spirit. She welcomes you with love and respect, and is ready and willing to serve you.