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Register to become a Certified Tantra Massage Therapist to heighten your professional abilities or for personal satisfaction affecting
 the quality in the lives of loved ones. 
 3 HR. Introductory Intensive $380: Followed by elective choices including 1 hr. $180 or 90 minutes $230
{40 Total Instructional Hours ) for Certification, and acceptable demonstration of course fulfilment in understanding and application}
COMMIT TO EXCELLENCE!   See The Special Offer, Below, designed  to help strengthen your personal commitment to your success in this process.
Your maximum investment in our 40 hour Tantra Massage Certification program is $380 for the initiation session and then if we applied the $180 per hour cost for the remaining 37 hours the cost would come to $6,660.00  Even though its worth it, we have something better in mind. 
Your first level of savings is 32% offer from us to you even if you pay for each individual class at a time. To fulfill the 40 hour requirement that's 12 more sessions at 3 to 3.5 hours each for a total of $4,560 if paid at $380 each class at a time. 
An Immediate $2100 savings for you!
But if you pay in blocks you will strengthen your commitment and get soooo much more out of everything! Its a proven fact that if you invest in yourself you put more in and you get more out
Your next level of savings is to pay quarterly,  4 payments each covering 3 classes:  Gets you a 30%  (on each $380 class bringing it down to $266.00 if purchased 3 at a time for a total of $798 each quarter)
this brings your overall cost down to $3,192 (A 52% Savings....over half!) 
 $3,468 savings for you!
Or Last of All you can pay a one time payment of  $3000
For any overall savings of of $3660 for you!   (A 55% Savings! )
 A Special Budget Option: Still want to make that Commitment to Excellence, but its not in your budget?  With the proper disclosure, we will consider partial scholorship, including a volunteer work study obligation; according to the Approval of the Ormes Temple Board of Directors.   

Satisfactory demonstration of the teachings can result in a offer from Ormes Temple for you to contract your services as an assisting Priestess or Priest. Should you so have the interest to serve you will have the benefit of expert support as you gain experience. Nothing can heightened your transcendence and evolutionary transformation more readily that sharing your Divine Tantra Massage Service with others.  You are not obliged to serve at the Ormes Temple after completion of your certification. You may serve at the Ormes Temple, where you may be guided to perfection as you acquire the practice you need to become confident in your proficiency. Depending on each individual circumstance we will consider an "benifits" program for you which may include gift earnings from Ormes Temple to you for your dedicated service or perk programs. This will be discussed at the time of consideration. Ormes Temple practices Karma Yoga so we work on a reciprosity program that flows both ways of course, (such IS the definition of reciprosity.) 
Disclaimer: Ormes Temple does not engage in any illegal activities, services or the supply of any illegal products. Due to the controversial perspectives on the subject of Tantra Practices, generally resulting from miseducation or lack of knowledge we clearly state the following:  This is not an invitation for adult sexual entertainment. You will learn intricate sacred wisdom and application concerning the conscious manipulation of Life Energy, (which includes but is not limited to experiencing powerful sexual energy) However, this is not a contractual agreement or solicitation for sex acts and Ormes Temple does not in any way encourage, condone or allow sex acts to be practiced under our contractual agreement.  This is a learning process that allows the development of heightened awareness and conscious proficiency in concern of this powerful Life Energy for health, power, awakening and enlightenment, rendering heightened expressions of positive and progressive communion for you and your loved one(s.)  Because of the delicate manner of subject presented here, you may be asked so show ID an sign a awareness/consent form.