Tantra Massage Sessions: 
Discover the healing and empowering potential of your own erotic life energy force. Use your sexual life energies for healing, empowering, revitalizing and de-stressing yourself. Stay and reverse the aging process. Enhance your creativity, work effectiveness, personal relationships and the power of your hue-man magnetism. 
Your first Tantra Massage will usually require at least 3 hours of your time that you may be acquainted with the necessary knowledge and technique required to gain the true Tantra Energetic Ecstasy and learn how to retained and saturate your body with this potent Life Source. The same energy that creates life can perfect it through the transcendental transformation of your mental and emotional states, ultimately expressing itself as a like physical cellular imprint.  The static flow of energy must be maintained and circulated for at least 20 to 30 minutes minimum in order for it to begin trans-formative qualities on a cellular level.  The mastery is learning to surrender to it without resistence and allowing it to simply flow. 
Tantra Massage is the most powerful massage modality for transforming stress (including sexual stress)  into focused productivity and joyfulness, weakness stiffness and fatigue into strength agility and vitality, to position the body to transform all manner of sickness into health and all manner of depravity into abundance. Shed your past hurts and emotional walls and open up to a new state of peace and freedom.  Discover how the power of love can amplify the power of living in prime health and well being!
Many of us have to first focus on a primary  healing and/or balancing of the body's reproductive systems in general before we can  really learn to channel these powerful life energies for health and well being in our lives. We have always included intuitive integration massage and energy work with the specific techniques and applications associated with Tantra Holistic Healing & Empowerment Technologies.  We have also  implemented "THAI Medical Massage and Herbal Treatments" as a powerful treatment for restoring health through the attaining of a well balanced, vital and flexible sexual state of being.
FOR MEN: These treatments can include help in things like PE and ED, unmanageable sex drive,  problematic sexual addictions, change of life challenges
 FOR WOMEN: These treatments can include help in healing things like PMS, fybroids,  frigidity,  painful sex experiences, hormone imbalances, problematic menstrual cycles, pregnancy challenges and change of life challenges.
What ever the healing one may require, it happens by affecting the root of the distortion, integrating your awareness into it and then transcending it.  
With the Tantra Massage and the applied treatments when and where needed we are able to open ourselves to an entirely new life where we enter the realms of continual growth and expansion, awakening to an infinity of potential we discover we are living in a playground that nurtures our evolution in many ways. We discover the power of love, within and the connectively and all the beautiful expressions it offers even as we work through the challenges along the path to its coming forth. Every moment is priceless and every age is for ever new! 
The proof is in the practice!
Because of the time and intensity of these sessions we ask that you arrange your session at least a day in advance. 
Here's why: All sessions require a 2 hr lead-way time in which your Tantra Priestess and Therapist prepares for You with meditation and ritual designed to optimize your experience with these Sacred Energetic Forces. When you leave there are always closing rituals in which the priestess clears the atmosphere and submits thanksgiving for all that has been shared between our physical world of form and the Spiritual Divine Entities of Light. So you see, what is 3 hours of your time is actually 6 hours of the Priestess's time. So please be respectful in arranging your visit and schedule well in advance. 
 ALL sessions are being conducted on an out call basis: This can be accomodated in one of two ways: 
1. Seeker provides the space locally or non-locally:
YES! Matreus KRSTN will agree to travel both Nationally and Internationally. When travel is required, seeker provides for the expense of travel & personalized quarters for private lodging.           
 2. Ormes Temple will arrange for the space at the expense of the seeker to be included in the donation arrangement and covered by the seeker. 

Suggested donations for session work begin at $180.00 for the 1st hour and increases by $50 for each additional 1/2 hour:  
Examples: 2 Hours:  $280/   3 Hours $380/  from 3.5 and 4. Hours $480 and so on:
SAVE BY BOOKING TANTRA SESSIONS IN BLOCKS: 2 (3hrs ea. ) @ $660 (save $100)             3 (3Hrs ea.) @ $1000 (save $140) :            4 (3Hrs ea.) (save $150) :                      6 (3hrs. ea) @ $1900 (save $380)
                                                                         TBA within 1 month time                     TBA within 6weeks time                      TBA within 2 months time                    TBA within 16 weeks time
These block packages come with 1 phone consultation between each live session, creating additional savings of $60 + for each of the phone sessions. That can bring your savings up to $740  on the 6 session package! 
Arranging Block or bulk session purchases helps you to make a commitment to your growth, healing and empowerment process. You will find you have definite noticable improvements after each session. However if you do the breath work between session as you continue to return you will notice you are definitely evolving in ways you may have not ever thought possible. We are happy to reward you with price breaks for investing this commitment into yourself. Everyone wins! 
You win with growth and savings, getting more for your money.   Those around you win as you are able to share better quality into their lives as a result of your growth, enhanced health and well being.  Ormes Temple wins in having money in hand to support the operation, develop and impliment more programs and enhance our Community OutReach Services.  The Community wins in having more and better access to programs that they may not have been otherwise able to attain. This is called "Riding the Love Waive" or "As we give so do we receive!"  Just another way we learn the power and beauty of LOVE and then we learn to Respect IT!  
Follow up Tantra Massages need not take 3 hours. But most elect to stay that long or even longer.  After your first visit, you will have a feel for how long you'd like your future visits to be. You can elect for shorter visits if you like.  However, be mindful, Tantra takes us out of a conscious perception of time.  For this reason its best to plan for 90 minutes to 2 hours as a minimum. 

*(Shorter sessions are only available for those who have undergone the Initial Tantra Massage or Tantra Initiation and can demonstrate an applied understanding of the teachings at that level.)

Tantra Development:
Beyond the simple enjoyment of Tantra Massage, you may elect to further own self development, "Healing and Empowerment"  with Tantra principles and applied practices. Ma KRSTN will be happy to discuss this with you should you have such an interest.
Or you may be interested in "LEARNING" the spiritual science and art of Tantra Massage for personal use in more intimate relationships : 
We also offer certification
LEARN TANTRA MASSAGE: The secrets of this Divinely Energized Touch with its pleasure and potential healing power can be yours. As MaKRSTN (AlecSandRa) guides you in easy to learn massage techniques and body movement coupled with BIF, (Breathing, Intention and focus) you can learn to develop your own ability to release stored toxins and repressed blockages in you and your partner, clearing the way for powerful life energies to vibrate through every living cell. Imagine the confidence and satisfaction you will develop as you learn to effectively share the magic of your own intimacy through the power of a genuinely giving touch. Imagine the increased anticipation as you continue to explore new dimensions with this powerful intimacy tool, and discover an ever deepening awareness within yourself and collectively, beyond, as you connect in the one (or 'ones') you share love with. Here are just a few techniques you can expect to learn are:
1.  The Mommy Touch                               
2.  Disarming the Black Widow                               
3.  Seeing Hands                               
4.  Pulling Pain                               
5.  Circulatory Fire Dance                                
6. Para-Tan Mantra/Sound Vibration Technique for healing and empowerment.                               
7. Basic Asana positioning to create increased conscious energy flow for healing and empowerment.                               
8. Pranayam and Shaktiyam techniques, Trataka and other focusing techniques for clearing and empowering intention.
For Personal Interest: Ormes Temple offers Tantra Massage Private Classes for singles and couples for personal enjoyment, healing and empowerment. This usually takes a total of 12 to 16 hours for a strong basic grasp. (4 sessions, 3 to 4 hours in length.) 
Fee based donation for Learning Tantra Massage:
3 options 
1 time fee of $1500.00      2 payments of $800 each (on the 1st and 3rd sessions.)      $450 per session.  
Bring a partner at 1/2 the tuition (fee based donation).
All donations submitted to Ormes Temple are tax deductible.  

 Acquire Certification for Tantra Massage
Upon satiffactory on time requirements and  demonstration of understanding principles and applied techniques 
Includes massage touch and Intuitive Energetic Projection

Notice the red/orange/yellow glow rising up over the recipient as MaKRSTN affects the
Energetic Field of the recipient.  These are the color hues as our visual 
receptors interpret the energy frequencies associated with these particular 
Chakra Gates. The Gates are releasing stagnant energy and channeling fresh 
Life Energy in from the Unified Field. This "Unified Field is an actual continuation
of our Being on a collective level. It is our Collective Body, and how we are all 
connected as ONE.  These hues can also be registered by our hearing receptors
as sound, producing a particular realm of hertz relating again to these chakra gates. 
Sound and Color are just varing interpretation of the same thing, Energetic Frequency. 
The recipient will feel ecstatic flows and ripples of energy as his body opens up to it. Sometimes
in the releasing of stagnant energies,  the body being influenced by fear based emotions, may
react constrictively. This can be uncomfortable. However as the distortion is released and 
the body relaxes to a more love based emotional stance, it will feel erotic flows, tingles, rippling sensations
running all through every part of it, every organ, muscle, bone, and tissue everywhere. He will even be able to consciously
detect sensations beyond the physical body, out into the collective realm. Tantra Massage helps us to awaken to the abilities
of this heightened perception, at first just for SELF, but eventually to be able to share a more complete and comprehensive
connection with others, as we discover we are all ONE.