ORMES TEMPLE Massage Work as a candle lit warm peaceful atmosphere where sofeggio tones enchant the air and intensify relaxation and healing. We have both table and the Thai floor matt options available. 




Best Massage  Therapy in Alexandria Virginia and the DC Area  healing bodywork that relieves stress and pain 
by Ma KRSTN  and MaSUNDARI (new Priestess to the Ormes Temple Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work Only)
The secret to a great Therapeutic Massage is a focused and caring Intuitive connection that allows the therapist to draw from a wide array of techniques, physical and energetic that will melt away your pain and stress and even trigger your body's natural ability to heal and renew itself.
Both Ma KRSTN and MaSUNDARI  have that  intuitive connection that allows them to affectively integrate long years  of practice,  drawing from devoute love and care,  a broad range of modalities, both physical and energetic,  giving  YOU the best massage ever, every time! 
Some of  the Physical Therapeutic  modalities include: 
Swedish : MayoFacial Integration or Deep Tissue : Trigger Point Release : Craniosacral :
Thai Medical Healing  and Thai Reflexology,  Unwinding,  Lymphatic
Some of  the Energetic  Therapuetic modalities include:
Reiki :  Siekem :  Polarity :  Toning : Crystal Therapy  : Aroma Therapy  : Mantra Sacred Word
 All appointments must be made by phone call preferably at least 1 day in advance:  Hours:  11:00 AM to 10:00PM     

Giving you something you can feel, something real and something to which nothing compares! 
 Fee Based Donations:   1 hour/ $90:  90 minutes/ $120:  2 hour deluxe/$160   : Shower Facility Available : All Amenities Provided
More About THAI MEDICAL MASSAGE! *  MaKRSTN and MaSUNDARI  are certifiec in Thai "Medical" Massage : *      Thai Massage is known for its uniquely potent healing capabilities, working with joint flexibility, muscle stretching and conditioning, and the cleansing and rejuevenating of life energy through out the nadis, or what is known in the Thai tradition, "the Lom"  (life energies) in "Sen Lines"  (Nadis channels).  We can offer deep work, including back walking and hot herbal compresses to ease away pain and optimize your bodies rejuevenating properties for prime health and well being. 
Thai Massage can be quite intense. Hot salt baths (sometimes even with special Thai Herbs) is suggested to fully release all the toxins that get stirred up in this deep work. Sometimes you may feel a little soar from the deep pressure that is used, but when it comes to eleviating chronic conditions Thai Massage can be very effective.   Ususally you are able to see remarkable results even after one session. Sacred Healing Bath Treatment is available for healing on all levels, physical, emotional and releasing toxic energy build up from negative environments.
*Thai Massage Therapies are Herbal Treatments now  implimented with TANTRA MASSAGE THERAPY for Adults.  Thai Massage can be an effective booste for Tantra Massage or Tantra Yoga Shaktiyam.  (At this time ONLY MaKRSTN offers the Thai/Tantra sessions for regenerative qualities in those suffering from ED and PE symptoms.) 
Thai Massage can be a useful pre-emptive therapy to Tantra Massage, opening up the sacral joints and freeing the energy channels optimizing the  Shakti Energy Experience  for an intense Life Energy Flush and Renewing effect.  The THAI Herbal Compresses are recognized for their highly effective treatment in restoring health and vitality to the reproductive organs in both men and women!  


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