HEART MATH INSTITUTE  We are licensed to share the Heart Math heart/brain coherency training. This powerful free training helps us to handle habit restructuring, anger management, improved communications and presentations in the work place and at home, as well as to make meaningful advancements in post traumatic stress issues. Consider contacting us for a free presentation to their group, while thanking you for your donation support that helps to make these free offers possible.
We introduce Gregg Braden, below: a renowned scientist with the Heart Math Institute who explains in depth the affects our emotional conscious energy has on our being, on all levels, as well as our surroundings. You may consider taking some time to go through more, if not all of his work available on youtube. Begin to use the time you spend in entertainment viewing to help drive these new realizations into your unconscious awareness through continuous exposure, contemplation, living and observation of that living. You will begin to recognize a positive shift in which your responsibility is directly affecting your experience of reality. Tantra perspectives are important in this conscious programming in that it addresses the single most primal drive, "being" or living. We have all, for too long, held distortion on the level of the energy that is responsible for our "Being" in physical form, our sexual energy. This is a disjointing at the very root of our inner "Tree of Life." Until this disjointing is healed, we cannot fully be in touch with the acceptance of living and being alive. Thus we are producing conscious energy destructive to our "BEing" alive in physical form. Denying or subduing our sexuality, the key energy, root of our physical expression, results in a causal debilitation of the physical body, as we are denying or subduing it very existence. Living the Tantra experience heals this, as we shift our own inner adversities with our sexuality to an acceptance of the same as something significant, sacred and sublime. As we continue to hold this positive perspective, we see it evidenced in our thoughts, feelings, and ultimately the expression of these, in the physical form (for which they serve as a template) the physical body.

Take responsibility in feeding yourself a nourishing helping of "in-forming" conscious/energy in your entertainment. Remember, "information" forms us from the inside out! You choose that information, or you allow it to be chosen for you. Either way, your physical being is subject to programming in this way. If you simply allow it to be chosen for you, it is considered to be "programming by default."  This generally has an undesirable affect on us by design. As long as we can be kept in a state of feeling incomplete, or like something is wrong, we will spend our money to try to fill the hole or right the wrong, on an endless stream of products. As we take the responsibility on, to program our realization of completeness, or "holiness," which is what we do, beginning from the point of accepting our own Root Life Energy, our sexual energy as sacred and divine, we set the stage for life accepting expressions in the physical form. We heal, and go on to experience increasing empowered states of "BEing."

If you visited with MaKrystan before, and not returned, consider following up your visits, so that you move forward with this very significant life enhancing process to be had on the Tantra Path of Enlightened Conscious Awareness. She is available for in person private visits and phone consultations. Also, stay tuned in and participate in the workshops and group circles. Never before has the responsibility for allowing this positive shift to happen in you become more important than it is now. With all the noise, turmoil and uncertainty we are experiencing in our world today it is a priority that we become centered in accepting the significance of sacred essence, the Sacred Conscious/Energy that comprises our primal Root Life Energy. But it doesn't stop there. It just begins there!

If you have not visited with MaKrystan or the attended any of the events the Ormes Temple hosts, consider getting in touch today. She is available to singles, for couples and for groups. Groups are probably the most economical way to get this work. IF you have at least six, or as many as 20 people interested in TANTRA, contact MaKrystan and host a workshop. This is a fun, interesting significantly important fun and therapeutic way  to spend your time, and power is always magnified in groups! Call Makrystan today and ask about hosting a Tantra workshop/party. 


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