The first step back to whole-ness or "Holiness" is to accept the Life Energy

that brought you into the gift of  Hue-Manifested or Human "BEing," as Sacred and Divine!


The Tantra Yoga Traditions equate the Divine Goddess as an element of Divine Energy of Life

and the Divine God as an element of Divine Order, Consciousness.


When these two meet, they dance the dance of DIVINE LOVE


And from these two, the worlds of "form" comes into "Being"


In its purest presentation, this is Divine Life and Divine Intelligence that begets Divine Form.

The mathematic equation is revealed through direct inspiration to MaKRSTN and given in

her upcoming book, "Sacred Life Science" is:  

(Holy Father God Consciousness + Holy Mother Goddess Spirit/Life Energy -> Holy Sons and Holy Daughters)  

 This is the truth sung to the rhythm of a Grateful Heart! 


Please Understand: All the physical sex knowledge of applied technique will have

limited impact without empowering the physical being with the connective awareness

of the Divine Feminine Energies and Divine Masculine Consciousness required to be

expressed in and through the Divine Physical Experience in the Sacred Union of Tantra!


Whether you have Tantric experience, or you are new to the Tantric Path,

we are delighted to visit with you. Together, with the inspirational guidance of the

Universal ONE, you are sure to find that "Nothing Compares!" 



WHAT TO EXPECT during private Kriya/Tantra Yogic Visits:


BEFORE YOU ARRIVE: If your choice is to explore the application of Divine Energies,

Krystan gives 2 hours of her time to prepare for you, including sanctifying the

atmosphere and deep meditation:  Upon your arrival, the possibility and choices are

virtually endless. Krystan will meditate before your visit, to assure that she is deeply

centered at the core of her true "Being" and connected to the Collective Consciousness

and Energies that infinitely abound. Although she may have a history of being recognized

for her healing touch that dates back to her childhood, years of experience and certified skills

she insists that all these pale in comparison to what can be in-joyed, putting aside ego in

preference of the Divine Collective Intelligence she taps into. 


Energy Quality Assured:

The quality of Energy is constantly nurtured and protected throughout the Sacred Space

provided for your visit. No more than two visits are allowed to take place throughout any

given day. Special care is taken. There are full days given over for the clearing of lingering

stagnant and negative energies, and the nurturing of a fresh supply of Universal Life Energy.

YOU can be assured that the energies and conscious guidance your receive will meet you at

the point of your true needs.


Coaching & instruction without the benefit of applied energy work:  

Coaching & instruction are offered with and without the benefit of applied energy work.

   Examples of sessions without applied work are: 

1. For those who may wish to discuss your interests, in depth, discuss a plan of action first,

before diving into the applied work. 

2. For those who have taken the initiation session and wish to continue in a coaching relationship

integrating some coaching/consultation sessions along with applied session work being

done at separate time intervals. 


Note: We do have fee based donations set for session work. We suggest donations

that will allow the time, space and amenities for teaching, coaching and sharing to

continue to take place. The services are benefits given in behalf of those who offer

financial support to the mission of the Ormes Temple. Your donations are tax deductible

and help us to extend free services out into our community.


Free Workshop Benefit:

1.   Heart/Brain Coherency:  2 hour stress management modality developed through

the Heart Math Institute, including work on bio-feedback devices called em-waive. 

2.   Non-Violent Communications Workshops: An ongoing group environment in

which non-violent communication skills are practiced along with anger management

and DBT wise mind decision making.

3.  Meditation Healing and Empowerment for Women 


4.  Meditation Healing and Empowerment for Men,  Women, (singles and couples)


Your support also supplies us with the time and efforts to research, gather recourses

and make them available to everyone. The Ormes Temple is wholly supported by the

support you so generously give.   


Workshops Requiring Suggested Donations:  

1. Transformation Game:  A unique, Oracle experience enhancing life with conscious direction:

 A Reality Game for small intimate group circles. Only 4 can play this game at a time.

2. Tantra Massage

3. Para Tan Mantra Sound Vibrational Workshop: Discovering and Releasing

to your conscious awareness the 50 Matrika Goddesses of Mother Wisdom,

stored inside the physical form.

4. Tantra Healing and Empowerment Workshops, Inclding Tantra Massage For Women & Men

5. Sacred Life Science Lecture or Workshop (at this time) for Adult Women and Men

We are currently working on a presentation for TEENS 



 Our workshops are scheduled and presented at the Ormes Temple spaces

according to plans:  

But if you don't want to wait, or if your too far away: 

Our workshops are also available for hosting. If you'd like to host a workshop

contact Ormes Temple to find out how and all the benefits it can provide for the host.  


Private Benefit Services:  Click Here to visit our page on Private Sessions including

Tantra Massage / Therapeutic Body/Energetic Massage / Tantra Initiations and Follow up Applied Mentoring  

1.  Therapeutic Massage is available upon request, relieve pain and stress and assist the body in its healing,

recovery and empowerment process: Therapeutic massage does not include "happy endings." It does,

include energy work including sacred body work that is affected by LIFE Energy on every level of being.


2.  Para-Tan Mantra/Sound Vibrational therapy is available upon request, in and of itself, with or without

the total Tantra experience which includes the Tantra Massage various other modalities and rituals as well

as further intensive Conscious/Energy Work. When Para-Tan is given, without the extended tantra massage,

guidance and kundalini work, the visit may only take 1 hour to 90 minutes at most.

3. Tantra Massage: Body/Energetic Massage with BIF, (Breath Intension and Focus)

putting you in touch with the Divine Feminine Goddess Life Energy Presence In and

Around You, Creating, Sustaining Transforming You from within, and bringing forth

a state of conscious Collective Consciousness of your Individual Being to the Collective

Greater Body of the All & All:   

4.  Tantra Initiation and Comprehensive Follow Up Program promoting your growth

along the Tantra Path of Healing, Empowerment, Awakening and Enlightenment,

available for men, women, couples and singles. Highly recommended for couples

preparing for matrimoney. 


When ever intensive energy work is done, there is bound to be the emergence of unconscious

distortions coming up to the conscious awareness in the form of thoughts, memories,

old dialogue, internal dialogue, dream symbols and emotional swings or general life

occurrences.  This is why an experienced guide, teacher or guru is so important to have

with you. MaKRSTN is always available for you in this regard. You are encouraged to email

or call her at your earliest convenience to discuss these circumstances, for a smoother and

more gentle transcendence.  Engaging in these processes without the aid of an experienced

coach can be done. However the cost is your time and comfort. This is not a light matter. It can

become quite severe! Many have tried to make the journey alone, with simply the aide of written

material. Eventually, success can be obtained, but in varying degrees. Often times the independent

lone seeker chances to suffer being lost for extended periods of time, even life times, in mid-reality

projections of the very internal neuro-associations of which they initially intend to relieve. Bottom line,

it is very helpful to have someone who, due to their own experience, understands what are going through

and will not complicate your journey with judgment.


About Introductory and Initiation Visits: 

 Whether or not this is your first experience with Tantra, or your first visit with Krystan,

The Tantra Initiation Session will require up to 3 hours of your time. Its best that you please

be mindful of this and do not schedule anything closely behind your visit. The best of a

Tantra experience is thwarted if you are distracted or feeling rushed. You will want to assure

that you give yourself time to bask in the after glow, allowing yourself to process the experience

and get the most out of the intense heightened conscious/energy experience.

This is an important part of the process.


Intro Consultation Sessions are available, to discuss Tantra, and explore what best suites your interests.

To engage upon a true Tantra Path requires the seeker to be genuinely interested and desirous of the

teaching. A mere curiosity is not enough to substantiate a Tantra Initiation. In this case, it is suggested

that you come in or arrange a phone session for a consultation first.

 What to expect in beginning your Tantra Journey, Krystan is sure to go over an introduction to Tantra

including tantric history, philosophies, modalities and traditions. She will engage and guide you through

a meditation focusing exercise formalized to assist you in becoming acquainted with as well as to heighten

your awareness concerning your true "Inner Being." She will introduce you to your own personal "Tree of Life"

and the 7 major chakras, (energy vortexes) that direct life energy and govern the expansion and contraction

of your consciousness, the ways you perceive and experience reality in your life. This will include and

introduction to pranayam breathing techniques and guided imagery all designed to put you in touch with

your inner power. You will eventually move into Shaktiyam technique. Krystan will share ancient sciences

developed and handed down through the ages. These will help to free yourself from old repressed distortions

in your mind/thoughts, emotion/feelings your physical body and even Spiritual despair. You will learn the strength

and power of surrender, letting go, giving up something first, so that you can move on and create the space for

something always better. You will learn focusing techniques to unleash your powerful free will and increase your

magnetic ability to draw to you that which you decide to manifest into your life. This is no light matter. To be

successful in this power it is fundamentally important that you learn and practice discipline and devotion,

least your egotistical perception of priority and wealth deceive you and set you on a backward spiral of

constriction, pain and loss. It is important to set your training up in a sensible order, just as the Universe

operates according to a sensible order. 

 About Follow Up:

As you practice various tantra techniques, you will gradually release your primal fears and recover the

power of your own god or goddess essence. Krystan will work with you, over time to help develop your

inner awareness and your capacity to intentionally work with and share powerful energies, that will delight,

heal and empower you in many ways. Your visits may consist of general consultation or coaching.

It may include para-tan, massage, sacred bath, a ritual enactment of the various releasing and empowering

myths, or any number and combination of practices. The rituals engaged assist in both letting go and

increasing sensitivity, and are often shared on various levels.

 About Breath Technique: 

Breath technique helps to relieve the toxins and blockages that would otherwise interfere with the

movement of your life energy. Breath also helps to saturate your cellular tissue and nervous system

with fresh oxygen, heightening your overall sensitivity to the life energy as it moves and flows

throughout your body. When you evolve to the Shakti energy, you will be working directly with pure

life energy which gives and sustains life. It will give life to all that is in your conscious awareness

and unawareness. This is why the early stages of letting go, or clearing out distortion is so very important. 

 About Shakti Energy:

Understand, the Shakti Energy can also be destructive. Again, guidance is key. The objective is

to consciously be aware of the path of destruction, that it is a help to you, and not a hindrance.

The Energy of It's own is unconditional. It requires the directive of Divine Conscious Intelligence.

Such is the mating dance of Tantra, at its most fundamental level.  


Depending upon the inspirational intuitive guidance, Krystan receives, you may move together

with her, to stimulate your life energy from the root vortex at the base of your spine. Krystan

will continue to guide you to then experience life energy movement, through your body's major

vortex, (chakra) centers, as well as conscious/energy expansion through out your body. What

happens here is received, as the Universal ONE so guides the process. With certainty, what

you get will be exactly appropriate for you at this moment in time, and is sure to amaze you

and take you to depths and heights that will be new to you. What you are learning comes from

thousands of years of study. This is an ancient science, and not guess work.  


 If You are Experienced In Tantra:

 Krystan will want to know about your experience, what you're presently looking for, and what's

most important for you. At that point, together you will spend a moment recognizing the sanctity

of the Tantric Experience and opening up, inviting the presence of inspiration and the assistance

of all higher energies and entities to assist you upon acquiring the highest good. Any given exercises,

practices and (or) rituals my take place, in any combination. You will find the experience spontaneous

and free form, molding itself to create a perfect fit with an experience that will be uniquely special.

Should you visit with KRSTN one thousand and one times, you are sure to find that no two visits are

ever alike, and that KRSTN is not given to routine in the least. You will also be delighted to find

KRSTN open to the benefits of your own discoveries in what you are prepared to share.


 The "Click"

After the first time:  You may experience what we call, "The Click" Experience.  You may

notice you feel a definite attraction or drawing occurring in one way or another, to return.

If you experience this, it means you are ready to go further along this path of ultimate

enlightenment. It is generally suggested at this point that you arrange a series of sessions.

MaKRSTN is available to speak with you about this, and to arrange something that will best

fit your needs and circumstances.  It is suggested, at this time, that you also consider taking

part in some of the group workshops, circles and events. This is an excellent way to grow in

the element of other people with like interests who can share their love, strengths and

experiences with you. 


Ormes Temple is dedicated to spreading Love, Life and Light. When you help make this

possible you are practicing Karmic Yoga, balancing the scales of cause and affect and

furthering your own progress and blessings. This will help you to accelerate your walk

and get the most out of your Tantric Learning Process, (TLC.) Your support to the Ormes

Temple in this way is much appreciated, as it will help the Temple in its early stages to

grow, and continue to be better able to address your needs and desires. 




CURRENT & Soon to be Upcoming:  

Click Here to visit our page on upcoming workshops and events:


A Co-Ed Sacred Life Science and Art Circle occurs on alternating Sundays

from 7:00pm  to  10:00pm offering a wonderful opportunity to enhance

your conscious/energetic intunement and to share your interests with others.

Together we are making it happen! 


Be sure to get on the mailing list so that as growth occurs, you will be one of the first

to know the new developments at the Ormes Temple!


Consider becoming a part of the Ormes Temple, surrendering your support to help

spread Life, Love and Light throughout the world.


 Be sure to include: 

Your contact information: Full name:  Email address:  Telephone number: Your interests:

Any Questions or Comments you have: Requests for specific information:   

Refer a friend: Tell us about your desire to volunteer services or:  Tell us about your desire

to train for Priesthood and Priestesshood:  Tell us about professional services you may have

that can benefit the overall objectives or the Ormes Temple  

Email Address: 


For more information or to RSVP please contact MaKrystan at571-733-6811

Your donations help us to present our free workshops in the community, such as

the Heart/Brain Coherency Distress Workshop! Contact Krystan for more information

on how you can schedule a free workshop for your organization, association,

business or group.  


Call MaKRSTN today to offer your donation by phone :571-733-6811

You will receive an immediate receipt for your tax records. 


As a member, you may gather together your friends and associates to

sponsor a workshops or to have Krystan speak at a special function.

This is a great consideration for couples or marriage relationship topics.

Krystan also conducts workshops for engaged couples helping them to recognize

and develop key elements of their union for a long lasting relationship that continues

to renew itself on increasing levels of intimacy and power. At the same time, she helps

each one, individually heal from past distortions that so quickly and commonly destroy

any relationship no matter how sincere the intention may be. She then teaches them how

to come together, supporting continued healing and continued empowerment, realizing the

special empowerment they are blessed to sustain, as the two of them have come together

to manifest the ONE-ness of Divine Source on the Hue-man level. In the process she teaches

them to tap into the Divine flow of life energies within each of them, and how to blend them

together for heightened sexual bliss and joy, with all it's magical potential. This is an important

portion of our overall education, long ignored society, for fear of breaking with the tradition of

division between the conscious mind, spirit and physical body. We have for too long, considered

the physical expression of our total being, inferior and evil to our conscious mind and energy

spirit, and we have paid the price with failed relationships, health and happiness.

 Considering Our Youth and Future

There is our youth to consider, which MaKRSTN does address. The youth work is a very

important one, as it is they who carry on our immortality, even on the physical level,

through the DNA. They learn the sanctity of the human body, and all its magical

empowerments to be had when considered and treated in the right ways. They learn

the body is an extension of the spirit and conscious mind, and should be loved, cared

for and consideration be given it when exchanging life energies, just as importantly as

life fluids! Spiritual energies can be enhancing or toxic. The youth are taught, through

the Ormes Temple Sacred Sex Education to have great reverence for this energy, taking

great care in their decisions for exchanging these energies, just as they must with bodily fluids.

They learn to respect the miracle of reproduction and the power of magnetic attraction.

They are encouraged to give long and strong consideration to opening the gates to bring

a new life into the world, and taught the responsibilities and necessary positioning to be

considered for the nurturing that life.  They learn to engage the path to self-acceptance and

embrace self with unconditional all accepting Love, first. Only then are they given the rite

of passage to be prepared for the magnetic empowerment and true sense of loving

acceptance in the perpetual commitment of unity in a couples relationship.

The Ormes Temple is committed to the youth, in preparing them for long successful lives

of joy with inner calm, peace and blessings. In doing so, the temple gives them the tools

they need, to withstand the times of adversity, and realize the true beauty and value throughout

every stage and cycle of a fully realized healthy physical life time.


*Special note: The Ormes Temple opens its doors to bring in true masters and teachers gifted

with the skills of Tantric and related subjects to assist in the teaching and coaching endeavors

presented here. MaKRSTN has, and continues to search our DC community, the nation and even

the globe to bring in the master teachers on all levels of this teaching. If you happen to have such

a gift, please do not hesitate to be in touch with the Ormes Temple. We call out to your spirit of

commitment to our youth, as these are the greatest of our gifts! 


WE Are calling out to YOU!


We make special note of eternal gratitude to those who have and do continue to

support the efforts of the Ormes Temple in this compassionate and passionate work. 


MaKrystan's Tantric Exercises and Ritual Experiences:

 Massage: MaKRSTN has been giving massages from the time of her early youth

and professionally for over 30 years. She has long been recognized for her healing hands.

 It has been said that once MaKRSTN touches you, it is difficult to find another touch that

comes close in comparison. However MaKRSTN, herself, proclaims that this is a gift that

can be developed willing to touch from the position of Divine Love. It is this Power that

our hands transmit, and our bodies are vessels for and expressions of that Divine Love,

if we so chose to let it be so. 


She has a great gift of talent for massage, loads of skill and experience but she

contends this is so because she continues to choose to express this power of the

Divine Universal ONE to inspire and guide her, and thereby, to express.


Now the secrets of this Divinely Energized Touch with its pleasure and potential healing

power can be yours. As Krystan guides you in easy to learn massage techniques and body

movement coupled with BIF, (Breathing, Intention and focus) you can learn to develop your own

ability to release stored toxins and repressed blockages in you and your partner, clearing the way

for powerful life energies to vibrate through every living cell. Imagine the confidence and satisfaction

you will develop as you learn to effectively share the magic of your own intimacy through the power

of a genuinely giving touch. Imagine the increased anticipation as you continue to explore new

dimensions with this powerful intimacy tool, and discover an ever deepening awareness within

yourself and collectively, beyond, as you connect in the one (or 'ones') you share love with. 


Here are just a few techniques you can expect to learn are:


                                1.  The Mommy Touch


                                2.  Disarming the Black Widow


                                3.  Seeing Hands


                                4.  Pulling Pain


                                5.  Circulatory Fire Dance 


                                6. Para-Tan Mantra/Sound Vibration Technique for healing and empowerment.


                                7. Basic Asana positioning to create increased conscious

energy flow for healing and empowerment.


                                8. Pranayam and Shaktiyam techniques, Trataka and other

focusing techniques for clearing and empowering intention.




This in an excellent relaxation experience. The "Sacred Bath Ritual" is also used to assist

you in the process of letting go first, to allow the space for something new and better, as

you grow along the Tantric Path of heightened awareness and intimacy.      

KRSTN bathes you with tender voice and touch; she guides you through a meditation involving

an awareness of your chakra energy vortexes, and the energy there in. As you turn your

attention inward, you will be amazed at what you find, and the beauty, there at the level of your true

essence of being, which is pure "Light" Energy and Conscious Awareness.

The Sacred Bath is most often done in Spiritual and psycho/physical preparation for the massage

and the deeper more intense Tantra experiences over all. It is also available on its own or with other,

advanced Tantra sessions, not necessarily including massage, allowing for an in-depth focusing on some very important inner work. This is a ritual of purification, in which you discover the delicate balance between body, spirit and soul.



 While there are far too many exercises and rituals to mention and explain here,

as you progress along your Tantric Path, you are sure to explore them. 


Some of them are; Soul Gazing, The Intertwining Dance of Rhythms, Joint Meditation,

Sensual Exploration, The Dance of Joining Breath, The Power of Trataka, (intense focus,)

mantras and Mudras, Exploration of Fetishes and Fantasies, (an excellent, natural way of

releasing old holding patterns, and discovering hidden gifts and talents.)  Such rituals as

the enactments of the Ausarian Resurrection Myth and the Return of Sekmet are examples

of how fantasy can be used to raise your consciousness and energies to new levels.  


The Feast of the White Tigress upon the Spiritually potent Dragon Breath, allows the

heights of "Goddess Worship" to be realized.  A word to the wise: A true "White Tigress"

may take all your vitality!" So if you’re into giving, while you may not realize it, you are

on the giving end of this equation! If your energies are not strong and pure, you won't

want to engage the White Tigress, and she will not want your energy until it has been

purified and strengthened. Serious preparation is in order here.)


As you progress along your path, KRSTN will intuitively give you various exercises

and meditation processes to help you as you sleigh your gate-keepers, establish your

balance and order, and reach the heights of your own Divine Conscious Awareness. All

these and more are accomplished through tried and proven age old rituals through

traditional lineages. These assure the accomplishment of your awakening rites of passage.

The more you put into the practice, the more you are sure to gain from it. You are sure to find

every state of your being growing continually enhanced with wellness, strength and vitality.

You will also find your magnetic quality is becoming more in tune with your true needs and

desires, as your ability to "manifest" according to your will increases in strength.


Your contributions and support continuously help to assure that all the course material

and amenities are readily available to be provided, maximizing your potential for consistently

amazing experiences as you travel your Tantric Path.                            


 To offer your DONATION Call:  571-733-6811



A WORD of Clarity:

MaKrystan is not an Adult Entertainer. She values herself as a true and loyal, genuine friend.

She is Mother, SiStar, Empress, Queen, Priestess, Warrior, Lover, and Goddess.

She is Womb-man in her physical embodiment, yet androgynous within.  

There exists an ambiance of a close intimacy found in genuine, true and loyal friendship

with a true master. You will discover that such an intimacy is so much more than just

sex can ever be. It is not demanding or possessive, yet will challenge you to reach your

highest aspirations in living realization. It is supportive and giving. Our society has not

allowed our true essential nature of Divine Love to develop. We are thwarted with fears

and self hatred as well as image concerns, intentionally programmed into us to keep us

buying products, in our search to fill an emptiness that can only be filled by discovering

your true "Being" which if fulfilled just by the nature of its conscious/energy which exists

to experience it's fullness. Yet we do not know it. It is written, "Ask and you shall receive.

" It is further written, "You ask but you do not receive because you ask amiss."

This teaching explains that we ask to consume upon our lusts, (or greed.) Greed is a distorted

conscious/emotion based upon the feeling of perpetual lack, or the inability to hold onto what

you think you must have in order to feel joy. Yet no matter what you attain, joy is still ever fleeting.

This is a distorted emotion because it is based upon illusion. Although the lack we go through

may appear very real, what we do not understand is that we, at our essential core, are producing

that reality, which is one out of countless potential realities available to us. This encompasses

much more than we have the time to go into here. It is through this Divine Ancient Spiritual

Science of Tantra teachings and applications that you will discover your power to be fulfilled.

This is known as Tantra Magic. However, it is actually simple reality. Our mistake is in that we

are always searching for a miracle. We do not realize that we "are" the miracle, and architects

of all we experience. When you connect into your true essence you will discover this is true.  

You will discover your "Truth" and it will make you free!




 All that is explored, shared and done is freely given. Your donations are appreciated and

accepted as a means of sharing, defraying the expenses incurred in presenting the best

of experiences and supporting the growth in research, implementation, workshops, events

and outreach. We share in the experience, we share in the expenses. That is what "Friends do!"  

Ormes Temple depends upon its members and friends for support. We send our heartfilled

gratitude for your generosity, that you shall be blessed in multiplicity, beyond

your greatest expectations! 


Modest Donations are suggested according to time:

(For individual and couples visits: group workshops or speaking engagements)





FYI: A surrogate session is one involving applied body work technique in stimulating Life

Energies throughout the chakra system and initiating the flow if those Life Energies which

may ultimately lead to the "Multi-Orgasmic Effect." This is a transcendental experience not

to be confused with an ejaculatory experience. A true Multi-Orgasmic Effect

(aka: Nirvana, Samadhi, Unfolding of the Thousand Petaled Lotus) is NOT ejaculation.

A genuine multi-orgasmic effect well exceeds the pleasure levels experienced with an

ejaculation. You may be pleased to discover that its positive values in the overall enhancement

of life qualities on all levels is also infinitely greater. As progress is made along the pathway of

Tantric discovery, we find that ejaculating is not always necessary or desired in achieving an

overall state of completion and (or) heightened satisfaction. 


Note: The variation in the suggested donation amount from the non-surrogate session is

in response to the increased time involved in allowing for proper preparation and clearing

of energy distortions before and after the actual visit takes place. Such experiences require

an additional 4 hours or more, beyond the scope of the actual visitation time. Before the visit,

the area must be made sacred and cleared of any negativity that my have accumulated. KRSTN

will also meditate before your arrival to assure channels for intuitive inspiration are open and

her ego is silenced. After each session, the area is once again neutralized of negativity and

distorted energy patterns. A two hour visit actually requires at least 7 hours of KRSTN's time.

There by, you can expect to always experience the highest quality in surrounding energies

and inspiration. Keeping this in mind when you are considering the suggestions

for surrogate sessions is much appreciated.


 Physio/Psychic Energy/Surrogate work always depends upon the discretion of the

Mother/Priestess: Trybal Queen and cannot be contracted by specific demand.

The seeker must be genuinely receptive and willing to appropriately guided.   


KRSTN prefers that you speak with her personally, by phone to work out all arrangements.

 E-mails often involve delays resulting in missed opportunities.                                       


Your support is always appreciated, as without it, there would be no

Ormes Temple. We look forward to hearing from you.  




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