A true practicing Tantrika, Ministering Priestess or the Ormes Temple, 
Beholding the Mothering Love/Life Spirit of Ma BAAST! 
MaKrystan's embodiment dominately expresses the Spirit of the Divine Feminine, Holy Mother: Hetheru, stepping down through various shades of expression in Sekmeht, Baast, Maat, Tefnut, Nut, Uajedt, Auset, Shakti, Kali, Saraswati, Durga, Lakshmi, Oya, Yameya, Oshun, Bes, (just to name a few.)  Understand, these are attributes of Divine Energies or Spirit, that births, nurtures and destroys as it moves through the progressions of the Divine Gunas, the wings on which the expression of energy is carried, through stages of stillness, expansion and constriction. It is the Spirit/Energy that equates to "LIFE" in Creation and Manifestation.
She also holds the characteristics of Divine Conscious Intelligence, AmunRa, Kephra, Ra, Ratem, Djehuti, Shu, Geb, Ausar, Shiva, Genesh, Krisna, Ellegua, Obatala, Shongo, and many more, (also known by many names) the substance that DEFINES Creation and Manifestation, as her Divine Feminine Spirit maintains a connection or mating with her Divine Masculine, MIND. 
Understand, these many names relate to the various aspects and attributes attributed to the ONE, all present within our own holi-graphic BEing. Above, we have represented various names correlating to various peoples throughout the earth who tell the same Spiritual/Science in their language. The key to this understanding is that a rose by any name is still a rose! MaKrystan has expressed some of the names of the Kemetic, Vedic and Yuruba Traditions, as these are the spiritual intelligence present in her BEing, through her-Story and define her lineage in this moment.
The most important thing to understand that it is the mating of the Spirit/Energy of the Holy Mother, connecting with the Light of Mind of the Holy Father that yields forth form, in the Divine Son and Daughters that represent creation and manifestation. (There are many names that can be plugged into the hue-man expression category as well. For now we will fore-go the naming to make the point:) Spirit and Intelligence creates and or manifests itself in like form. This is always the case, regardless of the cultural language difference that express it. It is the key to Tantric Unity expressed, and its productive, preservative and destructive qualities. This simple mathematical equation of Universal Divine Logic, Holistically Expressed is key to the unlocking the graceful power of your own Divine Expression!   
 It is to this Divine Mating that her own physical expression gives evidence as the third part of her triune expression, born out of the Divine Union of the Tantric Dance within.
It is this Tantric Dance that she shares with you, in the awakening celebration of your own Divinity and ITs Expression in Your Form, and all You Manifest!
In the course of the path, MaKrystan may demonstrate various siddhis, but the greatest of these is LOVE, the very power of LIFE, the most cumulative expression of the Goddess in whole, or Holy.  This being noted, there are some things to consider when meeting with MaKrystan.!       
Upon entering the doorway to her abode, always remove your shows promptly. This is done to show respect to the Holy ground, that has been prepared for you, in the presence of higher powers and consciousness.
 These higher powers and consciousness far supersede anything you could see, in part, expressed in form. It is the power and consciousness that MaKrystan dedicates her meditations and prayers to in preparing to 
 be of service to you. As they are present, be humble and gracious, and take off your shoes to show your humility and gratitude the powers who's graces you are seeking to evoke through MaKrystan, and in the space
 she has prepared for you.
 If you are receiving MaKrystan into your own space, do take the time to prepare it properly. Make sure it is neat and tidy. Grace the airwaves with incense or scented candles as well as your best intention, with love, gratitude and peacefulness. MaKrystan will remove her shoes to show the same Divine Respectfulness for all that you are hosting, as well as for all that she is bringing with her.
Many people who visit MaKrystan will bow, kneel, or prostate themselves fully at the front alter, (A space provided for the concentrated focus of the Divine Spirit/Energy and the Divine/Conscious Intelligence as well as the presence of all its physical expressions, most valuable to the present cause. These physical expressions may or may not be dense enough for you to see, physically. They include ancestors, angels, guides, extra celestrial   entities, nature entities and such. They may become apparent to you in the moment, or at some point there after, but they are with you, and we do well to show them our grace, gratitude and respect.
*Please understand: We do not entertain the idea of possession, as all that is done here, is done in the name of Divine Love for our Highest Good. Also... because we do entertain the concept of absolute ONE-ness, there is only ONE OF US HERE, and there is nothing besides all that is created out of the Divine outside or beyond the Divine ONE to possess us. Should negativity arise, it is merely the healing process of its release or forgiveness that allows us to momentarily catch a glimpse of its dissolving process.  According to this same perception, we honor, love and respect all bio-organic life as an expression of the Divine Father Intelligence/Seed, brought into being through the energies of the Divine Mother Spirit. We further intend that all of our manifestation be in accordance to the Divine Order set and displayed in the course of the Divine Expression observed in Bio-Organic Creation. At no time do we seek to raise materialism over the head of bio-organism, as it is in the nature and the natural process of bio-organic creation that we take our lead in all that we materialize. Therefore, all sessions are steeped in love, as the highest Divine Energetic Expression supporting creation and manifestation.  
Often times, visitors will place money or candies, pastries, fruits crystals, incense, candles, written poetry, and all other sorts of art, jewelries, literature, foods, beverages. They may also, sing a song, or recite poetry, or play an instrument, or even sometimes dance. These things are all done as an offering, and do successfully evoke the graces of the Spirit/Energies along with the Conscious Intelligence that create and manifest blessings into the life of the visitor. We encourage you to follow this tradition.
Your monetary donations (an expression of energy exchange for the sessions,) are always placed on the alter, and held there periodically under our best intention for miracles to abound in your life. Often visitors will give monetary donations in excess of what is suggested. This is neither required, encouraged or discouraged, but does seem to evoke the graces of the Spirit/Energy and Divine Conscious Intelligence in concern of creation manifestation.
It is our position that "intention" plays the greatest role in evoking the graces that bestow miraculous results.
Often times visitors will bow, kneel or prostate themselves fully at the feet or lap of MaKrystan. This is a tradition that shows love and respect for her, and the pauti/lineage of deities, angels, guides and ancestors that are present in, through and with her. This tradition does seem to evoke the graces of Divine Spirit and Divine Conscious Intelligence in all the ways that they work through physical creation, in this case, MaKrystan and you, as well as all creation and manifestations that can work to your highest good. However, the tradition is not required, encouraged or discouraged. How ever, if it is your desire it is gracefully accepted with love and appreciation.