Learn the concepts for the development of a genuine "Timeless Mind & Ageless Body:"

WE are many ages: Chronologically, Krystan is 55 : Biologically, she tests out at about 35 : Spiritually she is Infinite!

Western Medicine now reports that most who consistently meditate tend to be at least 10 years younger, biologically than one's chronological age.  You can make a difference now. Tantra can not only stop aging, but in fact reverse it 

If you really want to experience things you never have before, you may find you have to "see" things as you never have before. According to Quantum Discovery, the perspective of the "Observer" or "Witness" has a direct effect on how reality presents itself, even down to the core construct of the atomic and subatomic particles that ultimately structure the physical Universe as we interpret it.. 

To truly develop a Tantric relationship with Energy we have to shake things up a bit, and learn to vary the perspective of our own personal "witness" because it is IN the "Witness" that our power lies." 

 There are many meditation elements on this site. However the purpose of this entry is to introduce you to a series of quantum mechanics video clips that, if you witness repeatedly, will shake up your present perception of reality, and help begin to unfold for you a life experience in which you will become much more interactive with the Universe. This is how things like spontaneous healing, telepathy and clairvoyance, magnetic attraction and manifestation, actually changing your cellular make up according to your own will, and experiencing mind blowing sex for extended periods of time can all become realities for you!  As you begin to take a different view of your own self actualization you can begin to experience a sense of empowerment reaching from the depths of your soul and spirit and stretching forth through your physical body, through another physical body and throughout the vastness of an infinite Universe, all of which you will discover is just an ongoing extension of you. 

Click on the "Dr. Quantum" picture, above, and take a look at all of the "What The Bleep" video links associated with it. Then, come back to watch them again and again, and let your own miraculous transformation process begin! 

"Wake UP"By: Trybal Queen 1/2010 "Wake up my children of Divinity, Parents of invention, you have slept too long.  Wake up my Star Child of the Universe, Collective Intention, You are infinitely strong.   Chained and lead through the looking glass to a world of truth in reverse You were beaten into shape and then convinced you are born of a curse  Blinded by the light of fore-plan, tormented by the great "Divide" Lies became the truth to you, and Truth became a lie.  Forsake the backward world of mirrors and take a look inside.  Relax into the the World within and see what you shall find.  Amidst the pulsating star that is the beating of your Heart DivineSupported by the Solar Plexus Central SUN where connection intertwinesDream catcher of the Universe you pull infinity into your coreThen spin out Rhythmic mathematic patterns like waves that hit the shore Pumping Life through the Golden Chalice the Living Word abides in you  Effervescent Blue comes bubbling through and every word you say comes true  Yet what you say comes from a thought sold into your brainWhat you thought reflected feeling birthed into you through painScourge of the earth hated of the world filled with guilt and shameYou were sold an image to hide self hatred fashioned without a nameCloaked in the blood of your own sons and daughters the hunter is the gameStrip yourself of this dis-ease as you gaze into your Central EyeA seed cannot produce new life less first it burst apart and die Then spiraling down to the Gait of Life the Divine Mother breaths her sacred breathAnd life begotten deep inside releases its current to rise afresh Through pain and pleasure it makes a choice to connect and pulsate and lift its voiceThe goddess who spurs life through the Earthen Vessel finds her god in the Eye that seesThey explode together like a shooting gieser and rain 'round light of the Hue-Manifested BEing.  A thousand petals reveal the image of Mastery AliveThe goddess ascends to the god within in sacred rhythms they abide Earth meets Heaven and copulates in Divine Love you come to BEGod and Goddess intertwined into a Child of Divinity With a First Eye of infinite intuitivity And a Heart that beats in serenityA Solar Plexus that expands and contracts in connectivityA Sacrum that knows the pleasure of Divine EcstasyAnd the Gait where life abides to rise againWhole and complete Holy as ONE God/Goddess daughters and sonsFirst there IS ONE in which there are Two out of which Many comes It is You who are given the dominion to provide, protect, nurture and love It is You who are the Star Child born "whole" and Divine that express ALL together as ONE        Wake up my children of Divinity, Parents of invention, you have slept too long.  Wake up my Star Child of the Universe, Collective Intention, You are infinitely strong.  Wake UP!"  


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 The Year of Mastery
Much has been said throughout the course of this website. This entry is a simple one. Here, I simply recognize the element of the year at hand. It is the year of Mastery. Last year was the year of New Beginnings. Before the year ended, we had all come together, all around the world to institute a new beginning on a large scale. Everyone knows this is true. Now is the time to master what we have begun. This is not the time for forgetfulness, laziness, fool heartedness or blame. This is the dawning of the New Age of Aquarius. Let us take our fill of light together, and create new horizons in which we now rise to our highest aspirations, together, One Body, in One Love!   
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Monday, October 13, 2008

We play with the cards that are dealt to us. Yet, believe me, when it comes to our lives, there is no mistake. Life is not a game of chance. We are always only picking up where we left off. Remembering the Path is the Goal we continue the journey throughout all space and time.

In this, my current life experience  many boundaries have been exceeded. Perhaps this is so, so that I may learn that there are no boundaries, only illusions of boundaries we create for ourselves, or those that we accept, having been created for us. When one truly decides to accept their role as "Witness" thereby defining their own reality, these definitions can get a little tricky. Remembering that you are the center of your Universe is not a fault, it is necessary if you are to grow.

For me, relationship boundaries have always been a significant piece of work. When dads are lovers, and brothers are loved and lovers are protected like brothers, from my own insanities, when lovers are given away to the love they need and search for, boundaries loose all original definition. Purpose makes this so.  True Love becomes the deciding factor of the directions that are ultimately pursued. Being understood is what's left to chance. Being accepted, in fact becomes a luxury exceeded by the need to  just do what is righteous in the name of love. Love covers all things, a multitude of error, and fulfills that which is unfulfillable. Witnessing, privately, the satisfaction connected with 'results,' that which ultimately yields "unspeakable joy" becomes more than enough.

When I look into your eyes I see a tear stained soul

Something forgotten has come home to roost and take control 

You cannot reach out nor can you let go 

You can not forsake nor embrace this control 

To embark upon life and pathways of absolute bliss 

Still concerned with what may have been or what you have missed 

Not realizing that if now it is not 

Then it never was, nor is, nor can it be got

At this point the mission, should you decide to accept it

Is to delve deeply within to embrace what is so vehemently rejected

I would not have been blind to my soul mate, had my father before me

not been blinded to his own sexual addiction

Who had not been so blinded but for a predicated condition

The age old collective fear of women in general, the very womb of life.

Sometimes we fore go our personal advantage in order to embrace strife

To learn to overcome that which blinds us

Each time one makes such a sacrifice as this

Healing is empowered on the collective scheme of how we exist

Only then are we healed by that which sets us free

and through the Power of Love we redefine reality.  




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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Powerful Tantra/Kriya Practice:
If you really want to explore and experience the Tantra Path you must begin to condition yourself to see in ways you have not or do not presently see. To truly get in touch with your Life Energy as well as your total "Being" the Universal Life Energy Field and begin to affect your life experience you will need to go deeper, much deeper than usual. This is why meditation is such a fundamental element of Tantra. Meditating places you at the point of pure "Witness" which is exactly where you must be to consciously begin the process of manifesting into your life experience according to your Free Will.

In Tantra/Kriya studies, we practice something called "Trataka." This is a practice that helps us with Meditation, (and so much happens for us from the point of meditation.)  Trataka is the practice of holding ones gaze upon a particular object for longer and longer periods of time. The object is to try not to blink. Of course, you will blink, perhaps quite a lot at first. However, with consistent practice you will begin to accomplish staring for long periods without blinking. As you do this, you will be increasing not only your focus, but the intensity of your focus. You begin staring at an simple object externally, through your open eyes, right in front of you. After holding your focus on the object for 2 or 3 minutes, (which you will discover, is a long time), then close your eyes and you will see the image of the object in your third eye range. Usually a bright object is used for staring at with the open eyes. That way the image is easier to produce internally, in the third eye, (with eyes closed.) Often times the image in the third eye will float around. Try to focus on it, and hold it steady. Remember all things come with consistent practice and time. Be gentle with yourself. When your mind drifts, just bring it back on point gently. Blessed is the one who does not condemn self! If you blink, don't trip! Just resume your staring practice. Do this for about 2 or 3 minutes, then close the eyes and focus on the internal image. You're getting there!

After a few weeks of this practice, once or twice a day, or maybe just once or twice every other day, you will see a noticable difference in your focus.  This exercise will help you tremendously with your energy work. Remember, energy moves by intention, and intention requires steady focus and intensity. Keep practicing, and you'll continue to get stronger! Remember, "The Path is the Goal!"   

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tantra Coaching What to expect with Trybal Queen's Way
If you're thinking about exploring the Tantra Path, then you're thinking of self actualization and empowerment on many levels. According to the Tantric Text, "A Systematic Course in Ancient Tantric Techniques of Yoga and Kriya," By Swami Satyananda Saraswati, Tantra is the Mother of all Yoga Teachings. This is a great text to have in your library, if you can find it. It is most comprehensive, well written, however it is quite expensive, even when purchased used. When you work with me, you will receive references from this guide that are sure to accelerate your process, given you are willing to do the work.

Everyone hears about the "Multi-Orgasmic Effect" and that is sure to be the primary goal for most. You can achieve great strides of achievement just through the mere adjusting of your attitude, regarding your intimate encounters as most Sacred of Events. Take the time to beautify your space. It is a way to communicate how special this is to you, for you and for your partner. Flowers, candles, music, chimes, all add to the ambiance, setting the mood and heightening the energy around you. When you create your own Sacred Atmosphere express yourself in ways that speak "Love!" When you visit with me, you will find I consider our encounter most Sacred. You are King, (or Queen) when you are hosted here at the Ormes Temple.

Next, take a moment to breath and relax, seperating this Sacred Time out of your everyday toils and troubles. They will all be there waiting for your when you finish, but you will be in a richer place and in a much better state to deal with them. 

Center yourself. In the beginning work, we will do much to acquaint you with your inner body energy flow and the vortexes, (or chakras) that conduct that energy. However, even now, if you will take a moment just to embrace an attitude of gratitude for this moment, and all that is contained in it, you will feel a bit of magic. Feel free to love the moment, the activity, and the energy being shared here. Love the one your with. This doesn't mean "need" the one your with. This is an attitude of love that is more akin to great appreciation. Take just a few moments to gaze into your partner's eyes, and even looking over each others beings, deeply, and appreciate this space in time when you are about to delve so deeply into the magical energy that supports the onset of miracles.

When you touch, touch as though you are touching the most beautiful awesome thing ever for the very first time, with great love and appreciation, and above all with no distractions, no rush! Let yourself perceive what you feel from the depths of your soul, through your finger tips.

I have read many articles describing the mechanics of Tantra. However, the mechanics alone will not stimulate the energy that makes a difference. Basic Science tells us that all things that are formed in the physical world are formed out of energy, which carries behind its formation a consciousness. Therefore, let your consciousness affect your energy, and your energy will affect what you produce.  Be peacefully relaxed, kind, loving, accepting and appreciatively grateful for this moment. As you do this, you are sure to produce future moments that are packed with substance for which you can be relaxed, kind, loving, accepting and appreciatively grateful to receive. Always remember, you get what you give, you get back what you put in!

As you work with me, you can expect to learn more about the deep inner you. In order to give and receive heightened qualities of greatly intensified energy, you must first be willing to let go of the repressed distorted energies you are now holding onto. These are the energies from passed experiences that have left impressions on our feelings, thoughts, opinions and jugements. Often times we are successful in burying them away or projecting them, avoiding the discomfort that comes with being in touch with them. However, if we have not undergone the processes of letting them go, they are still there hiding. They do color our perceptions and the way we interact with the world around us. Eventually, as we move into our golden years, we will begin to experience what we know as the "Change of Life." This is when that distorted repressed energy begins to manifest itself in our physical body as weaknesses, tendencies for injuries, disease, and even aging. Consequently our health is adversely affected, our disposition, and our life experience begins to suffer. This can become a vicious cycle, one negativity perpetuating another. Giving something up first is called "Fore-Giving." The fore-giving process is fundamental to achieving heightened states of intimacy with powerful life energy circulating through you and your partner, accentuating your pleasure and restoring your health and vitality. If your present Tantra program hasn't addressed this energy cleansing process of fore-giving, you are not yet achieving the heights of pleasure or health that awaits you.

There are meditation exercises that will help you to process this negative energy out. Contrary to popular belief, they are simple, and they do not have to require a lot of your time. The points to remember in being successful is to be patiently gentle and kind with yourself, and to be consistent in your practice. Many have told me, "I just can't do it."  With consistent practice and if you'll only give your self a chance, you will do it. Others have told me, "I just don't have the time."  The meditation techniques I have studied, and pass on to you where designed with the working person in mind. They have been passed on to me from Masters who have given their lives over to this study, perfecting effective methods specifically for those of us who are not able to spend our lives in the solitude of the distant hills. You could spend hours on end in difficult postures and deep meditation, or you can spend 5 to 10 minutes daily. If you are consistent and genuine in your intent, you will make great strides either way, even practicing 5 to 10 minutes daily. The key is consistence with positive intention!

As you are practicing processing "fore-giveness," you will also learn the deeper love making secrets that are designed not only for heightened pleasure, but to access your body's healing abilities. There is also a great magic in Tantra. This is known as "White Tantra." Did you know that everytime you are orgasmic you are sending ripples of energy waves out into the Universe. These are waves of limitless potential. Depending on your focus when this happens, you will always give birth to something. (In other words, you will always draw that potential to you, with the capability of collapsing that into your own reality experience. This is the power of manifestation described in the Quantum Mechanics Model! The principles for how White Tantra works are now understood and expressed in Quantum experimentation. The ancient secrets of old meet the modern science of today! This is very real. Wouldn't it be great to know your power this way?  We are all manifesting something, all the time, out of infinite potential. How it shows up in our conscious reality depends on what and where our focus is. 

So, even from the beginning, with some very simple principles, you can expect to heighten your pleasure experiences, yes indeed!

However, with some time and dedication you can accomplish some of the real boons the Tantra Path will lead you to.  You can continue to increase your pleasure principle out to infinity, true, and...

Improve your emotional and mental conditions: Letting go of old feelings, thoughts opinions and jugements, and increasing your potential for clarity, creativity and peace of mind.

Improve your physical condition: Heightening the quality of energy and learning special focus points that will enable your body to heal, strengthen, sustain and acquire greater vitality, and even reduce aging. 

You will be able to attract into your life much more of what you want as you share in the process of reciprosity with the Universe. 

You will develop a powerhouse of sensual energy to share with the lover or lovers of your choice. 

The multi-orgasmic experience is just the tip of the iceberg!

If you find this subject matter of interest and value to you, and you'd like to arrange a private visit or get involved in our group activities, please contact me by e-mail or by phone. I Am here for you!

Your Trybal Queen, "Krystan AlecSandra-Bray"



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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

 I want to write to you, and keep you abreast

but the pen is too slow and my thoughts are too fast

I am without rest and ripping the pages.

Who let the beasts out of their  intellectual cages?  

Images of my imagination are manifesting all over the place

and my excitement still does not buy me enough time for the 

exploration that calls me like the hot buttered soul of

our early teens past midnight on a school night.

Is there a manual to this? 

Who dropped a dime on me, just as I was about to pop 

out my bedroom window and escape down to the Village Gate?

OH snap, I got my own songs to sing.  

Now I'm afraid to go home and afraid to stay out,

but not nearly as afraid to go home, how...ever,

but then not nearly as divestated by the thougth of what I may have lost. 

The "Young Beautiful budding artist" with stars in her eyes.

OH but that was then and this is now, and this, while it reminds me, 

is so much more intense. What could be more intense those teen age years?

This is! l feel like I'm bursting out of my skin, my astral body, my causal body and my soul,

in the clumsy form of a newborn spirit, that suddenly can move faster and more agile than ever imagined. 

That suddenly has discovered that time and space are abstract for real, and have no grip on me.

I am free, and the lack of resistance feels so strange it scares me. 

The fear is surging up from my lower worlds and threatening to explode all over the back seat

of my new seville, where I find myself only because of the inertia that has thrown me from the drivers seat.

my fingers still cannot seem to let go of the steering wheel, even though I know that I am now on

Automatic Pilot.....from that super station just now having it's Grand opening after the condemned sign was finally torn away to reveal its never forgotten promise.

Bright Lights that are oh so blinding, and I am resisting interruption because the enlightening voices bursting, just bursting, not from any one place, or any many places, just bursting......

Definitely have something to say, if I can just slow down enough to keep up with this pace that has totally nothing to do with time, or's so easy, but so different, I keep making it hard.

This is a transition. I am reborn!  

Okay, so another deep breath, and a huge slurge of old cognition clears my ignition and a blast of consciousness follows, when.......I find out........

I just may not know the language anymore.....

But I must, if I knew it before!


This is the place I'm in tonight. 

I'll call you back when it comes out right. 

I'll be glad to communicate once I can translate the meat of these thoughts

Until then just be patient til I learn to fry the fish that I've caught. 


Oh yes, now I remember. These are the words, plain and simple, once again. 

"I will never leave you nor will I forsake you, we will always be together, forever 

Your Love fills me up!" 

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tantra and Judaism; More Specifically, the Kabalah
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tantra and Christianity
Although I grew up in a Unitarian Church, my family had a strong background in the Christian Religious Experience. As we know. the Christian religious forum is historically fragmented, with so many different sects all celebrating their differences in many cases. It started with the Holy Roman Catholic Church who condemned, tortured and even murdered their fellow members for branching off into other sects for whatever reason. My mother was raised a Baptist and my father was raised a Methodist. The members of each of these sects expressed, in some way or another, critical ideas about the other for having adopted what was considered an "inferior" path to righteous salvation. This was the primary reason my parents saw fit to raise me in the Unitarian Church, so as to avoid all of that. I have often wondered what Jesus would think to see his teaches so factionalized. I've wondered how he must feel to see his beloved human race so continuously distracted, having become so zealously consumed in misplaced priorities. 

I spent some time in Catholic school in my elementary years. During that time, we were being taught that the members of any other Christian Religion could do nothing more than spend their lives praying for forgiveness for having strayed from the one and only true church and God. What's more, their prayers would ultimately be of no avail, for as Non-Catholic believers, they were in fact worshipping the wrong god, and we're destined to burn in hell for all eternity no matter how much or what they prayed. That was a scary thought for an eight year old. I remember praying to God with promises to convert just as soon as I was old enough to be allowed to make my own decision, against my ill fated parents. Of course, that mind set didn't survive my teenage years. I did manage to find genuine inspiration, with the support of the Unitarian community and their attitude of religious tolerance, I ventured down the path that was most naturally my own. That path took me on an exploration of the world's various expressions of faiths. There-in I found an underlying strand of congruency. When I learned their was a connective conclusive focus on like matters consistently presented everywhere, even with those who proclaimed themselves to be atheist, I was elated with the belief that I had discovered truth, and it was the very thing no one had a monopoly on.
In my adult years I found my way back amongst a Christian congregation for several years. I will always have strong ties and a fondness for these believers, as I am intertwined in their the history, and I am forever intricately intertwined with the future of my Black brothers and sisters. For these relative reasons, I shall always maintain a loving connection, although I am not always well received, and have on several occasions, been accused of being possessed. 

The celebration of a monotheistic God/Universal ONE-ness is characteristic of the original Hue-Man. It is characteristic of the prediasporic African as well, despite contrary reports that have long shrouded this fact. We are taught to believe the African to be purely a polytheistic heathen beasts, full of demons requiring to be saved. This seems to be a charge Euro-Christianity has laid on most, if not all of the world's "other" religions. Actually, the teachings on which Christianity was originally founded, the teachings of Yaheshuah, or he whom we reference as Jesus, the Christ of God, carry these underlying truths, even those taught on the Tantric Path. Given any amount of serious research the same underlying theme of ONE-ness shows up. That ONE shows up in stories all over, with the same consistent theme. The ONE is dual or polar in nature. Out of the union of It's duality, endless diverse attributes and characteristic are made manifest into physical expressions through which the ONE realizes Itself. The Tantra expression of this relates its creation story no differently. Shiva and Shakti represent the dual qualities of the ONE, out of which come the many. Shiva represents creative intelligence and Shakti represents creative energy. Their dance of love gives way to the manifestation of worlds within worlds where the theme of polarity continues to play out. In the Old Testament of the Bible, God is reflected to be a God of love and grace as well as of anger and war. Adam and Eve represent intellect and emotion respectively. We live our lives in the throws of the rhythm of joy and sorrow, ecstasy and pain.  Only in knowing one do we know the other. 

Yaheshua's teaching if aptly applied will draw us away from the fruits of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the fruits of inner conflict, feelings of separatism and being 'less than,'  resulting in perpetual acts of masking and projecting in order to anesthetize the pain associated with these fruits. The teachings of Yaheshuah, the original Christ teachings lead us back through unconditional love and fore-givenness to Atonement, or "At ONE-ment." Thus, Christ teachings and Tantra have much more in common than the average Christian may have learned. In addition, discoveries have been made of many documents that support the thesis of complimentary duality made manifest throughout the Universe. For political reasons surrounding quests for power most of these teachings and the information surrounding them have been driven deep under cover. Many lives have been sacrificed, on both sides, protecting these secrets and in the attempt to obliterate them for all time. The history surrounding the Holy Grail is one testament to that.

Resiprocity, the Expression of the Universe's Love in Action
The karmic Law of cause and effect is the Universe's gift of Love in operation. It responds to what we hold most prevalent in our consciousness, without bias judgment of good or evil. What we hold most in our consciousness is what we give off in our energy and thus in our ultimate acts. What we give is what reciprocates back to us, in exponential proportion. What lies within us is exactly what reflects back to us from the world around us. Thus the affect of any true change must be initiated by change from within, and not without. If we hold a fairly consistent fear of a particular disease or calamity within, we create a fairly consistent probability that it will manifest without. Thus it is written in Biblical text, "God has not given us a spirit of fear." This can also be interpreted, "God has not given us an energy of fear..." What has God given us? "the spirit, (energy) of love, wisdom and a strong mind." So where does the spirit or energy of fear come from, the Anti-God? In a perspective of  God as ONE-ness, both the God of Love and the God of fear are different faces of yet one and the same GOD, but in polar representation. The same is true of the characteristic of the Christ, (unconditional love and consciousness embracing of all in One) and the anti-Christ, (conditional love and consciousness embracing a sense of self, separate from all else). This, too, is a polar representation. Why does it exist? Well, it gives us the space in which to operate "Free Will" and make choices. Making choices is how we experience learning and realizing self. Whether realizing, (or making something real by defining it as real) self  awareness (soul) as connected and collective, or as self awareness (ego) as separate and disconnected, or somewhere between, we are using Free Will and through our power of definition, realizing, or making real, worlds of reality ranging anywhere from one end of the polar spectrum to the other, (which, by the way, there is no end!) The thing about this is we are experiencing our god element, collectively or separately or in what ever combination. As Jesus has said, "I call ye gods and goddesses..."  Quite Tantric, don't you think! He goes on, "Yet you take issue with me for I have said I am the son of God." Or, did he say, "sun of God?"Wow! That would put quite a different slant on things wouldn't it. However he did go on record for saying, "I am the truth and the 'light' and the way..." He was steeped in Khemitology and Yoga, and various spiritual philosophies. Did you know that according to Swami Satyananda Saraswati,Tantra Yoga is the mother of all Yogas? While we are introduced to it through sensual interests, it offers so much more. In fact, it offers it all, in which "it" is completely without boundary or end. What is Yoga? Yoga is, according to Swami Satyananda Saraswati, the teachings and process to bring you to a realization of the greater Self, the self of One-ness, and to tune into this true existing inner nature. Yoga, Tantra being the mother of all, swings the experiential pendulum back from the illusion of separateness to a collective and connective state of self awareness, to ONE-ness. This reminds me much of the Christ teaching, "Greater is that which is inside me, than anything in the world."  It also reminds me  of, "Seek ye first the Kingdom, (which I refer to as 'Queendom' if you happen to be a woman) and then all else will be added unto you."

We have descended the Universal Tree of Life to the dense world of Dharma, also known as Maya or Illusion. As we have done so, our awareness has become more and more sensual, limited to the information processed solely through the five physical senses.
It makes sense that we would first be drawn to Tantra through sensual awareness. Our physical body is our first connection with our conscious state of awareness processing centers. Thus Tantra begins its approach to awakening at the root chakra!  Only as we proceed, making our ascent up through our personal Tree of Life, to the next chakra, and then the next, do we discover our more subtle nature. This is the Hue-man Being Experience. But beware! There are energies at play that would have you distracted and cut off from this incredible discovery for it can open the gates to so much power, just in it's realization alone. These combative energies come from both, within and without us.
Thus, we are struggling, socially, with Tantra. Is it demonic? Is it just a cover for sexual promiscuity, perversion or, maybe prostitution? Even out on the world wide web of information, you must be very careful of presentation. There are always regulators and enforcers at hand. This, in and of itself is not a bad thing. There are always benevolent forces hard at work to protect us from harm. However, frequently, the watching eyes and interpreting minds often have a tendency to do what they do from a limited and sometimes even prejudicial point of view, without regard for a true and unbiased insight on what is being said or offered. Quickly the benevolent intent turns malevolent, as it turns to overzealous censorship infringing upon both our civil and inalienable rights. Thus we are pushed to seek anonymity upon our quest to explore, learn, share and experience this powerful path towards self realization and self actualization. The Ormes Temple offers this forum, a sort of "Tantra Anonymous" with consideration for your privacy and confidentiality. The last thing any of us deserve is character assassination. Although, as with many other anonymous groups, we are known to each other, and support each other with true and loyal friendship, we are not known at large. 
I call for your help to support this forum. Help open the doors for greater exploration, learning, sharing and experiencing upon the Tantra Path. Make the Ormes Temple your home and the Ormes Trybe your family. Through your collective ideas, work and financial support we can do so much. I would like to raise an education fund to host some of the best known teachers to come and visit with us, and benefit us with their speaking and workshops. I'd like to open the floor for ideas for group travel on retreats, or other events, educational, ceremonial. and social. Contact me today, and find out how you can support this, the Ormes Temple, existing for you!               
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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Magic of BIF, (Breath, Intention and Focus)
I quiet my mind and focus intently upon my breath.
As  I draw a long slow intake of air, tiny particles of light containing "Pranic Energy" fills my olfactory channels expanding my cauldron like torso as my lungs are filled to capacity. Carried along in the oxygen intake, the pranic energy speeds through my bloodstream turning my entire nervous system into a freeway of sparkles. On the screen of my third eye I see my mind transform into an endless stretch of indigo skies with star flung galaxies all engaged in a perpetual state of collective and connected knowingness. 
As I exhale pink light pulsates from my heart region and pushes it's way beyond my flesh, first encircling my body with millions of tiny pulsating points of light that instantaneously burst into streams and spread out from my heart center in every direction, creating a perfect circle of streaming particles of pink light, without end. 
I feel the wind rush through my clothes and hair. Suddenly the air is filled with the music of birds and insects delightfully disturbed by the streams of light that have penetrated them and everything around them turning the whole world pink. The trees are dancing, the birds and insects are singing. There seems to be a grand nature party in which all the earth has become engaged in the perpetual joys of praise, and I have become all of this in One-ness. I take a long pause in timelessness, and bask in it. 
Then, as quickly as my intention will allow, I turn my focus channel in my third eye, back to the core of my heart, where I see you. I see you.... in varying dimensions, and you too are drenched in the beautiful pink light of my Divine LOVE. The light overpowers all the dross that may have lingered at any aspect of your being. Your life rhythm becomes perfectly harmonized as your image gives way of it's individuality and dissolves to perfect formlessness. I see you at a point just prior to conception where you are everything in nothingness.
I gaze upon the process of your perfect reformation, and I am in awe of your recreation. I have washed you in the Light of Divine Love and you have come forth clean. All the obstacles obstructing the view of your perfect self are gone. I am gazing upon you in your true unobstructed self, clear of all that would beset you. All illusions have been abstracted from you, and I have breathed them out into the Universal nothingness from which they came. I am gazing upon YOU and only YOU. 
Your masks are gone. Your scars are gone. Your dis-eases are gone. Your fears are gone. I have totally fore-given up everything you've been holding, until there is nothing left but the raw! YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, and I Love You, still! 

The Power of Divine Love & Meditation for Healing
  Please Read the following, especially if you are suffering through a love relationship gone bad, and you are hurting!
When we meditate, using pranic breathing techniques, intention and focus we open a very powerful gate. The above meditation represents a process by which we can do a couple of things.
1.  We can relieve the pain of a heart constipated with love, when the object of our love is unresponsive to our giving, and perhaps nowhere around. By visualizing the beloved, and bathing him or her in our love, we release our love, and the painful pressure of love withheld subsides. Our tendency is to turn to ill feelings, which only serve to perpetuate our pain. Instead, try sending your love out in a similar meditation. Love is  made for the giving. It  is naturally a function of sending out, not demanding in. You will find that by basking your beloved in your unconditional Divine Love Energy you will feel relief and the beloved one will too. This is not a magic spell to over power the beloved's will, or make the beloved do or feel any particular way. However, in rendering the whole of the circumstance and situation into the Energy of Divine Love, the dis-ease will heal to ease, or peace, and love will seek it's own level. Try it. You'll like it!
2.  Pink is usually the hue of the heart chakra in the state of Divine Love. When you bring it up in your heart and circulate it through every aspect of your being it will generally reveal and cleanse you of your lack of peace or 'dis-ease.' This is the basis of healing. When you focus your Divine Love Energy on someone else, it will also have a positive and healing affect. Soon to follow your will discover positive indications of your work. If you have been in a intimate relationship and it has been severed, you may or may not rekindle that same relationship. However, if not, the relationship that does spring from your work will be a positive one, and you will be free from your pain of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. As you grow in your understanding of what love really is, and how it works, you will find that it truly does heal and truly does overcome. 

If you have been struggling through the pain of a relationship that has gone bad, I am here for you. Let me help you to heal. Give me a call today! You really don't have to continue to suffer. 


2:25 pm edt 

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Trybal Queen's First LOVE
While while visiting with one of my friends last night, and listening to some music, a few of my tracks came up. As they played, and compliments issued from my friends lips, I felt a bit of remorse come over me. You see, for some time now, I have had an audio/vision inhabiting my soul. I call it NAAA, which means North American Africanus Ascending. The remnants of the slave trade, the sons and daughters of African Slaves, continue to endure genocidal schemes even today. In fact, today these schemes are even more diabolical, as they are the coming of plans set in motion long ago, and are hardly recognizable to the outside population who's blindness is enhanced by their need to maintain a state of denial. Of course, we all desire to believe that we are progressing in righteousness. That would not allow the space to acknowledge that such schemes exist, but they do. With the African American present day generation largely over represented in our jails, and among the illiterate, in homelessness, HIV and drug addiction, it is evident that every voice that can lift itself to help resurrect these "walking dead" is oblidged to do it's best to be heard. Thus is the case with my objective to produce this multimedia entertainment product, NAAA. The project to encompass both video and a tour of live performances, in songs encompassing present day hip hop as well as all the supporting music genres out of which hip hop has emerged. Of course the lyrical content will speak to the continuing diaspora affecting the remnents of the slave population here in North America today. I am looking to produce presentations in neo-soul, rap, spoken word, with the underlying coloration of funk, jazz, go-go, blues and regge music. Along with the production, I look to include dance and snippets of dialogue in short drama exerpts. I bring my vision to life here, as a notice to those who may find it of interest, and would like to become a part of the overall body to get this thing up and running. I have included on my blog page, at the top, a few examples of my work. I invite you to listen. Although I do look forward to expanding far beyond what is heard here, with the implementation of the kindred souls willing to make their mark, and work with me on the production from the grass root level. If you think this is something that interests you, and would like to explore the possibilities of how you can become a part of the "Tree of Life" nurturing this audio/vision to fruition, please, by all means, do get in touch with me. I am starting from ground zero. THis is where all life begins. I have seeds. I need water and sunshine and ofcourse, lots of love to make it grow. Come, those who will.    
2:08 pm edt 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

 Stairway to Heaven

Welcome to the Porthole
Of Life After Life

A Wheel of Change born of desire

Won't you come and dance
To the tune of Joy and Pain
And True Romance right down 
to the Wire

We live we love we learn 

To fly 

So high

As we Climb the Stairway to Heaven

by: Krystan AlecSandra-Bray 1991
N.D.E. (Near Death Experience)
2:01 am edt 

Monday, July 7, 2008


This is a poem taken from my autobiography, written during a time in my life when I felt most alienated from the family I so carefully nurtured. There comes a time in each of our lives when we must go within the cocoon in order to process our own life metamorphosis. Although this experience does not come without significant difficulty, it promises greatness if you will but surrender to it. When all is done and said, you will be only to pleased that you endured this trial. Legions of demons are slain by it. Great Gift Boons avail themselves upon you, at your emergence. 


People with lives intertwined, taking and giving, dying and livng, working and playing, 
Going and staying, cursing and praying, living on stages and turning the pages.
Souls embedded in cages down through the ages, 
with scares to tell how they got back up with they fell,
How they pulled one another, be it wife, brother, or lover, 
Out of the Eternal Flames of Hell. 

People with lives intertwined, with shoulders to cry on, and skillets to fry on, 
Who eventually learned to let bygones be bygones,
Who, whether bought or sold,
With skins Black, Red, Brown or Gold,
Still stood together strong and tight,
Whether wrong or right, 
Even with those who were White, 
Even after  a knock down drag out fight,
People who sat at the table and talked things out,
Even if that talk was really a shout, 
Who taught you to master any type of disaster, 
And turned out not even the insane,
to sleep in the rain,
Who stood together to weather whatever, 
Who shared the pot down to the last dry bone, 
And left not their own to die alone. 

People wth lives intertwined, 
Who, come what may, get along just fine.

That's "family,"
I recommend it!

Brother and Captain of the Guard, "Khalid"

11:39 pm edt 

Friday, July 4, 2008

Today, I thought I would share a few poems with you, just to let you know a little more about me. 
Your responses are always welcome!

I am Woman

I am "Woman"
Devoid of limitation
Coming from an archetypal situation
It's natural  for me to nuture your creation
with the truth and the light and the way by design
I feed your body, spirit, soul, heart & mind
My flesh is your meat
My blood is your wine
Biological love and chemical energy
Come eat of me and taste pure Divinity
My promise is you'll never hunger again
Or thirst or even worse
Be scattered in the wind
You'll sail the seas of Eternal Tranquility
When you eat of me 
And taste pure Divinity

For this is the definition of all that I be
 All that I live
All that I Am 
I Am "Woman"

Come lay your head in the cradle of my arms
Let me fill you you up 
I shall grace you
With the charm and the grace we create together
As far as the eye can see 
On and on and forever
All of creation is born through me
I am the salt of the earth to your seed
I am the still of the river running deep
I am pure love
Just for you to keep
I give you power to devour the beast
Come be my guest
Let me be your feast
My promise is you'll never hunger again 
Or thirst or even worse 
Be scattered like the wind
You'll sail the seas of Eternal Tranquility
When you eat of me
And taste pure Divinity

Yes, this is the definition of all that I be
All that I live
All that I Am
I am "Woman" 


 Begins from with, and then expands to include all that is without. All that is without, is but a reflection, or that which is drawn from a supply of "everything" according to the dictates or our own magnetic attraction. 
We must first learn to love self, unconditionally.
 Then, when we truly understand that everything and everyone else is truly just an extension of who and what we are....only then can we truly love another as we love ourselves. Yet, if we do not love self well, what hope is there that we should ever have true love for another? 
Only when we truly love self can we then welove another. 
From there, we will encompass the creation of a 
world love filled, by our own definitions and volition of love applied. 

Be patient with me. There is much more to come.
In the mean time, "Talk to me!"


Hit me back...step up into my room.

"Claim Your Place"

Like the brides of God we raise the palms of our hands
From South African death camps to Arabian sands
We refuse to kill each other 
No matter what we're told
No matter how we've been bought or been sold
The old mind has past and died and grown cold
We rise up ultimate power, the One
within, which we now hold
It's not about the issues of oil and gold
Or the resourses of the land we now hold
It's about rape
The molestation of the soul
That we object and step to
In a higher authority
And by the Grace of God in Hue-"Man"
Reject all inferiority
And any way you had us bound to you
By the power within we die before we submit to do
Any more dirt
It won't work 
Cause, to tell you the truth
"This" is the calling
In the last hour
To the joy of God
And It's magnificient power
The All and All 
The Saving Grace
Jump to your station and claim your place

Indeed, there is a problem
All across the land
It's called death
And will you not take a stand?
Stir it up in your spirit
And listen
With those with an ear to hear, Well, then hear it. 
A house doesn't stand in division
I lay back and watch you perrish
As you fail to kick the proper vision
Who is this "God" you serve
Do you practice what you preach
Or are you taking a curve
Locking up tight
In your comfort zone
Going in debt
To fortify your own
Building up walls forty miles thick and eighty miles high
While the enemy's inside
It's not about the gear you ware
The gold sport
No, none of that's important
Can you speak life
Cause the dead to rise
Or did you believe God Lies
Insufficient in faith 
You come up lacking
So wack
but you can't keep back'n up
Take a look at the condition your in
You see, we all been cast in the Lion's Den
But when it's your turn 
To carry the cross
Will you walk like a man
Or will you suffer the loss
I ain't try'n to scare 
I just think you should know
That when you call yourself
 The "Spiritually Elect"
You gotta make it "Show!"

You gotta be walk'n the walk if your talk'n the talk....
You better be walk'n that walk!

4:49 pm edt 

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