Your Trybal Queen, being an authentic Tantrika Goddess expressed in form, has always loved Sound. At the age of 14 she stood upon the sands of Lake Michigan's shore, arms lifted high, hands spread out, head tossed back in the lake's late summer early morning breezes, and she proclaimed, with eyes wide open, "I want to learn all about sound, I want to become all of sound, and sound alone. In my next life, I want to be the sound of everything that is, and even that which isn't. I want to be every sound in the expression of life.... even the sound of silence."


At the age of 29, Krystan, (Trybal Queen, not quite yet) had her first near death experience. In it she recalls judging herself as she passed through a pathway of arched arms of gray wispy like spirit beings. She saw she had done many things correctly, according to her upbringing. She was independent, had received her BS degree and was working in the field of insurance. She got every morning to greet the day, with organized functions that included greeting, feeding and directing the day for her son and herself. She got in her conservative grey sedan and carted her son off to his caretaking, while she spent her time earning her living by assuring that the catastrophic needs of others would be taken care of in their time of need.


She was a good mother and father to her son, being both a provider and a nurturer in his life. Her first born, Kai, was gifted to her upon her adopted mother's transcendence. Her pregnancy and the sacrificial conditions her adopted mother would experience in the balancing of the giving were revealed to Krystan's awareness while in a deep state of meditation, Involving chanting. Yet that is a different story that will emerge in a different place in a different time. The point here, is that despite Krystan's positive achievements and enactments of responsibility according to the priorities set during the course of her upbringing, she still came to experience in her judgment a great big strikingly loud "but..."  She had not followed through with her proclamation upon the shores of Lake Michigan.


She feared that she had forgotten her purpose, and that she would have to pay a price for that if she were to leave her body at that time. She prayed for fore-giveness of her mis-take, and promised if given the opportunity, she would follow up with her purpose, to the very best of her ability. She learned the horror of deathing with thoughts of should of, would of, could of on one's mind and in one's heart.


She was blessed to return to her body. Yet she was not the same. She had traveled among the parallel universes of potential, and emerged in a different place. As she returned to her health, she was no longer the corporate slave she once was. She quit her professional lifestyle and turned to an alternative, more holistic one that allowed her to continue an effective loving mother/fatherhood to sound and music, as well as to her young son at that time, and the young son that came along a few years later.


Although most of over 800 songs were cast away by foster family upon the death of her foster uncle, (who had stored them in his storage bin during her recovery from an intensive back surgery gone wrong, just before she turned 50 years old) a miracle happened. Within the last year, (2010) a tape she'd left with a friend who was incarcerated about seven years before, was returned to her. These songs reflect the writings of those prior years, and are all that survived the throw away. While some of them have been redone, there is only one among the collection that was written since that time. That song is "I Am." The song, "I AM" marks the awakening into yet another distinct expression of living within Krystan's lifetime. It marks the advent of Your Trybal Queen, which expresses itself in terms of "we" more frequently than "I;"  who tends to write in the form of third person and at the same time does love and embrace the expression of "I" as a front line presentation of "we."


From the time in which all of Krystan's past writing were thrown up to the last writing of the song "I AM" and to the present, now, in 2010, Krystan has continued to write, but not in conjunction with music in conjunction with that we generally term "music" relative to what the outer ear hears. She has written compilations of material, much of which is present here on this website, and much of which is not. It is during this time that she has written from her own inner spheres of sound, where all ideas conceptualize for birthing in outward expression, somehow.


In having the opportunity to listen back upon the inspiration present in her past, she is reminded of how much love and guidance was afforded her during those years, during the times when she was unable to perceive love and guidance from external sources around her. She is reminded of how, in going within, she was always reminded that we are never alone, and never without love. In her music it is evidenced that we are one and we are love. It was in her music that she tapped into that space in which that presence abides, speaks, sings, dances and embraces all the life it produces. It is a presence known by many names. Krystan often refers to it as "Source." She reminds us, "A rose by any name is still a rose." Then, she smiles.


Seven years following the trauma of having so much original material cast away, she is just returning to write musically, again. Your love, prayers and appreciation is received with the utmost gratitude. She is now reflecting upon the healing properties of sound for her current compositions. Please stay tuned. The new project is just beginning.


Feel free to contact Trybal Queen, here, through the Ormes Temple, is you would like to offer your support in donations or in the creative, production and promotional processes.


Lay On Me: Written and performed by Trybal Queen with the assistance of Louie Oxley on keyboards and production.


Still One at Heart: written and performed solely by Trybal Queen at Dowe Sound Labs in Washington DC


Written during the Kuwait War. Initially intended to be performed in Portuguese. In honor the battles life wages that so often tend to come between us. Let us Re-Member ONE-ness in Heart!


Ready to Fly: lyrics and melody written and performed by Trybal Queen a conjunction with Jean LuPonte violin track.


Shaktipat: Given by a touch, a look, a word or mantra, a movement..... a small applied ritual. The Shakti Life Energy, dormant at the gait or root chakra, the Muldahara Chakra, where consciousness becomes aware of BEing in form, awakens to the desire to survive and thrive in form. Shaktipat is the rising of the Shakti up the Life Energy Channel, stimulating each chakra along the way with vibration of wakefulness, all the way through the crown, opening the Sahasrara Chakra, (1000 petaled lotus). The energy then rises and falls, circulating throughout the entire BEing, stimulating each chakra and expanding the awakening awareness associated with each. The receiver leaps ahead in his or her evolutionary path in the "Now" moment, quickly.... in what would have otherwise taken a long progression of time, even life times. This is often associated with an initiation to a new place along the path. 

Krystan received the first of these experiences with the aid of Lahiri Mahasya: Out of body Master, second in lineage, (Paramahabam) only to Babaji, before Sri Yuketeswar and Paramahansa Yogananda on the Kriya Path of enlightenment specifically developed in the essentials for the house holder and even more specifically for the western householder and professional seeking enlightenment without the task of living as a monk. 

The initiation was more powerful than any other experience Trybal Queen can currently claim! More about that on the Library page.

Trybal Queen, MaKrystan is able to give Shaktipat through the channeling of the Master's Consciousness and Energies, upon their permission. There is a collective knowing of when you're ready and a collective doing of Shaktipat that sets you to flight! Do you think your ready?


I AM: written and performed by Trybal Queen with the assistance of Mos Vishus, (her youngest son,) on drums, back ground vocals and engineering production: back ground vocals also features Shola/Missus Vishus


Stairway to Heaven: Remake: Written and performed by Trybal Queen, with assistance on keys, drums and engineering by Mos Vishus.


Mansion Of Love: Written and performed souly by Trybal Queen in a comforting expression of Source.

A place referred to from whence information flows from eternal reality. It is called by many names.


It is beyond the collection of data, taken from the energy fields we happen to be submerged in, and are. It is beyond the interpretation of this data, and its stored associative patterns that define our manifested ideas of reality, and feed and nourish them as they stand. This message comes from a pure place of knowing, that reverberates its sound again and again throughout the rhythms of time and space.


It is a message that beacons you come beyond the mirage of information you have organically manifested to this deeper place of SOURCE. Here, there is the pure love that starts, continues, ends and restarts every journey, including its transcendence into what is next. 


There is a fundamental function for all organic beings. That which comes in, must be used up...and all that is remaining must be eliminated out. Thus, we are encouraged to remember this practice in all that we have stored, do store and will store in the organic neuro-network and cellular memory. We eliminate through the power of Fore-Giving. I know, there are many who say, 'Oh No! I can never forgive that!'  Generally, this is because one may feel that forgiveness benefits the forgiven, allowing them to be okay, accepted in their injustices. Consider fore giving as a way to process out that which is not serving you to your highest good. Let this go first, (For) + (Give) = Forgive. This is done by first, going within and consciously embracing the thing to be let go of. Embrace it with love, continuing in a caring attitude of love and acceptance for the whole of your being. Thank the thing, or instance for serving you in what ever way that it has. Then let it go, by intending it's passage out of your being and back out into the collective to be realigned in ways beyond your immediate concern. You are only presently concerned with letting it go. See it leaving out, like a bird leaves its perch, flying away, as you exhale...with a grateful heart. Repeat this process a few times and then close, with gratitude and love for your Source and expressed Being, the child of your Source.


Mansion of Love carries the lyric of maternal grace and wisdom.

The vocal and musical performance carries the presence of infinite child-fullness.

This Mother and Child relationship IS Love Expressed, and that....IS Tantra!


In Loving memory of Shakti Tina, Krystan AlecSandra's beloved fostered niece. Shakti Tina lived through much pain, trials and tribulations in her earthly life. Throughout it all she found reason to love, with laughter and joy,


more than enough to share with all, pressed down, shaken together and overflowing love. She never forgot how to be playful. She never forgot, but rather continued to excel in her ability to be tender and magically healing


To others on so many levels. She lived from the depths of her "Truth" in BEing, Divine in goddess and in god, she was complete, a beacon of love and light to the world.


Child of Divinity: Written and performed Souly by Trybal Queen, from the comforting "Ma-At" Source within, re-minding Krystan as well as all organic Beings of their truth in BEing.


Initially part of the NDE (Near Death Experience) multi-media vision:  In this part of the presentation the BEing is at the end of its life, having been torn by its own judgment process, it is being re-minded of who and what it really is!  LOVE made manifest by LOVE! Past all the neuro network and cellular memory of the body's physiology, The Hue-Man-"I"-fested Being is an expression in form of the Divine Consciousness. Soul (Conscious Awareness + Spirit (Divine Life Energy) > Soul/Spirit Expressed = Hue-Man-"I"-fested "BEing" or Human Being.

The voice and lyric in "Child of Divinity" calls you in to realize your Divine Source, a creative dreamer that is the ultimate true author and finisher of your faith. For it is your belief that ultimately defines the dream you are dreaming. Expanding your belief to encompass the All and All of course expands your conscious experience in awareness. Wake up to your dream!    

Seek ye first the Kingdom/Queedom of God/Goddess, and then all else will be added unto you.  Where is this King/Queen "dome?"  Low, it is not here or there, for the King/Queen "dome" is within YOU!


Your physical form is the slowest vibration of your consciousness. It begins in the core of the physical expression of It, and extends far beyond, ultimately connecting with all that is.


There is only ONE of US here!

Trybal Queen's Original version of Stairway to Heaven: Produced, Sung and played by Trybal Queen.


Originally composed for a multi-media vision, N.D.E. (Near Death Experience) In which the song portrays the Soul/Spirit being introduced and invited to enter the realms of manifestation in its choice of various potential realities along the every spinning and expansive points of the wheel of birth. It is in this choice that the Soul/Spirit will manifest, expressing itself in the world of form.


Always more to come. Please come back and check it out. Meanwhile, let us hear from you!

We appreciate your support in getting more music out, and out to the public! We need financial support as well as musicianship and engineering support. We also need video support.


Become a part of music for healing and empowerment in the North American African-"US" Ascending Project, now in process. 

There is also a NDE, (Near Death Experience) project, utilizing music sounds for healing and transition for health and wealth through Divine Love Energies happening in this life and the next! 


Contact Trybal Queen, (MaKrystan) at or call her at 703-915-9178



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