"As long as we are in the world, there shall be rays of light and love. For let us be ' Enlightened Lovers,'  breaking the chains of conflict and condemnation, and re-establishing at-onement and the emancipatory healing that springs from the essence of the Tree of Life. 


Let our tongue be a Powerful double edged Sword that cuts away the cumbersome thicket of predjudicial hatred and projected blame; that thrive only to hold us back from truth and strangle us in our own putrid waste derived from poisonous information, keeping us estranged from our own roots of self as well as from one another.


Let us commit to an open mind. I bid you, accompany me upon this quest for truth, knowledge, wisdom and understanding that will ultimately restore us and allow the essence of life to flow freely from the root to the most distal and newborn leaf, feeding life in abundance to the tree entirely, and all that lives and lites upon it.


Tantric principle teaches us that if the root is not healthy, the tree cannot survive. Let us strive to restore, enhance and maintain the gift of eternal life at it's very root.


Let us attend to the Tree of Life with an unceasing flow of love, that it may grow forever strong in each of us, individually and collectively.


Let us forsake the fruits of self condemnation, inner conflict, denial and projected hatred that spring from the Tree of of the knowledge of good and evil.


Let us celebrate the greatest gift of all, the gift of Life!"


 ABOUT "Ormes Temple"

The Ormes Temple is the trybal embodiment of conscious spirit expressed in people.


Ormes Temple gives form to space and energy.

We breath and thereby through the evolving self awareness and actualization, enlighten to BEing, enhancing the experience of living. Together, we have established this non profit entity through which those of us with like interests are able to support and expand the interest of experiencing life from our Divine Perspective, both individually and collectively.


Ormes Temple is a 501(a) Spiritual/Educational Nonprofit Charity:  We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for individuals, families, communities and world, through the teaching, coaching and sharing of an integrated yogic study represented in its mother form, Tantra. In presenting this cirriculum we also include related studies and have formed related alliances.


Ormes Temple offers private educational study plans, workshops and events as well as a consistently held meditation/energy circle that is held every sunday from 7 through 10PM.


Some alliances for educational growth we draw from in our programs through the Ormes Temple are:


1.  Self Realization Fellowship, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda to introduce Kriya Yoga to the western householder, (inclds. Kundalini Yoga)

2.  The Institute of Heart Math: Soon to offer free stress management workshops, free to organizations and groups, including the use of

    "Emwave" (advanced bio-feedback technology.)

3.  Sema Institude of Yoga with Dr. Muata Ashby's teaching on Khemetic History and Yoga teachings of ancient spiritual sciences

4.  Life Bliss Organization with the teachings and applications Paramahansa Nithyananda through e-satsang affiliation

5.  Center of Nonviolent Communications and Marshal Rosenbergs work on related stragtegies

6.  DBT Studies of Mindfulness and Self Awareness

7.  Shri Param Eswaran Mahividya Para-Tan Mantra Sound/Vibrational Healing and Empowerment Tantra Studies


Ormes Temple exists to promote and produce the teachings in line with Self Realization, Self Actualization, Living Liberation in healing and empowerment, supporting the Enlightenement in the journey through life. We offer an intergal yogic cirriculum best expressed in Tantra Yoga, (the Mother of all yoga.) This allows the forum to address and heal the mis-informations, mis-interpretations, mis-fortunes and traumas surrounding the very gateway into life expressed and sustained in form, "Sexual Life Energy." Until this foundation of life in our sexuality is firmly established in its true and sacred Divinity, our world community will continue to be at risk of self destruction born out of Self denial and hatred.

We are working to develop Sacred Sexuality programs, workshops, events and rights of passage for all people at all levels an upon all walks of life, including the youth to the seniors.


*We invite all who have relative gifts fitting unto this purpose to contact us so that we may come into an alliance of support for this overall purpose. 



Your interest, service and donations of all kinds are appreciated. Fundings and gifts of Material nature do qualify for tax deductions.

Give that it be given unto you, pressed down shaken together and overflowing! Give that we may grow strong and give life in abundance to all! 

Make your tax deductable donation now by calling: 703-915-9178


Ormes Temple Mission

Our missison is to provide a forum that promotes growth through the process of an internalized evolution. This enternal evolution will birth and sustrain an external revolution, born and sustained in a sacred perception of life and living.  Seeing one's self as the expression of Divinity and all others as an extention or projection of that same Divinity is a Love Conscious Act of Living. Such a perception has been shown to eradicate violence from within and without. There is further evidence that it promotes healing and empowerment, thereby  improving the quality of life, for the individual "one" as well as collectively, in relationships and in "the greater ONE." It is even hypothisized that such a peace/love based consciousness, in which the right to be alive is aligned with the heart and the heart then grounds the mind on a collective basis, has the power to positively calm and heal our planet Earth. This is becoming an increasingly intriquing concern for those of us interested in perserving the planet from which we derive our physical life experience. We actively present the ancient science of Tantra and other related interests to assist each man and woman, (young, child bearing age and those of senior age) in the evolving realization "BEing" as Divine, limitless, boundless, with the ability to respond (responsibility) in life, to all the themes and chapters, from within to the same reflecting experience without.


 We strive together to make a difference through this, our course of spiritual and holistic education. Let us strive and create this chapter of life as we feel it collectively, in our Heart of Divine Love; for this 21st Century experience of positive life expansion. Let us continue on as the Divine Children of That which is limitless and Eternal; expressed through the vibration and form of our Beloved Mother Planet, Earth. We are weaving together the opposing compliments transcending the perception of duality into the reality of ONE-ness.





Many are initially attracted to 'Tantra' because they hear that they can learn to experience exceptional sexual orgasms and heightened intimacy stimulation.


Many more are attracted to Tantra because they hear of the outstanding potential for healing and empowerment the practice holds:


I heard someone say,

" We're so vain aren't we? We're so afraid of growing old we do anything to prevent it. We don't realize what a privilege it is to grow old together, with someone who doesn't drive you to commit murder, or humiliate you beyond repair!"


But what is to become of we who have suffered such violations, such seemingly unforgiveable unrepairable injuries? Shall we fall into despair to never love again, afraid to feel life again?


Tantra is the journey by which we re-member our true essence, the true "Self," the Life/Spirit/Energy and Consciousness/Soul that merge together to manifest the physical representation of the very qualities they hold. We are constantly creating and co-creating our reality and our existence in it. When our consciousness is filled with distortions such as hurt, emptiness, fear & rage, our energies produce the same in our world of form. Through Tantra wisdoms and applications we venture to uncover these deeply residing distortions and release them, for our own benefit. We release the baggage of the past that is presently affecting our inability to face the future for what we truely desire, for being so traumatized by what we fear may happen. Tantra helps us to stay present in the now, while discovering our essence of love and gratitude; while discovering the power of release and the power of re-membering our BEing according to our truest nature.  We come to realize that the external environment of our worldly experiences are merely a reflection of our internal condition, and in finding the strength to face those internal conditions we are able to release and redefine them according to our Divine Will. We discover peace within will ultimately produce peace without. Love within ultimately produces love without. We discover we hold the ability to heal, beyond the knife and the chemicals. In fact, we hold such a power within that the positive or negative effects of surgeries or medications depend upon it. We discover our core essence, and in that our ultimate timeless mind and ageless body. We are able to move beyond fear in restore our child like wonderment and excitement with living. We become children of Divinity creating our own masterpiece upon our canvass of life. We discover that we are never alone! 


Tantra puts you in touch with the 'real' you, residing now, within your earthly vessel, your body. This is the 'you' that is indeed immortal, and a witnessing hub in the middle of the wheel on which all the spokes represent the many paths and characters you may play throughout eternity. Tantra puts you in touch with your internal and infinite supply of life energy, your ever expansive consciousness, and your continuous physical manifestation.


Tantra begins it's focus at the root of the spine, which is the root of your own personal "Tree of Life." The attention given to sexuality pretains to the root life energy residing at the base of the spine, which for most of us has been compromised with feelings of guilt, shame and self condemnation. In order for the Tree of Life to be healthy and bountiful, it's connection with the root must be healed.  It begins it's emancipatory process there, freeing the root, so that the tree may be abundantly nourished. Body/Mind therapist often refer to those who have opened their   centers of self expression and intuition without first attending the healing of the lower physical centers through the heart medium, as manifesting "whipped cream over garbage."  Surely, there are some magnificent experiences to be had, but true enlightenment and freedom can not last if the root has not been liberated. Once the root's energy is made free from distortion, Tantra further teaches you to consciously raise the energy up through your second and third body/life energy vortexes. These are the seats of your emotions and thoughts/opinions & judgements, respectively.


Tantra is like no other meditation genre in this respect. It uniquely frees the distorted energy that would otherwise be responsible for the continuous cycle of suffering and death. Because the root energy is related to sexual stimulation, most people are interested in learning Tantra secrets,  first, for there own sexual self interests. Often times this merely feeds and aggrivates existing habit patterns that have degenerated the purpose of this very Life Energy into the fulfillment of greed and lust. This results in a self defeating pattern sinking us deeper into the inability to truly experience the wonders of this life sustaining and enhancing force. We do ourselves a great dis-service if we do not further our interests to include a path leading to physical liberation and healing of all aspects of our BEing; physical, emotional, mental, point of soul/awareness and spirit.


My ministry is to bring that path into perspective for those the Universal Collective "ONE" directs to me. Through individual private efforts and workshops I offer the opportunity to share in the exploration and learning process as well as the participatory, 'doing process' of living Tantra. Please watch this site closely as I am now in the midst of planning some wonderful things for us. Please feel free to let me know how you feel about attending workshop and group sharing sessions. These will include an exploration of Tantric philosophies, exercises and rituals. If you have an interest in sharing your time with us, please include letting me know what times work best for you, what your major interests include, and if you have a Tantric background, what that may be.   

Practice Karmic Yoga: Your donations and volunteer support is needed and appreciated.


For more information or to make your pledge: call MaKrystan at or 703-915-9178 today!