Tina Shakti Osuri


Written some time ago to my beloved niece Tina Shakti Osuri in response to her questions about "feelings, acceptance and "connections" and the apparent lack of these.

In loving memory I share the revelation we discovered while walking through life together, once upon a time.

The "feeling" aspect is something I stumbled upon around about the time I committed to loving from the inside out.

I'd discovered that in my quest to assure a connectivity with those I considered important to me in my life, I had sacrificed knowing me. I had so willingly given "me" up, for what I was being taught I should be, to assure acceptance in my world, (a mere externalized plane of projection.) (But I didn't know it was projection then.)

I'd blocked myself on all points from my self. My choices were clearly not my own. No wonder my external experiences were so hurtful, the projection became my own denial of my own acceptance. So it came to be in my surrounding world, just as the condition was within me.

Thus, I committed to loving me within, and allowing 'me' to emerge. I had to feel me, to hear me, to understand and give me the confidence to emerge so that I could get  to know me.

I consider this in Tantra coachings as Second Chakra work: The meditation is one that begins with breathing in from the Earth Core, through the root and into the second chakra 10 or 20 times. Then, focus on the second chakra with the intention of appreciating our right to feel, to be immersed in the sensations of live vibrations cultured by our thoughts, opinions, values, judgments, perceptions, pretty much... all that which makes up "consciousness." So......vibration would be "motion" and the conscious connection driving that motion would make it "E-motion."

Thus, in our focus we discover the presence of both masculine/feminine, +/-, god/goddess, (however you want to perceive it,) and we open up to being alive in that space, accepting, honoring, experiencing chakra "feeling."

As we give ourselves permission to honor that "E-motion" condition rippling from the second chakra on which we hold our focus, and we breath into and out of it, we stimulate it with the conscious choice to honor our right to be a "Live"ing Being, even from the root chakra, and even fortifying that with the energies from the Divine Shakti Mother, resting in the Kundalini coil and even beyond. By connecting with Divine Mother Earth, we stimulate something there that triggers awakenings. After all, we do have to feel if we are to ever know "love."

Then there is the third chakra work to consider. We learn to honor our right to be empowered, acknowledging the core of the Divinity within us and expanding to recognize the connective sense, that exists whether we are aware of it or not. The distortion and conflict that clouds our path is born largely from the perception that we are forsaken, uninvited, separated, alienated, abandoned by those that mean so much to us. Yet, they turn out to be "projections," ultimately playing out just more of our own self. This realization takes a lot of courage to surrender to. Yet, it is in this realization that we ultimately find liberation.

Generally, we get acceptance and conection confused in our earliest of childhood stages. We are connected whether or not we are accepting or accepted. However, when we are very young we are literally dependant on being accepted. Our literal survival depends on our external connections with those who are capable and willing to take care of our needs. Early on we learn that if we do not live according to the expectations of our care givers we run a huge risk of not being cared for, and thus not being allowed to "exist." Without being feed, without being sheltered, without being cleansed, without being touched and socially engaged we will die! Thus acceptance is rightfully of great importance. We formulate that into our nuero-network of associations at such a young age it runs very deep and comes to define all sorts of later perceptions that color our world within and create projections on our new experiences as we grown, without. Now, that we are older and capable of providing our basic needs for ourselves we have the need and the ability to interrupt and rewrite the prior neuro-network script altogether. That is what 3rd chakra works is about. Learning to appreciate our connectiveness often even at the expense of acceptance in our outter world can be quite frightening, due to the early engrams. It is at this level we learn the power of releasing those old patterns. We transform our fears into courage and step out into the discovery of our own Divine Power. This is ultimately the true turn around in our whole magnetic make up, and contributes to our ability to attract wealth on so many levels.    

Although the collective world of our society now greatly supports and feeds our fears, even using them to profit its corporate beast, the greedy ghost collective, (spoke of in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.) In reality, we can never really be separate from anything. We can, however, not accept parts of the whole, leading to an illusion of mistakenly feeling separated. Thus we experience feeling threatened into restrictive and limited feelings of fear. Limiting our ability to feel to this level can be quite entangling for life times. Ultimately it becomes laughable to discover that the whole nightmare of lack is a mirage of separation, projected from earlier experiences of unacceptance. At the time these early conditions came upon us they threatened our very life, thus the fear runs to the root level of survival. This may be a carry over from a prior life or from engrams we've inherited through our lineage, all stored in our DNA programming. In such case, these are challenges that get passed on through our physical immortality, right on down the line, until someone finds the ability to release the condition, a lack of peace or dis-ease.  It all adds up to a projected condition formed somehow in the core of our lower triage chakra system, long ago. Perhaps, even just by the trip of stepping down from pure spirt/soul into an expression of the same, in the body/form, we uncover some initial traumatization that occurred in the Theomorphic process. Depending on how intensely we perceive our experience of manifesting into physical form, we thus create quite a drama! All in all, it leads me to the heart chakra meditation, where the bridge occurs to link the step down to back to the Divine. Thus, when I decided to love myself, I triggered the powers of the heart. This simply allows us the courage to go on through the journey without inflicting a form of eternally self-damnation due to the violent thoughts and feelings we develop over the issue of having made mis-takes. We discover the power of love and devotion will carry us on to re-take as many mis-takes as we need to deal with, favoring the process of Self Realization, Enlightenment, (AKA Jivan Mukti!)  The steps along the way, flavored by the sweetness of the Heart Chakra's Ananda Kanda nectar gives us the strength to continue with devoted enthusiasm.  It is here we start the "fore-giving" process, scaling down all the unnecessary props we've constructed along the way, in the effort to make us feel what ever it is we've been searching for or not feel the pain of not finding it. This too is an interesting process. For it is here that the substance of the lower triage is tried and tested. It is where the power of Divine Love attracts all that needs yet to be burned away. Divine Love is an unconditional energy that acts upon what is dominately stored within, whether consciously aware of it or not, to bring it into life and form. We discover we are like Aunt Clara on the old serial show, "Bewitched."  Aunt Clara is always trying to manifest something, but it always comes out as something else. That's because Aunt Clara still has the condition known as "Whip cream over garbage" existing, That's where the lower triage is still in the cloudy environment of distortions and conflict, and the heart is emmiting the Divine Love energies to bring that distortion and conflict into life form. As this happens, if we are ready to let go of what comes up that we no longer need, we eventually clear those clouds, and the Divine Love is able to act upon what has become dominate according to our conscious choice. We've transcended the terrors of that distortion and conflict and emerged on top of the heart at the throat chakra, realizing and expressing an ever increasingly truer "Self" actualization. The quality of our living word becomes ever purified as the streams of life that feed it flow through the powers of the heart.     

We do our selves a great bumble, seeking to engage the power of the 5th or 6th chakras having not first gone through this process of clearing the clouds of the lower triage through the powers of the heart! Love,




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