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MaKrystan Trybal Queen

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Matreus KRSTN: Words like these fill my heart with joy filled appreciation and  gratitude, through the wonderful power of Love. These are shared experienced. All repeated this to have been recieved from me is actually shared THROUGH me, as it is in all of us, through all of us. All you have received through me I have received through you. Such is the evidence of the communion of many through two participating positions, (that being the  giving and receiving) both intertwined in a perpetual dance of Life flowing on the inspiring wings of Love. My deepest thanks. 
Young Queen Chi: (About the SSMT Group Empowerment Ceremony for Young Queen Mel & King Emmanuel): "The beginning of planning was a tedious back and forth of anxiety, extreme love, devotion, creativity, frustrations, shadow and light communications, reflecting the all spectrum of emotional frequencies LOL... At first it was vague and then as plans finally came to a head it was VERY clear how powerful, divine, and beautiful the ENTIRE process really was. Once we began our circle led by our elder mother MaK drenching us in the positive vibrations of Immaculi it was on and popping. I saw it then how much love and energy went into MaK's planning, what ended up feeling like a complete wedding ceremony for a Wild Seed daughter that has found fertile ground to grow amongst us all in a divine and safe collective of support. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself at the various judgments I had earlier concerning MaK's seemingly aggressive fight to get this thang DONE to a Tee heehee. I observed a little, "don't let me down", a little "I want so much for this to happen for my family", "I hope they accept my love", "I don't want to be rejected or abandoned", "I want my daughter to feel the love of her family", "I'm trusting you all to honor your commitments to the true essence of Tantra".... All of that. All the while recognizing the same feelings I have felt many a times before when wanting to share something I'm so passionate about.

This ceremony was life changing for me in many ways. First off, MaK gave me the opportunity to work along side her witnessing the kind of love and attention that builds an immense amount of power centered in the heart between a man and a woman and then how community surrounding that love and intention helps to empower and strengthen it on all dimensions. I am EXTREMELY grateful for Emmanuel Taylor and Mel for opening themselves to share that moment with me. I am EXTREMELY grateful for MaK's passion and steadfast devotion to spirit that led us to that moment. I saw all of that and SCREAMED in my mind I WANT THAT!!!!! Yes LORD! I want that. The group meditation and projection work from MaK was off the chain and the walking vortex at the pyramid was another icing on the cake. I had to leave following that section, but I just couldn't let more time slip by without sharing how WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL it was to see MaK be supported by US to help support our sister Mel and how that also supported us on our various journeys in life too. Thanks y'all muahhhhhhh"

From Angela: (On the you tube videos for "Ascension Symptoms") https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hihHoK6i7Y8: sent out to the participants of the Women's Tantra Healing Workshop participants: "Krystyn! Before I heard the 1st 3 minutes of your clip, I spoke the same words of truth! I know I am growing and the light, the energy, the love, Blessed Love!!! Share this!!!!! "
From Jaasber:  Comment on the youtube video "Love IS" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5Hgdsuy-bs   "Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love you for doing this wonderfull work . making easier for people to understand Love."
From Jim: (Private Initiate): "When Truth is revealed we are given a choice to keep the "gift" or not or modify it...we focus on the revelation. For me, when I'm done observing I often find myself trying to put what's been revealed back in a box, its our nature to try and protect something we find valuable or vulnerable. So many times since I've started my journey toward awareness I have put stuff back in the box congratulating myself on my new insight into myself...when in fact the issue is THE BOX, not the gift I protect inside it. What Tantra has been doing for me is blowing away the box, allowing my raw, sensitive and very delicate self to be exposed, naked and vulnerable. So for me, the issue is no longer the belief boxes. Rather now, with no box to hide in I ask "What will I do with this gift?"

From Pam: (On Various workshops including Women's Healing/Empowerment & Awakening with Tantra Massage): "This Sacred Life Science needs to be taught on a larger than life scale.  I AM understanding clearly now, that the rain has gone.  "Thank you, thank you" 
From Kamal: (Member of Meditation Circle): "I am touched to the core by your sincere sharing. I am honored by your trust too. Naturally our sharing is sacred."
From Destiny: (Email Communications): "I visited your website to view your recent video on gods and goddesses which I am grateful for in that it has caused me to ?consider? what might I do to intensify the light that has been shrouded in my own universe.  Hopefully, I can continue thoughtful and increase productivity? I?ll keep you posted."


From Torbjorn: (Private Initiate): "Thank you so much for the enlightment and spiritual experience. The energy you shared with me has made my life richer.

From Carol: (Private Initiate): " I am still meditating and it brings me comfort and connection to the divine that I know within me. I thank you for guiding me to my scared place"
 From Jeff: On the "Soul Gazing" Video: (Intercourse with your eyes)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U9DMuW3DH6c : "Wonderful work Krystan! Thank you for sharing so freely, very deep I must say."
From Aurelia: (Participant in Women's Intensive Workshop): "Hi up and good morning Ma K!  I just wanted to let you know how much better I felt when I left you Friday night. I went home, didn't turn on the TV, had my salt bath, and did a candle meditation. Surprisingly, I got a message!!! I slept very well that night and have been ever since. A lot of the things you said have been playing over and over in my spirit and I feel so much stronger! I've also been doing the green heart meditations and hugging myself - giving myself some good lovin! Lol! Thanks again too for the rose quartz." 
I just wanted to let you know about the great work you did with me."


From Lu: "Real Talk, Thanks for all you are giving with our community! "


From: Artesha and Richard: (participants in Tantra Massage Workshop):  "We Really enjoyed you!"


From: Ptah:   Your website is excellent and I have much more to review. You are doing your thing. I've studied and continue to study Tantra and Taoist Sexual Yoga. It was introduced to me almost 20 years ago through my first Qigong teacher. Sister I can relate to this totally. I'll be studying you website over the next few weeks. Peace, Love, Success & Blessings to You.


From: Sky:  "This lady is awesome. I've worked with her before. Having abuse issues, I found that she has great understanding and knowledge, from which I have benefitted greatly. I live far away from her. I can't wait until she visits my area again!"


From: YinYang: Your words are an excellent analysis and contain much insight:  Your words have also added other conduits for higher elevation. I am most grateful for your words of wisdom. I must concentrate more on meditation and less on my tai chi and bagua zhang forms. Your words also confirm this. Thank you.


 From: Cherienne: (YouTube Response):   "Hello! I love your channel! You have such a beautiful spirit and warm vibe. I love to see people express themselves. I feel we are all living art. I am so glad I found your channel and I look forward to watching more of your videos and learning from you as well. that was so moving. I saw aspects of myself in what you said about the healing process from escorting etc. I think that’s why I have such a positive view on it, because ultimately it helped me travel through the dark and give something back to the world :o)I wish you the very best of luck with your spiritual journey. The first thing I observed about you is your strength and your beautiful aura. you are clearly doing something right :) take care! xxx



Trybal Queen Talks about her personal healing Video - April 09, 2009, 01:30 PM

 Trybal Queen talks about making it through her resurrection process - April 09, 2009, 01:30 PM

Infinite Stars: "Real Talk. Great video and series. This video series provoked me to think, reflect and trace back to how we got into this state collectively. Why do some of us do what we do without regards to others in ourhomes and communities? Touching, inspiring and powerful. Peace."


MaKrystan replies: "Thank you for your positive feedback. Much of the harm we emit comes through a general reflex action of the chain of distortion that make up the brainloops. Until we drop into the position of the witness, and become intensely conscious of how we choose to respond, and what we choose to put out there, this problem will persist. Unclutching, or Fore-Giving, and Re-membering is key!"



Click Here: To see the last part of a 3 part series on YouTube: "I freed my soul and my body followed"

Annonymous Comment: "I saw your vid favorite by one of my friends, so I decided to watch it. I am studying the sciences, and here lately I am angry because I am finding out a lot of knowledge LATE!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be 45 this August, and I feel that I am attempting to catch up with a LOT of information.I wish I had of known about the REAL concerning sexual energy, and how to utilize that energy as healing instead of just "feeling good" for the moment. A lot of time have been wasted on taboos instead of me knowing about the science concerning my sexual energy--I have come into that realization

Now that I am learning I feel that if I had of known about my REAL history, and other things--I'm sure you have heard this before--my life would be A LOT different!
A know all things happen for a reason, I just wish I had of found out a lot of what was hidden earlier in my life"

MaKrystan Replies: "Not to worry, your experiences, believe it or not, are an intricate and important part of your overall learning process. You will discover how, as you continue this path.It’s okay that it has taken as long as it has. Remember, time is an abstract interpretation of rhythm, that's all. It doesn't mark our beginning and end, because we don't have that. In reality, all is infinite. You are infinite. If you live to be 200, it will just be a short waive in the rhythmic expression of your life, in which you are breathed into a physical being, and breathed out to reform again. That's the wave.So, don't waste your consciousness or your energy in regret over time. It will only get in the way of your seeing how valuable those experiences really are to you over all. Let all that go first, "Fore-Give it." That's the first phase of Tantra. "Unclutching" releasing, cleansing, clearing, fore-giving, all the same thing, needs to happen to set the stage for consciousness and energy empowerment, and the realization of you Divinity, which is the ultimate goal, Self Realization, Self Actualization, Self Empowerment, or all in one word, 'Enlightenment.' "



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