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Ormes Temple is Currently accepting registrations for TANTRA SELF MASSAGE

The practice of SELF MASSAGE is fundamental and essential for developing the power and conscious awareness required to perform a TANTRA MASSAGE on our most revered intimate companions. How can you give to someone else something you don't have for yourself? 

Each workshop, Women and Men, will deal with Self Awareness and Tantra Massage techniques: knowlege and application to equipped the participant in healing one's own issues on every level, body, emotions and mind through the connection of the physical body with the Divine Light Body, and developing the conscious awareness and power to heal thyself.
Learn technique and experience first hand on yourself what your touch and intention can do. Learn about the power stations located throughout your body as well as throughout the Universe, (Your Greater Body) and how to access them, understand them and connect with them so as to work with them and through them to accentuate the magic of Tantra Massage. 
If you are truly sincere in wanting to learn authentic Tantra Massage this is a vital step that should not be ignored. Heal thyself so that you may be equipped to pay HEALING and EMPOWERMENT forward! 
For more information and to register for these workshops please click here on our MEETUP Webpage where all our existing scheduled workshops are listed.
If by chance any particular workshop is not yet listed there and you'd like to host a workshop please contact us and let us know. We will make the necessary arrangments to provide the workshop of your choice at your location or here at the Ormes Temple location, (your choice).  We will discuss your responsibilities as host.  Hosting our workshops can provide FREE Admission for you. We provide these workshops with fee based donations for admission to support our costs of functioning and to support our FREE Community Workshops: See the following link for info on our Free Community Workshops:
In some cases others have hosted our workshops in order to support their own organized fund raisers. We can help you by supporting your cause both as a fund raiser feature and with great teachings to uplift everyone in their own healing and empowerment process. let us know and we will work with you to work it out. 
yabyum300189.jpgWe will soon be offering the "BASIC, Intermediate and Advanced TANTRA MASSAGE WORKSHOPS". Please stay tuned to our Meetup link as well as here for announcement of those workshops. For those interested in receiving certification for authentic Tantra Massage Training our hours for certification courses in an overall Massage Cirriculum please let us know. We can provide these for you. 
The Tantra Massage Workshops are presented according to the long term certified and personal intuitive experiential training MaKRSTN has gone through, in a a wide variety of modalities with Tantric Principles and Physio-Energetic Chakra1899a.jpgApplication over the course of many years. She has studied with first hand with Shri Param Eswaran on Tantra Massage and Para-Tan Toning techniques, and hosted his workshops at the Ormes Temple in the past. Since 2006 MaKRSTN has professionally practiced Tantra Massage and is well equipped to share the modality in a teaching capacity with YOU. Her classes are intense and indepth. If you are serious about your training facilitation you will be very pleased and fulfilled with what she has to bring to the table through her sincerity and experienced ability. 
If you would like certification for class hours for a professional certified massage program you are either enrolled in or considering please let us know. We can accommodate you. 
If you are interested in certification for Tantra Massage we provide complete certification for Tantra Massage upon satisfactory completion of our Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Tantra Massage Workshop Programs.  You can either take these as they are made available on a group basis or you can train privately as well. Information on Private Tantra Massage Training and Certification is available on this website under the Private Sessions Page under the link for Tantra Massage Instruction.


left to right:  Presence of red root energy being expanded thru Tantric Energy Methods:  Light Energy projected through the MaKRSTN'S hand and fingers:  Artist's Depiction of healing Hands: Shri Param Eswaran leading a group workshop Preparing students for Tantra Massage Training at Ormes Temple:  


"Empower Thy Divine Self:"Attend our Sacred Life Science and Arts Tantra Mini Workshops on alternating Sundays.
This Workshop Aspect has been on hold for a while but will be starting up again in March for the Ausarian Resurrection Process: A great deal of Tantra Intricasies will be covered in this ongoing series:
 We will also provide a time for the introductory workshop to the Intercourse between physical body and Light Body, CHakra Connections and Meridian Lines to Nervous System,
A donation of $15.00 is required to help support the costs: We go through a teaching segment with applied practice and then share our experiences in a social gathering in which food snacks are served. 
 See our Meetup Page for the Schedule and for subject matter we are covering.

MaKrystan and assisting O.T. Priestesses and Priests hosts these circles for all to attend. If you'd like to check out what we do here, get your feet wet before jumping in, meet other people with like interests, this is a great opportunity to do just that. 

The circles are held in Old Town Alexandria and in our new location in Lanham Maryland at our Priestess Asha's Temple. See our Meetup Link to determine where we are at any given Sunday. 



Smai Taui Meditation Circles (Teaching and applying Kemetic Techniques of Tantra Integration)

Create with US and Feel the Power of Love/Live Divine Energetic Spirit/Consciousness:  When Divine Goddess Mother Spirit joins with Divine God Father Consciousness Beautiful things are produced into the world of form for our delight! Practice with us, the ushering in of our beautiful evolution. Be Strong, Be Free, Be LOVE! 





TANTRA Intensive Healing and Empowerment Workshop for Women:  


FOR THE SACRED RESTORATION OF "Goddess Spirit/Energy of Consciousness expressed in the Living Form of Divine "Woman!"  


Including a working Introduction to the Empowering Energies of  "Tantra Massage" (A truely affective touch!)

Click the following link for more details 

Goddess Emerging Tantra Workshop for Women 


Tantra Principles and Applied Practices help us to know our human body/vessel and the intelligent system is contains from our Divine Spirited Soul Infinite and Eternal Life Power and Unlimited Intelligence and Conscious Awareness We Have available to us on the level of our TRUE BEING. We develop the wisdom to witness and to know the differences and how they can optimize living by working together in a perfected order,  the body persona/ego self surrendered to the leadership of the Divine SELF. 
We learn to dicipher the mask from the masked, the manifested from the created and the created from the Creator, and then we learn how to melt it all into ONE Sweet and Sacred choreographed "Dance of Life."