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Ormes Temple Spiritual Education Center Offers the Facilitation of Sacred Life Sciences and Art Form Practices associated with Tantra Yogatpelerising.jpg for Healing and Empowerment For Relationship Optimization.
1. Teaching    2. Counsultation   3. Coaching      4. Facilitation/with Applied Practice      

Advancing Tantra In Your Life                     "Breaking Through"
One of the most common concerns expressed in progressing along the Tantra Journey is finding someone to share the practice with. Finding the appropriate practice partner can be a real challenge.
If you have  a marital or love partner the obvious choice is to involve them in your journey from the start. Whether you do have a partner or partners or you don't its okay:
AT ORMES TEMPLE You can benefit from practicle teaching, coaching and guided practice with an Ormes Temple Facilitator working directly with you and your partner(s)  or standing in with you as a guiding surrogate partner
Some begin the Sacred Life Tantra Practices while still in single status: This is an excellent choice as intentional preparation for a strong relationship. Yet if one has already started on this path and the other one hasn't its easy for ego feelings to get in the way of coming together in the practice. It may open the door for manipulation or one may feel like the other either has an unfair advantage or is else is holding them back. There may be haunting embarressment. Fears may well over perceived lack of experience. There may be concers over exposure and what damages that exposure may bring to bare. Exposure and vulnerability are primary concerns at every level of an intimate relationship. The fear of judgment and rejection can leave us cold and turned off to the idea of intimate trust. This often comes from earlier painful experiences in or lives, something that has frightened and/or hurt us deeply, most often times reaching way back into childhood or even earlier. The protection or guidance we needed then somehow didn't make it through to us. So often its simply accepted as "how things are" and handed down generation to generation. Be assured, when venturing into new territory on such sensative subject matter as the strengths of a love relationship there is a natural instinct designed to protect us that makes us feel leary and resistent to an open shared relationship practice. This is why so often joint relationship counseling and/or coaching becomes the last resort when it would so greatly benefit us to be the first resort, even in preparing to enter a relationship.
Experiencing heightened awareness and learning how to handle the Energies of Love in the number one human relationship of your life can be ultimately empowering and save each from a lot of hurt. For these reasons, we encourage you to envolve your partner as early on as you can. Look through this website together. Consider a joint complimentary counsel. Matreus KRSTN is happy to speak with you before arranging your first appointment. Its a great idea to have everyone concerned on that call. Determine when you can come in together for your initiation session.
TWO of the greatest blockages to intimate Trust and Expanded Sexual Energetic Exchange is that (1.)we are performance orientated and (2.)  that we tend to objectify one another:  Tantra removes these stumbling block in that we learn to come together as one to appreciate and revere the Energy or "Spirit" of Life as Divine in and of It's SELF.   The Power of Vibration is Divine Life POWER of "Spirit of Life" that drives all creation. We discover a sense of ONE-NESS as we learn to commune together in reverence of this Great Sacred Power. We remove the preoccupation with ego by which we separate ourselves out to be special, caught up in the need to be the best lover ever to exist,  or creating our our partner into an object who's soul existence is to validate our fragile self worth.  In the practice of Tantra Yoga (the practice of weaving together all the parts in reverence of the Whole) we surrender our preoccupation with "performance" and redirect our attention towards a joint reverencing of the Power of LOVE, by which all things exist. We re-direct our focused intention upon reverencing the Energy that brings us into the precious gift of life, nurtures and sustains our health and well being and eventually guides our return back to our Fullness IN Source. This makes LOVE SACRED. This makes LIFE SACRED. This makes US an expression of what IS SACRED.  Love "Making" becomes "CREATING" by the Sacred Power of LOVE. We come to see ourselves as much more than the physical embodiment. In fact, we recognize our physical form as an expression of this Divine Energy of Life together with Divine Intelligent and Conscious Potential. Realizing this ONE-NESS individually and collectively is Realizing SELF, "WHOLE and COMPLETE" of in other words, "Holy" created in the image of ALL that is Holy, and expression of All that IS Divine. We no longer see ourselves as separate and unequal, fighting to prove we are special. Instead we see ourselves "Being"  connectively and collectively ONE, each with distinct precious gifts that serve the Whole ("Holy") according to a Divine Intelligence molded and defined in and by the Power of LOVE.    
Starting this Tantra Journey with your present partner or partners may evolve from various senarios:
1. Both of you have experience in Tantra, together. If so continue to progress your work together. 
2. Both of you have experience in Tantra, but not together. If so, lets get on the same page. Tantra can be presented in many different ways. Somewhere within any of the traditions, you will find the same objectives are sought. We recommend start with a consultation that allows us to explore each of your experiences and how they can unite to strengthen the whole. We can look at what each of your objectives are in the NOW aspect of your journey and how these can best be set to work together to optimize the advancing practices. Remember the Love is in approaching the Throne of Life Energy in reverence TOGETHER. It is a dance of union in rhythm and in power.
3. One of you has Tantra experience and the other one hasn't had any. This is an area where we see the most resistence. Encourage your partner(s) to share in this journey with you. There are many mis-conceptions about Tantra and what to expect in the session work. You can't really knock a person for being concerned or even afraid. Be patient, as you introduce your partner to Tantra as a practice that helps to heal distortions existing within us that can block us from optimizing our relationships on every level. Tantra is all about maximizing the quality of relationships between the two opposites. At Ormes Temple we approach Tantra as A Sacred Life Science and Art form of Education and Practice. Our approach is open and dynamic. We encourage the development of an open heart and mind to that Life Current can continue to flow free and freash. Start by inviting your partner(s) into a Introductory Session, either in person or by phone. Together we can determine the best way to approach the follow up from there.
4. Neither of you have Tantra experience: Great! Bring up the conversation and suggest you begin an exploration together. You could start with an online search and/or pick up a book to share together.  There are so many Tantra presentations. 
    A great idea is to jointly determine where you are presently in your relationship and then get materials that meet you at that point. If that seems a little overwhelming consider calling and arranging a joint consultation session first. Together we can
    healp tailor a program according to your needs in the present NOW.  
Matreus KRSTN has over 30 years experience in Kriya Yoga (Unifying the Light Body Vibrational Currents with the physical body) and is proficient in the practices of Tantra Yoga, Also as Smai Taui, in the Vedic, Taoist and Kemetic African Traditions. She has worked with people privately and in group settings in the areas of Holistic Health and Well Being integratingthe Science, Arts, Spirituality and Practical Life Experiences in the 8 major tiers of Yoga including Tantra. She has been certified in a wide array of Massage Therapy since 1991. She is a Master Practitioner in Seichem/Reiki, Polarity, Sound, Color and Crystal Vibrational Therapies. 
NIthyananda.jpgMatreus KRSTN has studied under a wide array of Master teachers including: Yaheshua, Magdalena, Paramahansa Yogananda, Satyananda Sarasawti, Paramahansa Nithyananda, Sri Param Eswaran,ShriKrystanABCD.jpg ManTak Chia, Master Yao, Muata Ashby, Ra Un Nefer Amen, Queen Afua,
She has lived a life in connection with Conscious Spirit beyond the boundaries of the physical realms. She has been supported by all of Creative Expression.
Visit Matreus KRSTN, whether for a couple hours or a couple of days, weeks or even months for full emmersion in quality Tantra Life Style
Available as "Private" Sessions for singles, couples and in some cases even for polyamourus family groups. All variations of sexual orientations are equally considered. 
MORE on the services you can expect: 

I. Coaching: Ma KRSTN meets you at your point of your personal progress and tailors a progressive program that fits your needs for advancement according to a pace that fits with your life and all of its standing demands. She understands the process of transformation.  Enlightenment doesn't mean that you have reached a final apex in your growth experiences or that you will never experience life perplexing challenges. It does mean that you will traverse your path with intention, heightened awareness and sense of balance that catches you along life pit falls, preventing the fall into perpetualized suffering and providing a saftey net that keeps you from becoming hopelessly lost in life's reflections of distortions. She wiil support your pracitcal learning process assisting you as you  bring your mortal physical being into alignment with your immortal Light/Vibrational Essence. This is known as the "1st Intercourse." This term does not mean "the first physically penetrative sexual intercourse." Rather it refers to the fundamental foundation of authentic Tantra Practices, which is the integration of all relationships within one's "Self."  Self Integration, (the 1st Intercourse) can raise many challenges. It is important to be able to have a trusting relationship with a Master Tantra Facilitator to help guide you through life's shadows and trenches and keep you focused as you go through life's dark tunnels. Matreus KRSTN is that Master Tantra Facilitator.
II. Faciliation Processes progressing the "1st Intercourse" through the ultimate Integration and Realization of the 3 aspects of "SELF"
1."self"   as the physical and mortal individual being:
2."Self"   as the Light Vibration Spirited Soul: 
3."SELF"  as the Collective integration of the first two with all that is Life in its many expressed relationships 
III. Cleansing and Nutritional Services:  Much of what we experience in our lives departs from our intension due to past distortions we have digested in our physical,  emotional and mental bodies. Healing and Empowerment is augmented with dietary considerations. Our food intake choices and herbal therapies are instrumental in optimizing our life frequencies and clearing distorted perceptions. 
*Once you have gone through the entire weaving process, intergrating self with Self and these two with the Collective Self you are ready to radiate your empowered love outward, sharing with another and/or others in many different ways.  Having SELF Integrated, you are ready to practice sharing an empowered "Love", including True Goddess Worship, Expanding Healing and Empowering Living Energetic Response (including the sexual aspects of these energies) and deepening relationships through various manners of communion.  Remember, Ormes Temple does provide Facilitation through Guided Practice Partnerships. 
Progressing Onward

IV.Advance your knowledge and applied practices with Conscious Intention and Directing Energetic Flow 
Working with the support of organic tools
Mastering techniques of stress management Star9PTS.jpg
Mastering the Art and Science of influencing Ambience
Mastering Self Love and Acceptance Individually and Collectively
Mastering the flow of default neuro activity and subconscious shadows 
Mastering the Art and Science of Touch as well as No Contact Touch
Mastering the Art and Science of Surrender
Mastering Mudras, Matras (or Hekau) and the Art and Science of Sound Vibrational Therapy
Mastering the use of vocal expression and breath exchange
Mastering Taoist techniques of body reflexology and Meridian Work 
Mastering the reflection of Masculine Feminine Principles and Dual Mirroring
Mastering Meditation Techniques and Suggestion
Mastering the Art and Science of Sacred Bathing,
Mastering the Art and Science of Sacred Pampering, 
Mastering the Arts and Science of Sacred Massage and Projected Energy
Mastering "Goddess Worship"
Mastering Trataka
Mastering Bandas
Mastering Lucid Dream Experience
Mastering the Art and Science of Light Work
Mastering the Art and Science of nonviolent communication
Mastering the Tree of Life
Mastering the use of Negative Confessions
Mastering the Art and Science of Intentional Pro-creation
Mastering the Art and Science of Intentional Manifestation
Mastering the Art and Science of Love Creating
Mastering the Understanding and working within Seasons and Cycles
Commitments and Vows, Truths and Lies
The list goes on forever. The point to be had here is that if you are serious in advancing your progress on the Tantra Life Style Path and/or seeking surrogate practice partnership, These services are made available at Ormes Temple upon qualification.
Ma KRSTN will consult with you upon your request and determine what best fits your personal needs. 
This section of services is highly personalized, thereby consultation is needed. Contact Matreus KRSN AlecSandRa ibn Bray at Ormes Temple today and arrange for your consultation. No matter where you are on your Sacred Life Journey with Tantra Yoga also known as Smai Taui, Ormes Temple Spiritual Education Center is standing by to assist your growth and development. 
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