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Currently, we are accepting registration fee based donations for our upcoming Women's Intensive Tantra Self Healing and Empowerment Workshop including Tantra Self Massage. 

This is a 2 day 10+ hour workshop for women only, taking us deep into our Healing Power and Potential. In this class you learn how to continuously optimize your Feminine Divine Authority, Passionate Drives and bring them into Balance. 

You will amplify your intuitive inner and cosmic communications, coming to know yourself in dimensions that have otherwise been locked away from you, dimensions you have been taught to shun or even fear! 

You will learn the power of Loving, Healing and Empowering beginning within. For what can you give to another that you do not have within yourself to give? 

Allow yourself the liberty to overcome the distortions operating to your detriment in your life right now. It is not too late, it is not too early.... It is your enalianable right to operate in your fullest capacity right now! 



Register here for the Upcoming Women's Intensive, October 10th and 11th from 11am to 4pm each day. 
The full course workshop is offered to the public for a total of $300.00:  However only as meetup members are you entitled to the meetup membership discount, bringing the full fee based donation cost down to $220.00 
To attend this workshop you must be fully registered including having your receipt for either: 
1. Your good faith deposit as a 1st time participant or as a returning participant:  If you choose this option, be sure to have your receipt upon arrival. The remaining amount will due, day one at the beginning of the workshop.
    If you are a first time participant, meetup member, your remaining fee based donation will be $135.00  :   (If you have not registered on meetup as a member, your remaining balance will be $215.00 .... You can save yourself this additional coat by simply going to our meetup sight and registering there as a member.)  
    If you are a returning participant your remaining balance will be $50.00 whether or not your are a meetup member. 
 Click on the button just below to register & pay in full:  BEST SAVINGS!  You pay only $175.00 for the full 2 days when selecting this payment button. 

Click the button just below if you choose to register by submitting your Good Faith Deposit: 
Your remaining amount will due upon arrival. (You will fall into one of the 3 listed catagories)
1. If you are a 1st time participant and registered member on the Ormes Temple meetup group, your remaining amount due will be $135.00
2. If you are not a meetup member go back and register with us there, otherwise your remaining amount due will be $215.00 
3. If you are a returning participant your remaining amount will be only $25.00 
Remember to bring your receipt with you. Thanks for your interest and support and we'll see you soon!