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We NEED YOUR Support to operate FREE Community Outreach Programs so that NO ONE IS LEFT OUT! 

We all know the current system is screaming for change!  CHANGE HAS TO HAPPEN AT THE GRASS ROOTS LEVEL: 



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The whole purpose of the FEE Base (Suggested Donations) Programs and Services is to assure that ALL people can receive the programs and services Ormes Temple researches, develops, hosts and produces. 
All too often the people who may need to develop pertinate skills and who stand to benefit from Holistic Dynamic Education and Services like ours never get them, due to economic disadvantages or exposure to detrimental and limited influences designed to keep in a system that is advantageous to an elite few at their expense. An example of this may be; being misdiagnosed and over medicated early in life or likewise subjected to educational class labeling or a penal system and labels that rob the young of the opportunity to mature, allowing their true potential to blossom. 
If we are to realize a world in which prosperity can flourish in peace, where we are not driven by the fear of lack, in which all people can experience health and wealth, (well being,) then the promoting of the human transcendental evolution must reach ALL people, not just the financially well off!
Yes, you may say that I'm a dreamer, but I bet I'm not the only ONE.  
 1.  The Heart/Brain Coherency Workshop: A self healing and self empowering stress management and relapse prevention program workshop integtrating technology developed by the Heart Math Institute of Science with ancient Meditation and Mindfulness technologies like the Taoist and Kemau techniques. This workshop uses breath intension and focus along with portable cutting edge bio-feedback technology to teach people how to bring their body, emotions and mental state into optimal coherency, inducing calmness and creating the space in time to access the higher brain functions of memory, clarity, focus, and most of all....Choice, (in behavioral response.) The training generally takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete, depending on the group size.  Once completed, Ormes Temple offers scheduled follow up group sessions, to assure mastery of this newly learned skill...that it may be aptly applied in ever day living and make a difference in the lives of every day people. 
Because of the donations support our members have already given in the past, Ormes Temple was able to acquire this cutting edge highly specialized training and licensing from the Heart Math Institute of Science, along with their licensing agreement. We need your continued support that we may:
1. We do have to keep our license in tact, securing licensed training to more of our volunteers (we presently hold lisence between two of us.)
2.  So that we may secure more of the bio-feedback mechanisms. They are small portable computer & Iphone friendly instruments that give off a particular beep or bell tone to alert the participant when they have successfully achieved coherency through their practice. These mechanisms are extremely valuable to train our bodies to move into coherency quickly, managing post traumas, anger and even addictive behavior. This simple technology along with the course work we provide can save a wife, child or even husband from potential harm. It can prepare someone to successfully face life's challenges and make significant progress in their lives by breaking through haibit default behavior and generational cycles.
If you would like to help us please contact us. We can arrange a free 2 hour workshop for your group. Your interest and support will help you and yours and can also reach deep into the lives of others who, but for you may forever go on feeling forsake and desparate.
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2.   Sacred Life Science Workshop for young men and women:  MaKrystan AlecSandRa-Bray draws from her own trainings and experiences puttingtogether a series of in-depth ongoing service workshops. These address self awareness, exposing our inner vulnerability and potentially dangerous habit patterns. It presents skills that help us to work through and transform just as the lotus blossoms through the mud and the pheonoix rises from the ashes. It gives us a healthier perspective on the value of even our most despicable circumstances allowing room for fore-giving and moving forward into territory never before imagined to be possible.  We educate young men and women in areas of self respect, being clear about expectations as well as honoring boundaries. We teach practices that help us to raise beyond our instinctual drives and implimenting our higher intentional focus. We offer the perspective of a sacredness in our sexual life energies. We talk about the physical, mental and emotional conditions involved in sexual attractions and participations. We give practice formulas that help the particpants to not only come up with better decisions but to follow through with them. We help our participants help themselves and others in overcoming prior positionings and in realizing all life has the potential to flow, change, progressively and regressively. We work on identifying when we are at a cross road and what it consists of as well as how it can be used to benefit us considering both long and short term objectives. We talk about self/Self/SELF integration (physical self with higher mind and individual self with collective self).  We help to develop a sense of empathy starting within and radiating outwardly.   This course work involves developing a working understanding of how to balance the integrated relationships of living, starting from within and only then expanding outward to include all manner or relationships. We learn about balance on multiple levels of expression, within and then collectively. We make use of literary and media as well active arts programs to help integrate these perspectives into a developing conscious awareness. This is a most comprehensive series of programs; Each consists of 10 classes over 20 weeks. Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Mastery classes. Even the Basic experience can have life shifting results that are sure to stick. This class depends on practice so we work hard to keep the interest high and utilize peer group participation to help acheive these ends. 
This program is great for schools, churches, home schoolers, rehab centers, dentention centers, associations, clubs and community centers. Presently OTSEC has 3 presenters that can offer this course on the Basic level and MaKRSTN for all levels beyond that. We are looking for volunteers including educators and those in the sociology and psychology fields including recovery and rehabilitation professionals. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this workshop. Your interest and support are critically needed and deeply appreciated. 
This workshop appears on the meetup site when it is on the calendar. If you'd like to arrange this workshop series please call us. We'll work with you.  
Our donation buttons are in the left side margin on this page.  
3.  The Power of the Drum: This workshop runs weekly for two months. It takes the participants through an education about the power of sound; tones, phonetics and rhythms. How they affect the development of physical form, even the state of health in the physical cells of the body. It also addresses the power of sound, rhythm and words on our mental and emotional well being. In more advanced classes we are able to teach drum communication. By learning to work with drums, vocal tones and movement, the participants learn how to affect their own wellness and to influence wellness and empowerment, awakening and enlightenment in others. This is a strong empowering program that causes the participants to look within to affect successful growth, and where needed, change in their lives.  A great experience; deeply moving and fun and entertaining at the same time!
We ask for your help with our Drum program. We are badly in need of all kinds of drums. Please help us. Your interest and support are soarly needed and deeply appreciated.
If you'd like to arrange our drum workshops or any of our other musical and /or arts programs please contact us and let us know. We'll tailor it to fit your time tables and accomplish your most urgent objectives.  
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4.  Yoga for Kids: Ongoing program: A great way to help kids learn their body's communications, feel their power, and learn to effectively challenge their energy in fun and interesting ways. Our yoga classes teach stress management along with focusing and breathing abiitities. It creates a sacred bond between mind, emotions, body and spirited soul. We teach our classes with a fun approach to associated postures and behaviors with various life forms, like butterflies, the earth and sky, a boat and so on. Children learn to focus on self as well as how to work together as a team. This is great at even the younger ages. Great right before nap time!
We need assistance for this program in terms of mats, towels, bouncce balls: We'd love to offer this program at your school, association, organization. If you have need of child care while the adults are busy with their own agendas please consider us. You certainly won't be disappointed and your support will help us to reach out to children everywhere. Contact us today.  
See our donation buttons on the left side margin of this page.  
5.  Infant Massage Program:  Encouraging bonding between baby and care-givers, as well as between care-givers themselves, and care-givers and baby...Every body wins on this one, because everyone is included. Baby learns the feeling of positive nurturing touch, and that she or he has the power to reject touch.  Science has proven that massage on infants carries a wealth of physical, mental and emotional advantages. Some of these are:
Enhances growth of the body and its physical organs: Healthier cardiovascular system, nervous system, muscular system, skeletal system, heightened sensory perception, more brain synapse development, stronger heart, less allergic problems, calms colic, help manage stress on all levels for everyone involved! These are just a few of the examples. Those babies are the people we are entrusting our planet and world to in just a few short years. Don't we want to give every child the best...right from the start? Krystan AlecSandRa-Bray, the 1st ministering priestess at Ormes Temple, has been certified in Infant Massage since 1991. She gave workshops continuously from 1991 until 2003, when she had to close down her "for profit" private practice for awhile to recover from tumors on her spine. Krystan resumed her therapeutic practices in 2006, though still struggling with back issues. Having completely healed, under her own program of Kriya, Tantra, Hawtha and Bikrim Yoga, notwithstanding dietary measures, She now continues her expansive expertise, with heart felt spiritual drive and passion, through the Ormes Temple nonprofit.
Please let us know if Infant massage can be useful in your community. This is a great programs for doctors to recommend to parents, whether its their 1st child or their 12th child. Its great as an extra cirricular hospital program, school program for the parents and teachers, church and neighborhood community centers. Its great for a group of family parents or friends. We learn from each other, so this is best done in groups.
We need your support to provide the literature and packages that gets every parent started on their infant massage journey. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us. We need assistants and hosts for this programs. Help us feed our community. Contact us today.
Our donation buttons are in the left side margin on this page 
These are just a few of the programs Ormes Temple was generated to provide, as a nonprofit, to all people! The possibilities are endless, with your support.  Registering for any of our services is one way to donate your support. But you don't have to be limited to that. You can make your tax free donation and help assure that no one is forgotten, just because.....  In the Tantra Traditions we learn that giving IS receiving! We also learn that there IS only ONE of US here! The healthier the collective body is, the healthier the individual is.  We've been living under the illusion that someone has to loose in order for someone to win. Now....we see where that's gotten the lot of us. We're all in this together, so let's make sure we suffer not even one of us be lost! Its the only way.
Please call us today to:
1.  make a monetary donation by phone with your credit or debit card: We will send you reciept that stipulates that your payment is a donation given to a 501c3 nonprofit organization, (Ormes Temple) for your tax records. 
2.  express your interest in volunteering your services and help our organization to grow. You will learn much as you volunteer your times and services. In exchange, you will be exposed to the teachings and practices here, promoting your personal healing and empowerment, awakening and enlightenment life path. 
We look forward to hearing from you. TODAY!  571-733-6811
To inquire about or to arrange any of our FREE Community Outreach Programs as a service to your organization, association, or group,  please call Ma KRSTN at 571-733-681
To support the Ormes Temple and our Programs, with your gifts, voluteer services or financial assistance: Feel free to call Ormes Temple at 571-733-6811




EditedMassagePic.jpgFee Based Service are designed to help support our FREE COMMUNITY OUT REACH PROGRAMS...Like:
 Our Heart Math Institute Affiliation is an influencial element in our Stress Management Heart/Coherency Training with Bio Feedback
inthegardenofedenKRoundtreesmall.jpg "Sacred Life Science" ongoing workshops that educates young men and women about the sacredness of sexual life energies and how to best integrated their collective Being, balancing the spiritual and physical aspects & attributes for the most rewarding life experiences, throughout the whole course of their lifetime.
KrystanCD.jpg Drums     BEauty4.jpg  Kid's Yoga
Infant Massage Bonding Workshops

Choose a FREE Community Out Reach Program for YOUR Venue:  Let's Build Together as we Start Paying the Power of Love Forward.... Together!



Contact Ormes Temple today and make your requests known: Together we can work it all out! 

571-733-6811 or email ormestempleed@gmail.com

Please Mail your donations to: Ormes Temple at 43 Mount Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, VA 22301 :  Make payable to Ormes Temple : 

Your contributions are tax deductible:  Please include your return information so that we can send Your receipt for tax deductions purposes. 

Sincere Thanks with Love and Respects, 

MaKRSTN AlecSandRa ibn Bray

1st Ministering Priestess at Ormes Temple Spiritual Education Center for Sacred Life Sciences and Arts Programs.




Womens Only Intensive Healing and Empowerment Workshop including Tantra healing and empowering Self Massage:

2 full days: Generally given every other month at the Ormes Temple Household in Alexandria Oldtown. However we offer the option of coming out to you. If you have a group and are interesting in hosting this workshop please contact us.

We are also looking for women interested in getting certified to teach this workshop. It generally requires taking the course. Interning the next time. Assisting the next time and then teaching as MaKRSTN assists you the 4th time. After that trainees are usually comfortable enough to go out on their own. If this sounds like it may be fulfilling a passion of yours, please contact us. Lets talk about it.



Ormes Temple is considering engaging a weekly meditation circle starting in May of this year.

We will explore the principles and practices as well as the symbolism in Tantra aka Smai Taui Yoga.

We invite you to joing us. We are guaging general interest right not, so if this is something you would attend please let us hear from you. Call 571-733-6811 or email ormestempleed@gmail.com