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MaSUNDARI is a Ministering Priestess at Ormes Temple Spiritual Education Center:
She is available for both in call at the Ormes Temple in Alexandria Old Town, VA or for your convenience, out call in the Washington DC City AREA Only. 
She comes with       years of experience 
MaSUNDARI Specializes in Therapeutic Intuitive Integrative Massage and Energy Work Modalities:  She has a wide array of technique in her little imaginary black bag that allows her to flow freely, bringing you into a deep state of relaxation, releasing distortion and paving the body condition for healing and empowered well being.  MaSUNDARI's touch is in demand, so arranging an appointment with her is best accomplished with advance notice.  
MaSUNDARI is a long term touch sensative empath. Trust and believe, she CAN Feel You, and enters readily into communications with your body, discerning its cries for help and attention.  She is understanding and considerate to your needs. Many of her clients her amazed at her ability to tap into their deeper repressed concerns and gently guide them forward to a long term healthier state of being. if you are willing to practice her recommendations you will find that you are not just masking pain and distress signals, but rather you are eliminating them and replacing them with the joys that invigorate an progressively purposeful and meaning filled life! 
To Contact MaSUNDARI to arrange your appointment: 571-733-6811  or 202-285-5461
MaSUNDARI is training for Tantra Services, but at this time she specializes in Therapeutic Massage and Energy Work such as: Intuitive Integrative Massage & Energy Compilation or specific modalities like Swedish, Thai, Deep Tissue, Pressure Point, and others. Call MaSUNDARI Today and speak with her.  If your feeling the magic connect, arrange your visit with MaSUNDARI at once! 

MaSUNDARI is available to minister to your healing and strengthening with Intuitive Integrated Therapeutic Massage/Enery Work
We are happy to answer your questions and arrange communications directly with her. 
Thanks for your patience with our developments, and as always, for your interest and support. 

Click the following link to go to MaSUNDARI'S Personal Website and for her direct contact information

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