photolight62.JPGAbout Ma KRSTN AlecSandRa ibn Bray: 1st Ministering Priestess at OTSEC:  Here to attend you Tantra interests and needs with education, facilitation and applied services: 
Ma KRSTN has over 30 YEARS experience along the path of Holistic Healing and Wellness Sciences and ARTS.  Initiate of Kriya Yoga in 1978:  Gradual advancing in Tantra Understandings and Practices starting in the late 90's. Practicing with a number of adept Indian masters from Parmahansa Yogananda and DayaMata as well as other a number of other related Matas and all the SFR Kriya Lineage, Shri Param Eswaran, Parmahansa Nithyananda: She came into an in depth study in the Kemetic Traditions in 2006, through the help and influences of  Dr. Muata Ashby and Ra Un Nefer Amun, Queen Afua, Chaik Antop Diop, Isha Schwaller DeLubicz and many other renknown masters in the field of Self Development leading to the path of the ultimate balance through the  sacred intercouse of opposites, bringing duality into a sacred union. Ma KRSTN draws from the antiquity of past advanced world technologies integrating them with todays most contemporary cutting edge advancements in human development, such as Dialetical Behavioral Modals, Heart/Math Coherency Stress Management, Mindfulness techniques, Bonding techniques and Non-violent communication techniques. 
Ma KRSTN has practiced a healing intuitive energetic massage since she was 12 years old. She was Certified and lisencsed in 1991 : Having studied and practiced a wide array of techniques she is able to allow her client's input and her intuition to guide her into effective services, releasing blockages and utilizing distortion to discover clarity, healing, truth and peaceful states of joy in the midst of life's ups and downs.
She graduated from the University of Wisconsin in the field of Psychology:  She is adept in reflective Oracle deliberation with the ability to interpret symbols in dreams, sacred geometric design, crystal and reflective surface gazing, meditative intuitive tapping in or channeling and much more.  Ma KRSTN has lived a varied life style with many extreme challenges. She has the benefit of a constant awareness of spiritual guidance and years of experience assisting her ever continuing growth of wisdom.  
photolight61.JPGIn Addition she also has certifications and extensive experience at Master Levels  including Massage Techniques: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pressure Point, Thai, Cranio-Sacral: AND
Energetic Modalities such as:  Seichem :  Reiki  :  Para-Tan Toning :  Polarity  :  Chakra Balancing  :  Crystal Therapies  : Aroma Therapies and more 
MaKRSTN is delighted to speak with you in by email and in person to determine what works best in your own interest.  She can take you on a path beyond temporary remissions of suffering and into true HEALING and EMPOWERED AWARENESS. 
Take an active stance in improving your health and well being, optimizing the accomplishment of living in your life as well as supporting the same in the lives of those you love and influence in your day to day interaction. photolight63.JPG
Ma KRSTN has composed a basic text book which is currently only available underground, upon her determination to those she is working with. 
You will find a splattering of her writings, audio compositions and audio/visual compositions throughout this site. 

Please keep in mind if you have a specific technique or modality you would like to experience exclusively Ma KRSTN will gladly accommodate you request.  This is common in both Trigger Point Release and the THAI Medical Massages as these techniques are often used exclusively.  Both these techniques are usually performed fully clothed and without the use of oils or creams. 

The word "Magic" comes from the ancient word "Maji"  which is a title for one who has mastered the Spiritual Sciences and Arts of LIFE, Integrating the Physical Plane with the Conscious Energetic Plane of Absolute Infinite Potential. 
Tantra develops the practitioner to be able to tap into the field of absolute potential through the passionate drivine energies of Sacred Sexual Life Energy along with the energies of absolute authority of confidence in one's own FREE WILL, enabling the manifestation of undistorted BEING, in Health and in Wealth (or well being) :  Tantra Massage or Intimacy is when one brings into intercourse (or integrates) the power of Yogic Meditation, through BREATH INTENTION AND FOCUS (B.I.F.) with the ecstatic physical, emotional and mindful pleasures energies. Meditative Massage or Intimacy such as this, done alone, between the self physica and spiritual or between partners amplifies the power of conscious and intentional creative manifestation. 
Its not like a pill that gives the affects or a glimps of what could be. It IS a practice that develops one's strengthened abilities in ways that can not be taken away or lost! That's because it is developing what IS YOU, not something you have that may be attached to you but can also be seperated from you.