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Moon Rituals: Goddess Rituals performed in relationship and accordance to the energies of our moon's tides. For example:
When The Moon Wanes: This is the time for releasing all distortions and blockages standing between you and your desires. 
When the waxes: This is the time your desires wil grow into fullfillment
New Moon: Time for thanksgiving for growth and development, including all things released and brought to bare out of the past cycle;  specifically a time for re-evaluation planning, goals and objectives planting new aspirations and inspiration
Full Moon: This is the time for thanks giving for all things that have come to bare according to the cycle you have currently worked through, determining values, positions, where to go from here, what can be shed in the upcoming wane. 
Moon Rituals are powerful for many purposes. Some aspects of the Priestess's power runs in accordance to the moon's natural eb and flow. Thereby, connecting with your Tantra Priestess to find out what your best move can be and then focusing, giving your dedication of worship and praise over to the Divine Energetic Spirit, in awe and thanksgiving for the Spiritual Energetic  Power that brings life to what ever your consciousness holds as a seed. This can be a very powerful magical practice. 
A wise, loving and seasoned Priestess will help you to evaluate your present life standings and concerns, your goals and objectives and the interconnective dynamics of your various relationships in life. She will help to guide you in making your plans and working with these powerful cosmic powers so that you are not caught up in a cycle of self entrappment. This can easily happen when the heart is distorted by egoistic natural behaviors. The ego is not evil. It is definitely purposeful. However, its job is to protect the physical body and stabalize one's experience and/or perceptions of reality. It requires the leadership of the Higher Conscious Mind to optimize its effectiveness. As both individuals, males and females, and groups we are evolving to learn to be fully accepting and loving of every part that makes us whole, including the ego, the higher mind, spirit and soul, individually, collectively and universally. 
Moon Ritual Worship of the Divine Feminine (Energetic Spirit) can help to release all distortions and stresses currently holding you back from optimal life accomplishments, health and well being. Every cycle is one more cycle that offers the gift Foregiveness and release to clear the way for ongoing growth and expansion.  BeautifulLightofDivinity.jpg
Whether your facing a blockage, barrier or stand off in your progress, or your ready to really amplify your life experiences in optimal ways, let this First Ministering Priestess, Ma KRSTN or Ormes Temple assist you and bring blessings to bare in your life through the Goddess Moon Rituals. 
HOW DO I Make this happen? (you ask)
1. Determine what specific matter you'd like to work through (If this is a blur ask Ma KRSTN to do an "Oracle Reading" for you.)
2. You may want to check the moon phase at this link: http://lunaf.com/english/live-data/moon-phase/  so that you know what stage of the process you will be in at the time of your planned visit. Ma KRSTN will help you with this when you call as well. So don't worry if you don't quite get it yet. You will. 
3.. Call in for a free phone briefing in which Ma KRSTN can direct you on how to utilize these rituals to help you in your accomplishment
4. Follow the instructions: This will most likely call for an in person Ritual Process or a Visual Phone Process. You will have homework to follow up on and be asked to report back.
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Note of Consideration: In working with these rituals the Golden Rule always applies. We will not apply rituals that are hurtful, harmful or against the will of another individual. For example, rituals will not be performed to over ride the will of another or to bring down ill will upon another for not obeying our own passionate desires we may want them to do for us. This is an ancient ritual (practice in varying ways by all Indigenous People in their natural life states)  that acknowledges and harnesses the powers of stratispheric natures, (or neteru). It is done with solemn repects for the highest good in observing the natural course of these powers, wisely and in a state of loving balance. It is one of the practices that can help an out of touch humanity regain a working relationship with our beloved planet and her family solar system, within this galacitic phase of the Universe by observing and embracing the energetic patterns of synchronicity that defines the experience of life patterns on the physical plane. Engaging in these rituals offers a lot for the human being in terms of a re-linking back to It's wholeness or "Holiness" in realizing "ONE-ness."   

Moon Ritual Cerimonies Require Planning: Because we must consider the time to prepare and then time to perform this cerimony ( minimum of 2 hours) Arrangements must be made in advance by phone. A good faith deposit of $50 will be required.  Call NOW!  Click the following link to get to the contact page: www.ormestemple.com/contact

What we refer to as "Goddess Worship" is really ALL ABOUT SPIRIT!  In ancient traditions, the "Goddess" was an aspect of the ONE GOD. The ONE was recognized as having 2 fundamental aspects. One of these is Potential held in Intelligence. The other is the vibratory Energy or "Spirit" that brings that Potential into Being. These two together account for the worlds of created matter, coming in and out of existence.  The Potential aspect, relating to "seeds" was described in terms of masculine and anthropomorphized as gods.  The vibratory essence of Energetic Spirit was associated with females, as these bring forth life just as energy vibrating brings potential into being. These various attributes of energetic qualities were anthromorphosized as goddesses. This is an important point to understand. In it we see that "Goddess Worship" is not just about worshiping the female physical form. In fact it is not about worshiping form at all, but rather the Spirited Energy that brings form into being. In practice of Tantra Yoga we build an awareness relationship between our neurological system and the very subtle energies of life iteself.  It is this SPIRIT of Infinite ENERGETIC QUALITIES that we call WHOLE or HOLY that is the object of worship. We reverence HER for SHE is the quality that causes us to experience life and death. There are countless Goddess Rituals and Cerimonies Ma KRSTN can guide you through. Most of them deal with the healing, development and empowerment of your own path and come into play as you continue your study and practice with Ma KRSTN.  It becomes all about seeing the Divine LIFE SPIRIT within our Being and within ALL that IS Being. NAMASTE! TQBallandGlow2.12.jpg
Sacred Bath Rituals, 
Soul Gazing, 
Tantra Trance Dance, 
Call to Natural "Elementals" : "Angels" : "Neteru"
and many others:   
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Tantra Goddess Worship Moon Rituals are a part of our Sacred Life Science Programs:  This is not Adult Entertainment, rather it is an Adult Sacred Therapy.