healinghandsmages.jpgOur Massages Therapy breaks down into 2 categories:
"Therapeutic Intuitive Integration Massage" and Tantra Massage Therapy for Adults   
TANTRA Massages as well as TANTRA MENTORING/FACILITATIO are done exclusively by MaKRSTN as this time:  CLICK HERE TO SEE MaKRSTN's BIO
Therapeutic Massages are Available through Ma KRSTN and our newly expanding team of Holistic Massage and Energy Work Specialists, Ministering here at OTSEC: photoSandra64.JPG
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thaimassage.jpgThai Medical Massage, when utilized exclusively is done on the floor on a memory fiber Thai Matt for your comfort. Thai techniques include stretching; joint rotation;  deep tissue with thumbs, fists, elbows, forearms, knees,  and feet;  "Lom" (Energy) stimulation, clearing and rejuvenating through extensive physical work similar to trigger point release, where points along specific "Sen Lines" (AKA Meridian Lines) are stimulated and stroked.  THAI Medical Massage is generally used for deep healing benefits of chronic disorders and body structure irregularities. It is efficient at interrupting and breaking chronic pain patterns, strengthening the body's overall constitution, improving energy levels and mental clarity and relieving chronic and/or acute stress. Because of the depth of the work it is also helpful in addressing issues in the deep visceral organs, adjusting and balancing the body's elemental composition, improving circulation, digestion, cardio health and releasing deep emotional issues. 
triggerpointimages.jpgTrigger Point Release and Deep Tissue techniques are designed to interrupt deep pain patterns in muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue: These are also excellent modalities for balancing and improving circulation, enhancing flexibility and tissue recovery and resilience.  
Whether you are interested in relaxation, stress relief, refreshing your energetic well being or you are suffering from pain, stiffness and in need of relief, healing or rejuvenation; the Intuitive Integration Massage allows Ma KRSTN to reach into her imaginary black bag and find the perfect combination of massage technique to effect a difference you can feel and see!
All Massages in this category carry the same fee based donation request: The Massage services rendered at Ormes Temple are perks shared in response to fee based donations we receive that grant us the support we need to operate this nonprofit spiritual education center and provide our FREE Community OutReach Programs.  Therefore your payments are donations and are a greatly appreciated support in this community and are TAX DEDUCTIBLE on your Income Tax Filings. Should you need any further information from us for just contact us an let us know. We are happy to provide it for you.
$90 for 1 HR.  :  $120 for 90 Mins.  :  $160 for 2 Hrs. 

1.  Call 571-733-6811 Between 9AM and 10PM to schedule directly through Ormes Temple: (Best to call at least 1 day in advance.  However if you are calling the same day we will do our best to work with you. Same Day appointments are much more difficult to get. If you can get on the same day in expect a minimum 2 hour window, possibly more.)
2. Or if you've come to this webpage through one of our advertising promoters or online listings presenting a current option of registering there with the use of a coupon or gift certificate, please return to that page and continue your registration.
*All Adult Tantra Massage Therapy Sessions must be arranged by phone call and will require a good faith deposit of $50 at the time the appointment is set in order to lock your time in. This is due to the excessive time these session require. Your 3 hour experience also requires a preparation time 1.5 to 2 hours for Meditation and Energetic Conditioning creating Sacred Space. Your session is then followed by another 1.5 hours to clear all stagnant energies that have been released into the atmosphere to prevent cross over effects on any other recipients following your session. That's a total of 6 to 6.5 hours in which nothing can overlap. For this reason the Board of Directors requires a good faith deposit be made to secure the extensive block of time.
3. Savings may also be realized by block scheduling for Tantra Massage, Tantra Development Life Coaching and Intuitive Integration Massages:  See block scheduling options listed at the bottom of this page. If you are involved in Tantra Development Life Coaching there may be additional options. Ma KRSTN will be happy to work you in considering your specific program needs and how to best accommodate you. 
Visit our site page on MEETUP for a schedule of our upcoming workshops and meetup circles: 

TANTRA ADULT THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE:  Uses breath intention and focus meditation technique, solfeggio tones and bi-aurial beats in a spiritually cultured energetic ambianceaurapolarity.jpg to bring you into a "Self State of intercourse" an integration between YOUR Physical Body and YOUR Energetic Light Body:  Using breath intention and focus MaKRSTN is able to  Balance and Empower your CHAKRA CENTERS and  LIFE ENERGIES. The Life Energies are fed through the Chakra Gates from the Universal Energy Field, thereby amplifying your Life Energy in your body. She then directs that Life Energy through the Meridian Lines in your body for healing and empowering. This process involves all the major chakras and can result in an erotic stimulation. This feeling is then spread and contained throughout your physical body to heal, balance and empower you, physically, mentally, emotionally through the presence of High Frequency Divine Universal Love Conscious Energy. 
OtSacredWoman87_n.jpgShaktiput: Is opening and raising high frequency life energy through the Shushumna Life Energy Path in the middle of your spinal chord. This has a powerfully sensational effect that is erotic and ecstatic. This sensation is often associated with the word, "ORGASMIC" as it may cause body tremors, shaking, squirming and such, much like what is observed in sexual orgasm. Because it can be a total release of blockages and deeply held issues, physically, emotionally and mentally it may even cause bursts of laughter or lots of moaning and groaning, sighing and even crying. However, this is not "sexual orgasm" it is a LIFE ENERGY ORGASMIC EFFECT caused by powerful high frequency Life Energy from the Universal Field flushing through your physical body. It is a very potent Energetic Experience due to the intense connection between your Divine Conscious Life Light and Energetic Body and your Receptive Physical Body.
And The Process Can Have Many Very Beneficial Effects. Here are just a few: TheGlow2.jpg
1.  Cleansing & restoring balance to circulatory systems, digestive systems, cardiovascular systems, nervous and endocrine systems 
2.  Dislodge and release toxins out of the body organs and tissues (fascia and cellular) breaking down blockages and abnormal cellular growths
2.  Interrupting and releasing negative patterns of emotions, thoughts, opinions and judgments as well as physical habit patterns 
3.  Re-aligning cells for optimal health and healing
4.  Rejuvenating the nervous system and the endocrine system
5.  integrating physical body systems and optimizing their inter-relating functions for optimization
6.  integrating and balancing Divine Life Energetic Systems with Physical Body Systems including the more subtle Mental Systems (neuro patterns, stored emotions)
Whether you are embodied as Male or Female, the following is what the effects of Tantra Massage can mean for you is:
1. Restored health and vitality
2. Quick and heightened efficient recovery from injuries
3. Optimizing youthful qualities whether you are chronologically young or older.
4. Staying and Reversing the aging process (by slowing and even stopping the debilitating processes associated with aging
    that cause weaknesses and tendencies for particular injuries or dis-eases to develop. Tantra Massage can help reverse these
    negativities and restore optimal health and wellness in every aspect, including restoration of sexual energies that thereby are
    essential in maintaining a strong and vital physical condition with clear mental acuity and optimal creativity.
5. Balance your magnetic fields optimizing your magnetic attraction in relationships and in manifesting
You FEEL, LOOK & ARE NEW AND IMPROVED and on a continuing path of LIFE OPTIMIZATION: You see it & so do others! 
Women:  Tantra Massage can help release long held issues that have challenged your ability to freely express yourself, including issues thatOTmotherearth2.jpg
              lie at the root of feminine physical dis-eases, weakness and disabilities: PMS, MOOD SWINGS, FIBROIDS, AUTO-IMMUNE PROBLEMS, 
              There are all sorts of things women suffer that are rooted in generations of shame, guilt, anger, hatred, abandonment and rejection, lack 
              of true self acceptance and a true state of confidence and LOSS OF Self Love. 
Men:      Tantra Massage can help you to learn how to stop needlessly wasting your precious LIFE ENERGY without first feeding your own BEING.
              Learn to utilize Life Essence for "Self" strength, vitality, focus, magnetism, creativity, and to nurture the very seeds you will use to reproduce yourself. 
              Learn to cultivate LOVE ENERGY within, so that you can express it and share it with others, genuinely. 
              Heal your body, mind, emotions and create a health and wealth optimizing connection between your physical and Divine Light Conscious BEING. 
             Chakra1899a.jpg Tantra Massage can help you to begin the path of mastery over your sexuality by understanding all its power and how to access it.
Men also suffer emotional buildups,  shut downs and maskings being expected to fit a particular mold of defined "masculinity." This ultimately results in emotional disorders like depressions, anxiety, bi-polar disorder, a wide array of self defeating habitual and even neurotic behaviors. This too can eventually have devestating affects on the body notwithstanding sexual problems like ED and PE and an overloaded, conjested or dis-eased prostate gland.
              Our social system has mis-educated us and mis-programmed us.  We've missed out on some very important educational information leaving us dis-empowered in some critical areas of life. If YOU'VE been MISSING OUT, Its never too late to get it RIGHT!  
Because of the Tantra Yoga Breath Intention and Focus techniques integrated into this massage your first visit is going to require 3 hours of your time to allow for the intitial consultation and training.
Repeat visits can be shortened to 90 minutes minimum. Most clients repeating Tantra Massage will opt for 2hr. or 3 hrs if they want to continue to learn and develop Tantra abilities and other progressive Tantra teachings and practices with their massage experience. 
Tantra Massage is often the entry into Tantra practices and development. If you decide you want to begin a Tantra Development Life Coaching Relationship MaKRSTN will consult with you to develop a program tailored to fit your needs and resources. 
FEE BASED DONATIONS FOR TANTRA MASSAGE ARE: $180 for the 1st hour and $50.00 for each additional 1/2 hour completed after that.
The Initial Tantra Massage tops at $380.00 regardless of possible extra time.
By committing to 6 sessions you will help assure yourself of seeing progress. Like any practice, The more you put into it the more you get out of it. We want to see you grow in health, wellbeing, power and enlightentment. To help you commit to your growth we will reduce your cost substantially by booking your sessions in block time.  See how to save  by booking 2 to 6 sessions in blocks at the bottom of this page: 


SAVE BY BOOKING TANTRA SESSIONS IN BLOCKS: 2 (3hrs ea. ) @ $660 (save $100)             3 (3Hrs ea.) @ $1000 (save $140) :            4 (3Hrs ea.) (save $150) :                      6 (3hrs. ea) @ $2100 (save $180)
                                                                                                    TBA within 1 month time                        TBA within 6weeks time                                TBA within 2 months time                    TBA within 12 weeks time