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Monday, December 16, 2013

WOMEN Move Your Sacred Queendom (Body) For Healing and Empowerment

Goddess SiStars everywhere are opening up and reclaiming their Divine Sacred Birth Right to fully express their 250654_420326021383638_1738512125_n.jpgDivine Conscious Spirit in beautiful Feminine Embodiement. 

Here's a little video for you, demonstrating the power of movement in Yogic Dance as developed by Queen Afua, one of the major Divine Teachers of our present era. If you are interested in stepping up you Divine Wisdom in your life style practices, Queen Afua's books make great readings!!! 

Watch as this SiStar shares with us some basic healing and empowering moves. Remember Tantra is all about the Healing and the Power to optimize health and Wealth, (Well Being) on every level of living. 

Start your mornings with MOVEMENT, and then be still and know the "I AM" Sacred Spirited Consciousness of Divinity that Flows THROUGH your body and connects you with the ALL & ALL. 

HERE'S THE LINK:  (Less than 10 minutes to view:


Experience the Empowering Presence of your Divine Goddess Energetic Spirit Alive in the Second Chakra: Known as Nethebet, Nekeybet or Yameya, in YOU!

7:36 pm est 

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