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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ormes Temple introduces Thai Massage techniques

Greetings Beloved Frends and Family: thai-massage.jpg

As of Febrauary 2013 Ma KRSTN has decided to enter the study of Thai Massage at the Thai Institute in Arlington VA. 

She made this decision because over the past few years she has encouraged her followers to engage in Bikram Yoga for its advantages in opening up the body structure for Life Energy to circulate  optimally with the elimination of discomfort stiffness and past injuries can cause. She continues to endorse Bikrim, as she has personally wiitnessed miraculous physical enhancements of well being. Bikrim is good because of the heat, the focus put on "BIF"  breath, intention and focus, and the repetitive of the postures, so that the body can truly learn to adjust over time. However, some don't like Bikrim. For those she recommends what ever Hawtha Yoga, (Yoga posture exercises) appeal to you. But still, not everyone partakes.

That's where Thai massage can be a great help. Thai massage has developed the art of doing the yoga posture exercises on you, for you, while with you BIF participation, you can still make great strides.

AT this point, she continues her education and practice, moving from basic techniques to intermediate, with the full intention of moving all the way with the courses available. However, you should know, even at this early stage, along with her expertise of over 30 years of massage practice in various techniques and modalities, she is able to help you open up your body to the flow of life energy for optimal Tantra gains.

Joint manipulation, stretching, and stimulation of the 'Lom' or life energy forces along the "Sen lines" or nadis channels is something she can now further address with you through Thai Massage. Please be sure to ask about it.

She is happy to introduce it into your program.

Love and Respects,

Ormes Temple  

8:41 pm est 

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